Sl.No. Soft Copy G.O.No./ Circular No./ Form No. Date Contents Points to be noted
1 G.O. (MS) No.183 /07/LSGD 7/24/2007 Guidelines for subsidy and related matters in respect of XI th Five Year Plan - Orders issued. Appendix 4.4 & 6.2
2 Circular No.4466/ DB/ 09/LSGD 2/2/2009 Nutritious food distribution project-ratification All
3 G.O(MS)No.148/2009/LSGD 29-07-2009 BUDS School Guideline. All
4 G.O.(MS)No.152/09/LSGD 8/1/2009 Memorandum of association, rules and regulations for BUDS Vikasana Management Committee All
5 Circular No.43145/FM 1/2010 / LSGD 7/26/2010 For improving the standard of BUDS special schools All
6 Circular No. 12924/IA1/ 11/LSGD 3/26/2011 Mid-day meals for BUDS schools during summer All
7 Circular 77737(FM1)2011/LSGD 4/1/2011 For improving the standard of BUDS special schools &BUDS Vehicle reg. All
8 G.O.(P) No.162/2011/LSGD 7/29/2011 Guideline for Forming Special NHGsof Mentally Disabled. All
9 G.O. ( )2517/2011/LSGD 10/31/2011 BUDS school educational grant utilization guidelines All
10 G.O (MS)No.225/2012/LSGD 8/18/2012 12th Five year plan, Project planning guideline Sl.6.2, Sl.8.3 Note of Page 10, Attachment 1.10.iv, Attachment 2. Sl.5
11 G.O.(MS)248/2012/LSGD 9/29/2012 12th Five year plan, Subsidy and related matters guideline Sl. 5.1, Sl.5.7, Sl.5.8, Sl.7.2,

G. O. (Ms.) No.28/2013/SJD 3/25/2013 Social Justice Department - Norms & Guidelines/ Rules for registration/ Renewal of Registration of welfare institutions for disabled persons under PWD act.1995. (Form -IV, Application format attached) All
13 G.O.M.S No.144/2013/LSGD 4/6/2013 BUDS Rehabilitation Centres Guideline All
14 Circular No.H1/17778/2013 17-06-2013 Instructions to District Social Justice officers for BRC Registrations All
15 G.O.M.S No.115/2015/GED 5/15/2015 Guideline for giving aided status to BUDS Schools having more than 100 students All
16 G.O.M.S No.116/2015/GED 5/15/2015 Guideline mentions the aided status for BUDS School having more than 50 students. All
17 G.O. (MS) No.206/2016/LSGD 8/4/2016 Sanction for appoint a driver in Kodoor BUDS School Malapuram. Applicable only for Kodoor BUDS School, Malapuram(DT)
18 G.O.(MS) 236/2017/LSGD 12/5/2017 Administrative sanction for 200 new BUDS institutions All
19 MOU- with Lions Club 11/25/2017 MoU with Lions Club International for starting 14 BUDS schools All
20 G.O.(MS) 20/2018/LSGD 02/07/2018 Addition to previous GOs (148/09 &144/13) (Salary increase of BUDS /BRC Teachers) All
21 G.O.M.S.No.22/18/LSGD 02/14/2018 13th five year plan 2019-22 Project Planning Sl.No. 7.1, 
Sl.No. 7.1.2 A,
Sl.No. 7.1.6 B,
Sl.No. 7.1.9
Sl.No. 7.1.10
Sl.No. 7.1.11
Sl.No. 7.1.12
22 G.O. (MS)No.25/2018/LSGD 02/22/2018 Revision of G.O. (MS)/236/2017/LSGD Administrative sanction for 200 new BUDS institutions All
23 Form -IV- Application Format (PDF File) NA Application for PWD Registraion All
24 G.O.M.S.No.1602/2018/LSGD 12-06-2018   All
25 Circular No. DA 1/476/2018 LSGD 29-05-2018    
26 G.O.1716-2018 LSGD 25-06-2018 Inclusion of DCBR Course All
27 G.O.(Rt).2297-2018/ LSGD 21-08-2018 G.O Buds e-LAMS All
28 Circular No. 9372/L/2017/KSHO 05-09-2018 Establishment of 160 New BUDS institutions - eLAMS fund allotment All
29 Proceedings No. 9372/L/2017/KSHO 19-09-2018 Proceedings 40 New BUDS Institutions All
30 GO.No 2517/2011/LSGD 31-10-2011 Utilizing Educational Grants of BUDS School Reg. All
31 GO. (MS) No. 195/2018/LSGD 29/12/2018 Permission to Purchase 30 Vehicles (School Bus) for BUDS Schools All
33 GO.(ORD)NO.1779-2019-LSGD 17-08-2019 BUDS School Vehicle Purchase All
34 PAN-6038-2020-J3 12-05-2020(DP) 12-05-2020 BUDS-BRC STAFF SALARY DURING COVID LOCKDOWN All









