Decisions of the State Plan Review Meeting held on 14-07-2017 at Kudumbashree State Mission Office Trivandrum
Executive Director had appreciated all district mission teams for the better performance in Organization strengthening programmes. The following decisions were taken in the state level PRM held on 14-07-2017 at Kudumbashree State Mission Office.
A Kudumbashree School
  1 Complete the identification of CDS level Master Resource Person (1 RP per CDS) and ward (ADS) level Voluntary Resource persons (06 per ward) on or before 20 July 2017.
(Action: All DMCs)
  2 All District Mission Coordinators should ensure the quality of Resource Persons identified at CDS and ward levels.
(Action: All DMCs)
  3 All DMCs should utilize the service of district level training group members to monitor and evaluate the Kudumbashree school activities at CDS level.
(Action: All DMCs)
  4 All DMCs should utilize the service of district level training group members to monitor and evaluate the Kudumbashree school activities at CDS level.
(Action: All DMCs)
  5 Detailed circular with regard to Kudumbashree School programme will be issued from State Mission by 15th August 2017. Total expenditure before September PRM  - Rs. 5 Crore from NRLM
(Action: State Mission Organization Team)
B Kudumbashree training for LSG Representatives 
  1 1. It is decided to conduct the Kudumbashree training for LSG representatives at regional levels in July and August 2017. LSG President, Welfare Standing Committee Chairperson/Chairman, CDS Chairperson and Member Secretary from each CDS will attend the training. State Mission will issue a detailed circular in this regard including the training schedule to all the District Mission coordinators in the next week.
(Action: State Mission Organization Team)
  2 2. District Mission Coordinators should ensure the participation of all the 4 members from each Panchayath/Municipalities.
(Action: All DMCs)
  3  All DMCs should submit the model convergence project details (Documentation/ Video/ Photos) to State Mission urgently.  Selected model convergence projects will be included in the LSG representatives training module, scheduled on July and August 2017.
(Action: All DMCs)
C Kudumbashree Election
  1 All DMCs should give necessary directions to the CDSs to complete the NHG affiliation process on or before 15th August 2017.
(Action: All DMCs)
  2 All DMCS should give necessary directions to the NHGs to update NHG members details (General/SC/ST, BPL/APL details) in their NHG registers. State Mission needs this data (CDS level and NHG level details) for the smooth conduct of the election.
(Action: All DMCs)
  3 All CDSs should renew their CDS registration immediately. DMCs should ensure that, all CDSs in the district have renewed their registration.
(Action: All DMCs)
  4 State Mission will give necessary clarifications with regard to CDS bifurcation and BPL/APL identification immediately.
(Action: State Mission Organization Team)
  5  All DMCs should submit issues/suggestions with respect to the existing Kudumbashree byelaw and election rules to State mission on or before 20th of July 2017. State mission will consider these suggestions while amending the existing byelaw and election rules.
(Action: All DMCs)
D Strengthening of Special NHGs (PWD NHGs, Transgender NHGs & Elderly NHGs)
  1 Detailed guidelines with regard to strengthening of Kudumbashree special NHGs (PWD NHGs, Transgender NHGs & Elderly NHGs)will be issued from State Mission by 30thJuly 2017.
(Action: State Mission Organization Team)
  2 Corpus Fund and Revolving Fund assistance to Kudumbashree Special NHGs - guidelines will be issued from State Mission by 25thJuly 2017.
(Action: State Mission Organization Team)
  3 Corpus Fund to Transgender NHGs - All Districts to transfer Corpus Fund (Rs. 10,000 per NHG) to eligible Transgender NHGs. Total expenditure before next PRM  - Rs. 2 lakh from Plan Fund to total 20 TG NHGs)
(Action: All DMCs)
  4 Corpus Fund to PWD NHGs - All Districts to transfer Corpus Fund (Rs. 10,000 per NHG) to eligible PWD NHGs. Total expenditure before next PRM  - Rs. 58 lakh from Plan Fund to total 580 PWD NHGs)
(Action: All DMCs)
  5 Corpus Fund to Elderly NHGs - All Districts to transfer Corpus Fund (Rs. 5,000 per NHG) to eligible Elderly NHGs. Total expenditure before next PRM  - Rs. 90 lakh from Plan Fund to total 1,800 Elderly NHGs)
(Action: All DMCs)
E Coastal CDS/NHG Strengthening
  1 Detailed circular with regard to selection of Coastal Volunteers in rural coastal CDSs will be issued from State Mission by 25th July 2017. Respective DMCs should complete the selection process before next PRM.
(Action: Respective DMCs)
  2 All Districts to transfer Revolving Fund (Rs. 15,000 per coastal NHG) to eligible coastal NHGs. Total expenditure before next PRM  - Rs. 3 Crore from NRLM
(Action: All DMCs)
F Kudumbashree Sneha Veedu
  1 1. All DMCs are requested to take necessary steps to motivate the CDSs to start the “snehaveed” programme in their respective Panchayath/Municipality.
(Action: All DMCs)
G Grama / Block / District Panchayath level Kudumbashree Convergence Plan
  1 All DMCs should submit the CDS wise Convergence Plan with LSG (in the prescribed format/spreadsheet shared by organization team) to state mission on or before 20th July 2017.  State Mission will upload the details (In PDF format) in Kudumbashree website.
(Action: All DMCs)
H Self Sufficient CDS
  1 DMCs should identify minimum 5 CDSs in the district to develop model self-sufficient CDSs. The details should be updated in the Kudumbashree website.
(Action: All DMCs)
  2 State Mission Organization team will prepare and issue a detailed note/proposal regarding how to develop a model self-sufficient CDS by 15th August 2017.
(Action: State Mission Organization Team)



