Kudumbashree Call centre

As per the status received from Social justice department, in Kerala there are 40 lakhs families having elderly member and among them 3.5 family members are facing core morbidity like heart diseases, kidney related issues and cancer etc. As per the available information and studies, the Covid-19 infection and degree of its severity is likely to be very high in Elderly people. Hence it is necessary to make them aware about the importance of isolated living from corona to reduce the infections among Elderly people.

Kudumbashree is planning to contact all the core morbidity elderly population individually through call centre and disseminate the message to make them aware about the importance of safe living during covid period. For this, Kudumbashree will setup a call center at Thiruvananthapuram district and later this will be extended to other districts. 


The message will be focusing on the following  

1) It is advised to avoid all unnecessary travel during covid period.

2) To avoid visitors to home.

3) To keep a safe distance and avoid complete contact with the people who are coming from outside India and outside the state of Kerala at least up to their quarantine period is over.

4) If the people are coming back to their home from other counties / state they should maintain a complete isolation from them to avoid the chances of infections.  

5) Aware the family members also about the necessity of giving special care to the elderly people during covid period.

6) Educate the family members abouth the the importance of keeping Elderly citizens Physically, Socially and physiologically fit.


Proposed structure of call centers 

1) In first phase Kudumbashree will start a call center with 50 call center executives at Thiruvananthapuram.

2) Call center facility will be extended to all 14 districts in second phase.

3) Call center executives will be selected from the DDU-GKY alumina who have completed call centre executive course.

4) The details of Elderly people whom we are intended to call along with detailed guideline will be given to the call center by state mission.

5) Facility to record call, generate report and analysis will be available in each call center.

6) As a beginning one round of call to all family will be completed and if necessary repeated call will be done. 


Other important documents 

1) Letter to District missions with instructions regarding call centres. (Link)

2) Brief status of elderly population of Kerala/ details of core morbidity. (Link)

3) Status of call center and daily progress of call (Link)