Programs Weekly Monitored
Sl.No Team Programme Person(s) Responsible
1 Organisation Susthiram Nishad
2 MF Kudumbashree Bank Vidya & Team
3 Tribal Tribal Campaign Prabhakaran & Sarika
4 NULM She Lodge Meghna
5 Marketing Pink Cafe Shaiju
6 Marketing Homeshop Mohammed Shan
7 ME Cafe Kudumbashree Akhila Devi
8 ME HarithaKarmaSena Ratheesh
9 ME ARISE Suchithra
10 Kerala Chicken Kerala Chicken Kerala Chicken Team
11 Marketing Online Food Market Arun (DPM, Ernakulam)



Team : Organisation
Person(s) Responsible : Nishad
    Goal Develop 152 CDS as model CDS
25-01-2020 Preparation work for the first batch of Kudumbashree team to be trained at Centre of excellence Nadathara CDS-Thrissur, first batch training will be conducted on 27, 28, 29 Jan 2020
Mentoring workshop for Olavanna CDS, Kozhikode to become the Centre of excellence.
01-02-2020 Prepared Approach note regarding sustainable CDS submitted to NISHA dated on 30-01-2020
14-02-2020 Discussed with Hon. P.S. Sarada Madam on indicators that has to be considered for identifying and Transforming to model CDS.
29-02-2020 Team meeting to develop the indicator for model CDS has been done. Field visit to formulate the indicators is needed. So field visit is planned from this meeting.



Team : Micro Finance
Person(s) Responsible : Vidya & Team
    Goal To Set up Kudumbashree Bank
25-01-2020 Concept note presented in GB and minutes received on 24-01-2020.
Requested Sriram Sir’s consultancy in the feasibility of Kudumbashree Bank
03-02-2020 Sriram sir accepted our invitation on 27-01-2020 but date of visit not yet confirmed.
10-02-2020 Sriram sir confirmed the date of visit is march 26th. We need to book his airfare and accomodation.



Team : Tribal
Person(s) Responsible : Prabhakaran & Sarika
    Goal To formulate 2515 ooru level plans at tribal hamlets through Kudumbashree tribal NHGs through a participating process and integrate plans with Gramapanchayat level Plan.
25-01-2020 1 Completed oorulevel plan in 715 ooru.
  2 Ooruthala meeting held at 33 ooru and present the plan.
  3 Most of the oorukootta meeting not announce the date so far.
  4 Ooru level plan process going on.
  5 Kottayam- Oorulevel plan not yet started.
  6 Kannur - Oorulevel plan start at 27th January.
  7 Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Thrissur, Malappuram completed the plan.

1. 13 district completed ooru level district training.

   a) Animators attend training - 403

   b) other member in Kudumbashree staff - 148

2. Campaign completed at 1534 ooru (Total 2515)

3. Campaign completed at LSG level 97 (Total 133 LSGI)

4. No.of project presented in Oorukoottam - 155

5. No.of project presented in Gramasabha.

6. No.of animators attend working group - 24

7. Kollam district completed ooru level activity 3 (66)

8. 24 project ideas accepted by Chungathara Gramapanchayath and published in project book of Panchayath.


* 894 oorulevel development project completed.

* 85 project presented in Oorukoottam.

* 19 project presented in Gramasabha

* 3 Animators participated in working group.

* 1 grama panchayath consolidated the ooru level project.


* 1573 ooru level development plan prepared.

* 484 project presented in Oorukoottam.

* 256 project presented in Gramasabha.

* 61 Grama panchayath sonsolidated ooru level project.

* Animators participated in 39 working group of GB.



Team : NULM
Person(s) Responsible : Meghna
    Goal Establish and functionalize 14 SHE Lodges (1 unit per District) in the state
25-01-2020   During the meeting held in this regard on 22-01-2020, DMC’s have reported same 17 locations where there is a potential to initiate this project.
On further analysing these details, only 13 screened to be feasible.
A meeting in this regard will be held on 04-02-2020 with City Mission Managers (NULM) of respective ULBs and the identified women entrepreneurs to understand and mitigate bottlenecks (if any). Also guidelines for implementation will be formulated.

1) Meeting with beneficiaries conducted

2) Exclusive SHE Lodge facilities might not be profitable. Portion of the same could be a SHE hostel.

