Aim :To create awareness on health and hygiene to Balasabha members

The total development of children, catering to their health, nutrition, safe rearing environment, protection from abuse, providing early stimulation for learning, etc contribute to the holistic development. The development and learning goals of young children are therefore multi-dimensional. They are achieved when young children survive and become physically healthy, mentally alert, emotionally secure, socially competent, able to learn, culturally and spiritually aware and aesthetically creative. They grow up to become responsible and productive adults. Holistic development of young children is both aspirations and guiding principle of early childhood interventions, and a key determinant of national development. It is basically encouraging the "whole child". The theory is that if a child is not able to emotionally respond appropriately to stimulus, the child cannot learn. Physical development should be seen as important in young children’s development as intellectual development.

The program is planned for each Ward/CDS/District for creating awareness on Health and Hygiene among children thereby making a healthy generation.