1. RF to special NHGs - In the next PRM, present details of Transgender, PWD and Elderly NHGs for giving RF (1.5 crore)

2. 5.0 crore of Kudumbashree School before September PRM

3. Report actual spending of Admin Grand + CDS honorarium + A& OE during August PRM

4. Full fund of RF to special NHGs before August PRM (2.0 crore at state level)

5. Full fund of RF to coastal NHGs before August PRM (3.5 crore at state level)

6. Submit plan for spending community radio project (1.5 crore)

Financial Summary

7 crore + may be 3 crore (actual) of A& OE, Admin Grand, Honorarium after giving arrear of program managers

Full fund of 5.0 crore kudumbashree school in September


PRM Minutes 14-07-2017
1 Micro Enterprises
  1 Skill Training for micro enterprises
    a Empanelment of skill training agencies to be completed by 30/8/2017.
    b Identification of beneficiaries in each sector for skill training to be completed in continuation with GOT.
    c Starting of skill training immediately after the empanelment process. No of persons for skill training and action plan to expend the amount of Rs. 4.70 crores should be presented in the next PRM. 
  2 Expenditure
    a The targets for TF, TUF, SDA, RF & GOT should be completed before August 13th and an expenditure of Rs. 8.17 crores to be incurred.  
      If any district need additional fund requirement for the above factors, the districts can make it as committed expenditure. 
  3 Priority projects
    a Construction teams: 
      1 All DMCs should make avail one work for the construction teams.  (Each group should complete construction of 10 houses or work equivalent to 50 lakhs to get a G.O for our construction teams to get orders without tender).
      2 Identify one group and start new training in each block.
    b Cement bricks units: All districts should position at least one unit in the sector. Project details will be issued from State Mission (Responsibility: Nishanth)
    c Coir Units:  It is one of the priority projects and is monitored by the Finance Minister.  Districts should identify & position at least one unit. The District team may visit Kannur/ Thrissur/ Trivandrum to study the functioning of the sector. 
    d Plastic Recycling: 
      1 Beneficiary identification for each unit should be completed. 
      2 All districts should entrust responsibility for a person (ADMC/ Consultant) and should study the existing successful models- Shornur, Alappuzha, Payyannur etc
      3 State Mission will take steps to incorporate the salary of machine operators in Panchayat fund.
  4 Additional tasks
    a Data collection on ME: all districts should collect data of existing ME before next PRM 
    b Details of units facing loan recovery: The details of units facing loan recovery should be submitted to State Mission with all relevant documents before next PRM.
  5 Jeevanam Campaign
    a Affiliation certificate to MECs after performance evaluation.
    b Accounting training to MECs and KAASS team to be completed.
    c Special enterprise meet to be called for (Santwanam, IT, Nutrimix, Apparel etc) to address their specific issues and should complete affiliation and accreditation process.
  6 New MEC selection
    a The performance evaluation of existing MECs should be made at district level and should take steps to improve the quality of them. And if necessary the DMC can expel them. 
    b The districts should assess the total requirement of MECs after assessing the quality of MECs and expulsion (if done). 
    c DMCS should select qualified persons and should provide training to them
    d Detailed circular with regard to the selection of MECs will be issued from State Mission (Responsibility: ME team)
  7 Kerala Mess: Starting of Kerala Mess where breakfast, Meals and tea & snacks will be provided at subsidized rates at 14 district head quarters (in KSRTC stands or attached to Govt. offices or hospitals) is implementing through Kudumbashree.  DMCs should identify Kudumbashree beneficiaries, provide training and take steps to position them. The details should be presented in the next PRM.
  8 KSRTC projects
