Sl No. Name of Manager Name of ME Unit selected Sector ULB Name Major innovations proposed Activies Planned Expected outcome Remarks
1 Deepa K Prabhakar Abhaya Food Kollam Online Marketing, Door to door delivery on demand 1. Registration 2. Licensing 2. providing SEP loan of NULM 3. exposure visit to major chocolate units 4. Training - both processing and packing 5. Branding 1.Setting up of a home made chocolate shop at kollam town 2. Remarkable hike in income  
2 Sunitha V Sevana Cafe Unit Canteen Pathanamthitta Accounting Training,Skill Upgradation Training,Behavioural Training Basic infrastructure development of the premises, training to members regarding enterpeurnship Hike in income.  
3 Binu George City Livelihood Centre NULM Kottayam Municipality 1.Develop Labor bank for Urban Poor 2.ME Support for SHGs 1. Study on avaialble resources and Markets. 2 Assitst CLC team to develop Systems for Management and resource Mobilization. 3) Developing Regular Income for Sustaining the Centre. Developing a minimum of 5000 Working Days/Labor days  
4 PridhviRaj Five star Cafe unit Cafe Kudumbashree Alappuzha To start juice items and own a vehicle for outside catering works .provide emplyement for 3 more urban poor through this firm 1.weekly Visits .2 bifurcation of products 3.on the call after noon meal delivery The average daily sales shuold increase from 6200 to 8000 Rs  
5 Sunu John Nandhini Hotel Food Cherthala Catering sevice Place a board, Cleaning, Catering orders from the Municipality Growth in income  
6 Boby Jacob Alpha Vanitha Canteen Canteen Kottayam Municipality 1. Improving the quality of Service by the ME Unit. 2) Increasing the income of ME Group Members 1. Understanding the bottlenecks 2. Training and Motivation for improvement 3. Linking with other resources. Visible improvement in the quality of service and increase in the income of group members.  
7 Simple Rose Health Clubs and Beauty Parlours Beauty therapy and Hair dressing(25 Units) All CDSs Upgrade the quality and quantity of services offered/ delivered 1. Listing of the units in Ernakulam district
2. Preliminary meeting for them
3. Identification of Gaps and challenges
4. Action plan preparation
5. Intervention
1. Improvement in the income and standard of living of the MEs
2. Improvement in the quality and quantity of services offered
3. Ensure sustainability of the microenterprises
Since it is a bigger target, it may take more to get the expected outcome.
8 Resana S Santhwanam Santhwanam(35 units) All CDSs 1. Familiarization and application of new technology
1. Lising of Santhawanam units in Ernakulam district
2. Preliminary meeting for them
3. Identification of Gaps and challenges
4. Action plan preparation
5. Intervention
1. Quality service to the needy people
2. Improved Convergence and referrals
Since it is a bigger target, it may take more to get the expected outcome.
9 Babitha Jose Marketing Kiosks Samagra(86 units) Panchayats and Vytilla hub at Kochi Corp Ensuring proper functioning of 86 Kiosks,refurbishment of kiosks,obtain liceces from local bodies and food safety licence,, orientation and training of beneficiaries Rrefurbishment of kiosks,obtain licenses from local bodies including foosafety license,orientation and training of participants,relocating the kiosks if necessary Standardisation of kiosks and Branding of Kiosks as Wayside Eateries Of Kudumbashree As former Samagra cosultant at DMC EKM,it will be easy for me to catch up
10 Mobeesh Snehadeepam (Kochi Water) Marketing Kochi        
12 Lipson Mariya catering catering Chalakudi Plan to discuss with ME Unit( The unit proposed by DMC office)      
13 Antony Mariya catering Canteen Thrissur corporation Quality upgradation of the unit, Expansion of business 1. Quality manual preparation 2.Regular monitoring visits3. Service quality upgradation training 4. Implementation of business expansion activities 30% increase in business by the end of this financial year  
14 Mini John Sreekrishna Springs   Palakkad Quality upgradation of the unit, Expansion of business 1. Providing fund for the upgradationTechnology 2. Market Expansion Better Livelihood & Increase in Income  
15 Sreejith Shipasree Metal Craft Craft Palakkad Improve quality, Market expansion 1.Technology/Skill upgradation 2. Quality check. Livelihood can be improved. Quality produts to the market  
16 Subairulavan Al Ameen Pathiri Unit Food Production Malappuram Quality Production, Marketing & Training on Business Improvement      
17 Sunil PK Priyam Foods Food and powder procedding Malappuram        
18 Muneer Souhridha Bakery Unit Hotel and catering Kalpetta Quality improvment,Identify new space for marketing Study on past experiance, Study on present situation,need assessment, apply techniques for quality improvment,Identify new market space Increase in the quality of products, increase in production, increase in the income level of the group members  
19 Ajith.S Nandhini Food Processing unit(Curry Powder) Production Anthur Quality Improvement
Proper Accounting and Register
Packing and Labelling
Market Development
1.Study of the past and collection of details related to the unit
2.Unit vist-twice in frist three month and once in last three month for regular monitoring
3.Identification of present problems in the unit.
4.Proper accounting and register through KAASS support
5.Market development through Homeshop, hotels,kudumbashree hotels
6.Technological upgradation if needed
Quality imporvoement in production,packing and labelling.
7.Ensuring the handholding through MEC,CDS,ULB
8.Additional finanacial support from Kudumbashree like RF,CMF etc.
9.proper License and Registartion of Units
1.Standardisation of the unit
2.Ensure proper income to the entreprenuer
3.Improve the living standars
4.Production and distribution of quality products to the public.
5.Proper market
Since it is a bigger target,it may take more to get the expected outcome.
20 Nidheesh Ojas Nutrimix Unit,
Food Kanhangad Municipality        
21 Baiju Keerthi Nutrimix Unit,
Food Nileshwaram        


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