It is estimated that, an average of one million broiler birds per day are being slaughtered in Kerala to meet the domestic chicken demand, which represents a whooping turnover of 80 billion rupees (8000 crores) annually. But, the broiler industry is under the clutches of large-scale producers who belong to the neighbouring states. Only 10% of the actual domestic demand of chicken is produced inside Kerala. This lacuna opens up a great opportunity to Kudumbashree farmers along with the main intensions to solve the existing issues in the industry like high amplitude rate fluctuations and quality of the chicken meat.

In the light of recent economic and tax scenario in the country and the state, the broiler industry witnessed fluctuating market conditions. Though 14.5 % VAT was exempted for poultry after GST enactment, the expected reduction in price did not happen to broiler meat market, yet, remained high as the rate of hatching eggs, chicks, chicken etc are being decided by the big-players in the industry.

To address these problems and to produce ‘safe to eat’ chicken in the state itself, Kudumbashree is entrusted to implement the Kerala Chicken Project, launched by the Government of Kerala in 2018, which envisages to commence 5000 broiler farms in Kerala and to take-over 10% market share in the Broiler Industry.  

As part of this vision, a 5 year Action Plan was designed by Kudumbashree, and has started to establish 1000 new broiler farms each year. Most importantly, all the supporting system for production, processing and marketing of chicken shall be implemented along with the same, which include -

  • Parent breeder farms  
  • Hatcheries
  • Broiler Farms
  • Slaughter houses
  • Cold Stores
  • Waste Rendering Plants
  • Sales outlets and Marketing network

At present as part of the programme Kudumbashree has started 835 broiler farms across the state and the number is still growing.

The State Govt. departments like Animal Husbandry Department, State Poultry Development Corporation. Meat Products of India and the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University are working in convergence with Kudumbashree to implement this project.