22Feb 2017

Kudumbashree IT units started the data entry of LIFE SURVEY

Kudumbashree IT units are given data entry of 15 lakh survey forms. At present there are 63 IT Units in Kudumbashree. The data entry work started on 22nd February 2017. About 1000 Data entry operators are working in 3 Shifts to complete the data entry.

04Feb 2017

Kudumbashree Apparel units got relaxation in Stock Purchase Rules

Kudumbashree Apparel units can undertake bulk uniform stitching of Govt .Departments. All departments can give uniform works to Kudumbashree Apparel units without following tender norms. (G.O 07/2017SPD dated 4/02/2017.

02March 2017

Kudumbashree Apparel units are stitching the uniforms for DDU-GKY Programme

The convergence model in which Kudumbashree Apparel units earn income by stitching the uniforms for DDU-GKY was tried out in Kerala. At present 5 PIA s has placed orders for Uniforms and Bags. T shirts, Salwars, Bags, Caps etc are supplied through Kudumbashree Apparel units.

02March 2017

Rate revision of Amrutham Nutrimix

Kudumabshree Amrutham Nutrimix units are engaged in the production and supply of weaning food to children in the age of 6 months to 3 years. Currently, each child is provided with 3.5 kg of Amrutham Nutrimix a month, at the rate of 135 grams per day for 25 days. Kudumbashree units supply Nutrimix to 32,922 Anganwadies in the State. In 2011, the rate of Nutrimix was revised to Rs. 56/- per Kg from Rs. 40/-. In 2016, the units requested that price revision is inevitable as it is difficult to cope up with the continuous price hike of raw materials. In 2016 December the rate was revised to Rs. 70/ kg.

02March 2017

Grading of Nutrimix units by implementing Rating scale

The Nutrimix units are working as Micro enterprises in separate facilities. Kudumbashree provides timely assistance for upgrading their quality parameters. The production protocol is formulated by CPCRI, Kasaragod and proper training is imparted to each and every unit to follow the prescribed standards. District and State level capacity building programmes are conducted periodically in which all the areas are addressed such as management, Accounts, Tax, food and safety, value addition etc. All the units are instructed to follow the Standard Operating Procedures. There is a joint inspection team in every district to monitor and evaluate the functioning of the units.For fine tuning the activities further and for continuous improvement and quality assurance, Kudumabshree is introducing rating scale.

02March 2017

Sabarimala Cafe

7 Cafe kiosks positioned to tap the business associated with Sabarimala season. The places where the kiosks were positioned are Thiruvalla, Pandalam, Pathanamthitta Gov Hospital, Vadasherikkara, Ranni pazhavangadi, Pandalam Thekkekkara, Perunad

02March 2017

Jan Ahar

Jan Ahar is an example for effective convergence, here Kudumbashree associated with Southern Railway to run the vegetarian canteen in Chenagannur Railway station. Amrithashree cafe group having 10 members are engaged in enterprise activity

02March 2017

Introduction of interest subsidy scheme for ME units

Like other centrally sponsored schemes Interest subsidy scheme introduced for Micro Enterprises instead of Capital subsidy which eventually help to identify potential entrepreneurs and to make enterprise viable

01March 2017

Received work order for Sanitary Napkin

Received work order for Sanitary Napkin worth Rs.1,64,01,800 from Kerala Medical Services Corporation

22March 2017

Received Government Order for Sanitary Napkin

Received Government Order for supply of Sanitary Napkin produced by Kudumbashree Units to Government Schools

01March 2017

Received data entry of NORKA ROOTS Applications work

Kudumbashree IT units are entrusted the data entry of NORKA ROOTS Applications.The data entry work is 60,000 applications at Rs 25/ application and a total amount of Rs.15 Lakh for the work