  Govt.Order No. Date Abstract Download Govt.Order
  GO(Rt)No.1695-2020-LSGD 20-09-2020 G.O. - Disinfection work through Kudumbashree
  GO(Rt)No.1496-2020-LSGD 12-08-2020 G.O. - Haritha Karma Sena Enterprise Formation
  GO(P)No.73-2020-Fin 03-06-2020 G.O. - Arranging of urgent maintenance / repair works Skilled construcrion Groups regisrered under Kudumbashree Mission on nomination basis
  GO(P)No.73-2020-Fin 03-06-2020 G.O. - Entrusting construction works of PWD department to Kudumbashree construction groups and ARISE team
    20-05-2020 G.O -  ITI Canteen
  GO(Rt)No.10-2020-SPD 10-04-2020 G.O. Stock Purchase - Tender Exemption order for apparel units
  CircularNo84-2019-Fin 05-10-2019 Circular for recruitment through Kudumbashree for cleaning and security jobs in various departments
  GO(Rt)No.35-2019-SPD 30-07-2019 G.O. Extension order for apparel units - Tender exemption
  GO(Rt)No.2003-2019-LSGD(IA) 17-09-2019 GO - Visala Kochi - for tender exemption
  GO(Rt)No.1742-2019-LSGD 12-08-2019 GO for ARISE
  GO(Rt)No.2385-2018-LSGD 06-09-2018 GO for tender exemption for LED bulb and street light repairing units from LSG Department
  GO(Rt)No.29-2018-SPD 06-08-2018 G.O. Extension order for apparel units - Tender exemption
  GO(Rt)No.372-2018-Tax.Dept 29-05-2018 GO for the supply of beach umbrella to Lotteries Department
  GO(Rt)No.1013-2018-HEDN 25-05-2018 Utilizing the service of Kudumbashree units in Colleges & Hostels-reg
  GO(Rt)No.1391-2018-LSGD 19-05-2018 Haritha Karma Sena-Viability Gap Fund- reg
  GO(Rt)No.1450-2018-LSGD 25-05-2018 Amrutham Nutrimix Price - GST reg
  GO(Rt)No.221-2018-LSGD 23-01-2018 Jan Aushadhi Store Guidelines reg
  GO(Rt)No.212-2018-LSGD 22-01-2018 Subhicsha


Letter - Chief Secretary

11-08-2017 Appreciation for the initiative of Railways in Kerala to involve self help group sponsored by the Local Self Governrnent of Kerala in bringing about enhanced cleanliness and job opportunities for unemployed women
  GO(Rt)No.330-2017-TSM 22-06-2017 Tourism Department- Working Group-Plan Schemes- Clean Destination Campaign Implementation during 2017-18- Administrative Sanction- Accorded-Orders issued
  GO(Rt)No.159-2017-LSGD 19-01-2017 Amrutham Nutrimix Price
      Pilot implementation of nutrimix units





Sl.No G.O No. Date Abstract Download Govt.Order
1 110/2017/LSGD 09-06-2017 CDS Accountant salary Revised
2 3392/2017/LSGD 25-10-2017 Bhavanasree G.O
3 No. DEV- 3/268/2017-FlN 01-01-2018 Letter - Finance- Data Entry work





Sl.No Govt.Order No. Date Abstract Download Govt.Order
1 GO(Rt)No.2168-2014-LSGD NULM 21-08-2014 G.O. regarding formation of GC and EC at State level for NULM
2 GO(Rt)No.2947-2015-LSGD NULM 28-09-2015 G.O. regarding formation of GC and EC at City level for NULM
3 F.No.K-14011/2/2012-UPA/ FTS-5196 NULM 19-02-2016 Scaling up order
4 GO(Rt)No.1026-2016-LSGD SUSV 02-03-2016 GO - SUSV New Members
5 GO(Rt)No.3417-2016-LSGD NULM 15-12-2016 Extension Order - NULM
6 GO(Rt)No.3244-2017-LSGD SEP 07-10-2017 Order - RO Plant
7 GO(Rt)No.2168-2014-LSGD SMID 21-08-2014 Order - Constituting SMMU CMMU & SLPSC
8 GO(Rt)No.1927-2018-LSGD NULM 13-07-2018 GO 2nd Instalment
9 GO(Rt)No.2013-2019-LSGD NULM 18-09-2019 Order - RO Plant - Tender exemption
10 F.No.K-12011(11)/27/2017-UPA III Section NULM 28-11-2019 Order - Amendment in Operational Guidelines of SUSV
11 GO(Rt)No.2580-2019-LSGD NULM 15-11-2019 GO - Kochi Metro
12 GO(P)No.15-2018-LSGD SUSV 12-03-2018 Street Vending Rules
13 G.O.(Rt)No.35-2020-LSGD NULM 03-01-2020 GO- 32 Crore
14 G.O.(Rt)No.991/2020/LSGD NULM 27-05-2020 GO
15 G.O.(Rt)No.1388/2020/LSGD NULM 23-07-2020 GO - Fund
16 G.O.(Rt)No.111/2020/LSGD(IA) NULM 24-07-2020 GO - She lodge





Sl No G.O Number Date Abstract Download
1 GO (MS) No. 15/2010/LSGD 18-01-2010 CDS - Member Secretary - Responsibilities
2 GO (P) No. 10/2015/LSGD 14-01-2015 Kudumbashree CDS Bylaw amendment - 2015
3 GO (P) No. 11/2015/LSGD 14-01-2015 Kudumbashree CDS Election Rule amendment - 2015
4 GO (P) No. 94/2017/LSGD 01-12-2017 Kudumbashree CDS Election Rule amendment - 2017
5 GO (P) No. 95/2017/LSGD 05-12-2017 Kudumbashree CBO Election Guidelines 2017-2018
6 GO (MS) No. 260/2017/LSGD 28-12-2017 CBO Election SC/ST Reservation CDSs (2017-2018)
7 GO (MS) No. 7/2018/LSGD 23-01-2018 CBO Election SC/ST Reservation CDSs amendment (2017-2018)
      Circular - ME Reg