    a 21 Reservation counters of KSRTC will be managed by Kudumbashree.  Identification of persons should be completed.
    b Toilet management: Kudumbashree can construct standard toilets and can be managed through Kudumbashree groups. 
      1 DMCs should assess the feasibility of toilet management of all KSRTC stations.  
      2 The design and model of toilets will be issued from State Mission. (Responsibility: ME team)
  9 Coastal Projects
    Coastal ME development is one of the priority projects.  Detailed circular with regard to activities associated with ME development will be issued from State Mission by 30th of July, 2017.  (Responsibility: ME team)
  10 Milma Shoppee: Milma agreed to provide its various products on commission basis.  The products may be sold through Kudumbashree canteens or kiosks.  They will provide a freezer for their products.  DMCs should identify canteens or kiosks through which products can be marketed. 
  11 Jan Aushadhi: Starting of 100 JAS is one of the targets.  The DMCs should take steps to identify HR to run 2 JASs in the interested LSGs.(List of LSGs already given to the districts)
  12 Railway projects: The DMCs should monitor the progress of railway projects and should upload the details in the website.
  13 SC cafe: Districts should take special initiative to submit projects in SC cafe.  The districts that have implemented the project should submit the UC before 20th of July 2017. 
  14 Strengthening of umbrella units: The DMCs should submit the details of umbrella units to State Mission.  A meeting of umbrella units should be called for and assess the issues faced by them and should take steps for skill up gradation training, provide handholding support to them.  The action taken report should be submitted before next PRM.  The target is to supply 10,000 umbrellas in the next season (before April).  
  15 RO Plant: Kudumbashree in convergence with LSGs should start R.O Plant.  The DMCs should identify places where RO plant can be set.  LSGs should provide fund for setting infrastructure and machinery and Kudumbashree groups will act as marketing group.
  16 Malayalam typing: All Districts should train a minimum of 100 persons in Malayalam typing and develop them as a resource pool.
  17 IOC Projects: IOC will entrust the management of toilets to Kudumbashree. They will provide Rs. 8000/- as salary and Rs. 1000/- towards purchase of cleaning materials.  The working time will be 8.00 am to 8.00 pm (with 12.00 to 4.00 pm break time).  DMCs should identity one person for each bunk.  The list of petrol bunks will be made available from State Mission.  
  18 Monitoring the progress of Hantex orders: The order of Hantex should be completed before 31st of July, 2017.  DMCs should ensure this.
2 Collectives
  a State Team has to prepare guidelines for Consortiums and Producer Companies.
  b DMCs identify at least two potential projects (Consortiums / Producer Companies) in their district and present the same on 05.08.2017. Prepare projects worth 15 to 30 Lakhs.
  c State teams have to prepare a report about Producer Companies and should submit the same by 05-08-2017. 
  d By next PRM, 5 Crore earmarked on Collectives should be booked as committed expenditure.



1. Full fund of - Tech fund, Tech Upgradation, Innovation, RF, SDA, GoT to be presented before next PRM (9 crore at state level)

2. Identify groups / individuals in each panchayats for giving skill training and report the numbers. Book their skill training funds (2.1 in state plan and 2.6 in NRLM) in September PRM

Financial Summary

9 crore in August PRM

5 crore in September PRM



1. Bring projects for Collectives on August 4, and get approval for infrastructure and working capital.

2. Book expenditure in September PRM

Financial Summary

5.0 crore in September PRM



1. Present projects on August 4, and get approval

Financial Summary

5.0 crore in September PRM



Total budget is 2.0 crore

1.0 crore expenditure before August PRM (Give start up fund to 100 units)

Full expenditure before September PRM (Give start up fund to 100 units)