3) guidelines are being finalised.

4) SHE lodge approach document submitted.


1) Spoke to s/w development team of Kudumbashree and Requirements for the outline SHE lodge portal is being documented.

2) Spoke to graphics person to design a board, colour code to brand SHE lodges.


1) NULM Team visited govt youth hostel, Aakkulam to study their model of operation.

2) Guide lines along with Break even analysis, architectural design submitted to GoK

3) Panchayaths would found the construction and maintenance of SHE Lodges and Kudumbashree would take up house keeping activities as wage employment.



Team : Marketing
Person(s) Responsible : Shaiju
    Goal ഒരേ മാതൃകയിലുള്ള Pink Cafe യൂണിറ്റുകൾ ആരംഭിക്കുക
25-01-2020   Identified 6 Places
Beneficiary selection process ongoing. Will complete on 28th January.
  1. Spoke with SBI, Federal Bank rep.for sponsorship
  2. Met SBI GM and they are ready to sponsor for 2-3 kiosk.
  3. Meeting with SBI, PR Team on 3-2-2020 for sponsorship related.
  4. General orientation training on Pink Cafe is done at corp. CDS level.
    1. Talk with AIFRHM for the implementation of Pink Cafe.

* Meet SBI MArketing Manager. Preparing a detailed project report for submission. Banks can ensure loan to pink cafe units across Kerala.

* Letter to corporation through TVM district mission office for the approval of the placed already identified.

* Transfered fund to district mission for Pink cafe units under the livelighood (special) fund.

* March 2nd week beneficiary meting and training is planned.

* Pink cafe model and design work is under process.



Team : Marketing
Person(s) Responsible : Mohammed Shan
    Goal Start Homeshop activities in 5 districts
  1. District wise DPM meeting review conducted on 28/01/2020.
  2. Approach note and strategy note prepared and submitted on 30/01/2020.
  3. Talk with Kollam ADMC for arranging training for Home shop owner.

* Arranged homeshop owners training at Kollam associated Nandhi foundation

* Identifeid and screened 120 homeshop owners from Kollam district.

* Arranged a free of cost trainer for conducting training associated with Nandhi foundation (Club Mahindra CSR Project)


* Conducted and attend homeshop owners trainingat Kollam district.

* Instructed to conduct a training for already selected Home shop management team in Ernakulam and Palakkad District.

* 333 Homeshop owners identified in Kasargod district.


* Trained 100 homeshop owners at Kollam district.

* Home shop activities started at Kumarapuram CDS Alappuzha.

* Spoke with Kozhikode Home shop team for arranging training to shop management team of Ernakulam and Palakkad district.

* Palakkad Home shop management visited kozhikode district for cross learning purpose.

* Suggestion to Kollam district to start homeshop activities as part of Veettiloru Kudumbashree Ulpannam campaign.



Team : ME
Person(s) Responsible : Akhila Devi
    Goal 1 To establish brand restaurants with minimum turnover of Rs.50,000 per day.
      2 To establish 50 branded restaurants with in 2021 March 31st.
      3 To offer neat and clean toilet facility to the public especially travellers.
      4 To serve ethnic unadulterated delicacies to the public and to ensure sustainable income to women entrepreneurs
      5 To launch restaurants with enough parking space and internal area in major cities and paths
        In the first phase 5 cafes will be established in 5 major destinations and the official inauguration of the same will be held on 14 April 2020
25-01-2020 1 Prepared minutes of meeting held on 10-01-2020 at ACS's Chamber and send it to districts.
  2 Prepared list of potential locations for starting Kerala Cafe.
  3 Prepared draft EOI for empanelment of consultancy to support identified cafe units.
07-02-2020   Conducted video conference to access the progress of Kerala cafe along with other programmes.
15-02-2020   2 more cafe units identified in Kozhikode and Malappuram



