Kudumbashree is doing many activities on elderly.

1) General IEC focusing on elderly 

  • 2 lakh Whatsapp Group with 22.5 lakh kudumbashree members formed.
  • Posters highlighting care for elderly (ISOLATION is the key) sent to all.
  • NHG special meetings held to discuss this topic. Special note was circulated.
  • EDs video message to all highlighting elderly care.
  • SMS campaign to all ADS and CDS (continuous sms/ daily one for 5 days) highlighting the need of elderly care.
  • EDs interview in Dooradarsan, focusing on elderly and this will be sent to all groups 

2) Specific targeted activity

  • Mapping all elderly in home quarantine (daily, with Dr Bipin’s assistance) and calling them and connecting to health / local body if needed. 
  • 1.5 lakh destitute (Asraya) families are there, with elderly. Calling them directly once in three days to enquire and then will connect to health or local body if there’s issue
  • Targeted activity for each elderly NHG of Kudumbashree 

3) Specific activity for hotspot local body

  • If any local body is having more than 10/20 home quarantine, specific activity focusing on intensive campaign in these local body with the support of Kudumbashree system. 
  • (Activities are being planned in this case and will start this quickly)