Intensive ABC squad, with mobile units

Animal Birth Control Project undertaken by Kudumbashree Mission is getting in to the highest possible definitions in the recent days. The effective programme implementation in the initial blocks, has resulted in the greater demand of similar service from other LSGI. However over the time it has been observed that ABC units are facing many issues related mobility and accessibility. The non availability of operation theatre for ABC further complicates the situation.


Acknowledging these difficulties, Kudumbashree has evolved innovative solution for addressing these issues, accordingly the concept of intensive ABC squad, with a mobile van is implemented.


Through the Intensive Action Squad greater mobility and ease of the accessibility is introduced through this unit.  Team is proposed to have a Cargo Van which is equipped with ABC theatre equipments, tools and other required facilities. This team will mobilize an operation theatre to any Veterinary Hospitals across the District.


Intensive Action Squad Formation Team would be constituted with a trained and well experienced Veterinary Doctor who would be empanelled externally by district mission, an Assistant cum driver with four other members. The units could be registered as a Micro Enterprises unit which could be affiliated under District Mission. This team will work jointly with the ABC Teams which were deployed in the various CDSs in the district.


While the whole mobile unit would be owned by the District Mission, ABC teams in the district could hire this unit to have an operable theatre in the respective Veterinary hospital of that Panchayath. This will help them to reduce the cost of transportation of animals. The mobile unit would be paid by the ABC teams who will hire their services. At the same time the mobile unit would be able to do their own ABC activity in the panchayats which assigned by the District Mission. When the unit is being hired by other teams, only the driver is needed to be there just to mobilize the facility to the required hospital.


Presently two mobile ABC units have been established in the district of Trivandrum and Idukki. The Trivandrum units have been functional for the last three months and have enabled sterilizing more than 930 dogs in the short span.