Team : ME
Person(s) Responsible : Ratheesh
    Goal Develop 14 Green Technology Centre in Kerala in 2020-21
25-01-2020   പദ്ധതി നടത്തിപ്പിനായി തദ്ദേശ സ്വയം ഭരണ സ്ഥാപനങ്ങൾ കണ്ടെത്തുന്നതിനുള്ള നിർദ്ദേശം നൽകി.
01-02-2020   പദ്ധതിയുടെ ഡ്രാഫ്റ്റ് പ്ലാൻ, കണ്സെപ്റ് നോട്ട് ഉൾപ്പെടെ സമർപ്പിച്ചു.
07-02-2020   പദ്ധതി നടത്തിപ്പിനായി ജില്ലകൾ ഓരോ തദ്ദേശ സ്വയംഭരണ സ്ഥാപനം വീതം തിരഞ്ഞെടുത്തു ലിസ്റ്റ് സമർപ്പിച്ചു.
14-02-2020   പദ്ധതി പ്രദേശങ്ങളിലെ ഹരിതകർമസേന പ്രവർത്തനം കുടുംബശ്രീ സംരംഭ രീതിയിൽ ചിട്ടപ്പെടുത്തുന്നതിനു ചെക്ക് ലിസ്റ്റ് തയ്യാറാക്കി ജില്ലാമിഷനു കൾക്കു നൽകി (Report submission 29/2, 14/3)
22-02-2020   പ്രസ്തുത തദ്ദേശ സ്വയംഭരണ സ്ഥാപനങ്ങളിലെ പ്രവർത്തനം നടപ്പിലാക്കുന്നതിന് ടീം രൂപീകരിച്ചു. കത്ത് ലഭ്യമാക്കുവാൻ ജില്ലാമിഷനുകൾക്കു നിർദേശം നൽകി.



Team : ME
Person(s) Responsible : Suchithra
    Goal 1 To train and develop a pool of youth in 3 technical areas like plumping, electrical work and electronics repair
      2 To constitute multitask teams in all corporations, municipalities and blocks in plumping, electrical work and electronics repair and to provide timely service to public
      3 To develop a system for monitoring monthly income of all multi task team
      4 To develop a software for ARISE multi task teams for getting regular work and timely mention their work

Current Status

1 Training given to 4562 candidates as on 20-01-2020
      2 Formed 206 multi task teams
25-01-2020 1 Districtwise action plan prepared
  2 8 multitask team formed. 6 teams formed in urban area
  3 3 OJT s completed and 2 ongoing
  4 Multitask team meetings conducted
  5 2 batch trainings are ongoing
  6 Attended multitask team meeting at Trivandrum. They will start call center soon

1) Identified interested candidates for skill trainingi in urban area and OJT given the existing Multi Task Teams.

2) 5 batches of trainings in technical sectors are progressing at various districts.

3) Multi task team meetings conducted at district level and planned and set up call centers.

4) Concept Note prepared for ARISE


1) Video conference conducted for DPMs and access the present status.

2) 7 DPMs meeting has conducted and direction given and set up district level call centers.

3) Spoke and all ADMCs about the formation of multi task teams in urban area and to set up district level call centers.

4) Additional fund allotted to 3 districts for ARISE trainings.


1) ARISE action plan presented by DPMs as part of CDS wise action plan presentation.

2) Regular follow up done.

3) Conducted person and person interaction with City Mission Managers about ARISE programme and how to form MTT in urban areas.

4) Trivandrum, Alappuzha and Malappuram districts have identified suitable places/person for setting up of call centers.



Team : Kerala Chicken
Person(s) Responsible : Kerala Chicken Team
    Goal 1 Fourth cycle integration for 100 farms in Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam

20 Outlets to be opened through district mission

Cochin - 10, Kottayam-5, Thrissur-5

      3 Egg kiosk at Alappuzha and Kannur
01-02-2020 1 Empanelment procedures finished for day old chick supply
  2 Finished training in CDS-Nadathara
  3 Supervisor allocation for 5 districts
  4 Developed SOPs and survey forms for pre farm unit
  5 Preliminary schedule preparation for chick supply in Ernakulam district

1) Agreement signed and work orders issued for Abhilash Hatchery.

2) Prepared Tendative supply for chick supply and integration starting from 24.02.2020 (4th integration)

3) Prepared Budget for 4th integration cycle and 200 outlets.

4) Prepared agreement for feedstore at Ernakulam.


* Fixed director board meeting on 4th March.

* Conducted vendor coordination meeting.

* Finalised guideline for sales outlet.

* Started 4th integrator.

* Started chick supply.

* Started feed store.

* Completed farmers payment for all three cycles.



Team : Marketing
Person(s) Responsible : Arun (DPM, Ernakulam)
    Goal Develop