Marketing - Minutes of PRM held on 14th and 15th of July, 2017
1 Community Enterprises Fund: Most of the Districts identified CDSs to be given CEF. Districts not completed identification of CDSscomplete it immediately. Identification of CDSs and opening of bank accounts to be completed before 22nd July, 2017. All Districts to fill the table concerned – number of CDSs identified and number of CDSs opened bank account immediately.Proceedings/Guidelines given to Districts along with target number of CDSs in each District.
  Action by Districts - All Districts to transfer CEF funds (Rs. 500,000/- per CDS) to selected CDSs (as per list given) and the status should be updated in website before next PRM.(Total expenditure before next PRM – Rs. 20 crores from NRLM) 
  Action by State - NRLM funds to be transferred before 30th July. 
2 Monthly Markets: Only half of the Districts identified CDSs to be supported under this activity. Remaining Districts to identify the CDSs at the earliest. All Districts to fill the table concerned – number of CDSs identified. Identification of CDSs to be completed before 22nd July, 2017.Proceedings/Guidelines given to Districts. 
  Action by Districts - All Districts to transfer the funds (Rs. 75,000/- per CDS) to selected CDSs and to ensure procurement of infrastructure facilities as given in the guideline before next PRM.The status should be updated in website before next PRM. The first Monthly Market shall be scheduled as part of / along with Onam Fair.(Total expenditure before next PRM – Rs. 1.14 crores from State Plan Fund - Marketing) 
3 Kudumbashree Food Fests: All Districts to enter target number of Food Fests (Calendar) in the website and to update the website on completion of food fests. Districts may form an Event Management Team (ME) or capacitate existing such team(s)for the smooth and continuous conduct of Food Fests before 30th July 2017. 
  Action by District - Every District should conduct atleast two fairs before next PRM. (Rs. 500,000/- per District allotted). Districts to conduct at least one Food Fest in every month since September. (Total expenditure before next PRM – Rs. 70 Lakhsfrom State Plan Fund - Marketing) 
  Action by State - Release of Proceedings/Guidelines.
4 Kudumbashree Bazar: Letter issued to Districts requesting for preliminary proposal, which contains location details, building details, products details, management team composition and rough budget.
  Action by Districts - All Districts to submit proposals before 30th July 2017. DPRs to be prepared in August (with the help of State Team) and Bazars to be commissioned in September.
5 ONAM Fairs: None of the Districts submitted plan of action.
  Action by Districts - Districts to submit Action Plan for Onam Fairs(number & names of Panchayats and urban CDSs where Fairs will be conducted. Details of District Fair, Association with other Depts./ Agencies, Innovations, preparatory activities like ME/MEC meetings etc) and to transfer funds to CDSs before next PRM. All preliminary activities should be conducted before next PRM. (Total expenditure before September PRM – Rs. 13.1 Lakhs from State Plan Fund - Marketing and Rs. 97.7 Lakhs from MKSP) 
  Action by State - Release of Proceedings/Guidelines
6 SARAS Fair: Venue identified/booked by Malappuram District Mission.
  Action by District - A District level meeting of Kudumbashree district/Block staff, CDS Chair Persons in the Municipality and adjoining Panchayaths, Support teams (Training team, MECSs, KAAS team, RPs etc) should be organized by District Mission next week to plan the conduct of the fair.
  Swagatha Sangham meeting to be organized under the chairmanship of Hon. Minister before the end of this month. 
  Action by State – Intimation to other States and permission to District for advancing funds from NRLM.
7 Online Marketing / Product development Workshops: No District has submitted any change/suggestion in the existing list. (Last date given– 15th July).
  Action by Districts- The final list of products/entrepreneurs to be submitted to State Mission Marketing Team before 18th July 2017. The first Design Clinic shall be organized before next PRM as per the directions of State Mission. (Selected Districts)
  Action by State –Organisation of first Design Clinic/workshop before next PRM.
  (Total expenditure before October PRM – Rs. 1.4 crores from NRLM) 
8 Business Development: Districts should be keen to tap various business development opportunities arising at the District level and to inform the State Mission, if support from State Mission is required.
  State Mission to identify various business development opportunities and coordinate with Districts.
9 Home Shops: Home Shops to be established by all Districts. A preliminary planning meeting should be conducted in July, 2017.  State Mission to hold a Planning Meeting before next PRM.


1. Completely spend 70 lakhs (5 lakh per district), by conducting 2 food festivals

2. Sustainable monthly market to CDS - Give money to CDS (1.14 crores at state level)

3. Identify spaces for Kudumbashree Bazar before August PRM and start before September PRM (2.8 crore by September PRM)

4. Submit plan for 1.4 crore (online platform) - by state mission on August 4

5. Give Community enterprise fund to CDS (20 crore in NRLM)

Financial Summary

2.0 crore expenditure before August PRM (CDS monthly markets and food festivals)

2.8 crore before September PRM

20 crore (NRLM) expenditure before August PRM

1.4 crore expenditure before September PRM


Minutes of Meeting- Micro Finance & MIS
1 Review of previous month Target:
  a Kudumbashree MIS Data Entry: Though it is seen that thrift data entry has almost reached 90%, month wise Thrift & Internal lending data of 2017-18 seems to be less. All the districts are far behind in entering bank linkage data. Best performers are Kozhikode and Trivandrum worst is Kasaragod & Kottayam . Data entry of approved Ashraya project also is pending. Representatives of CDS Accountants have agreed to complete Kudumbashree MIS on or before 30th July. 
  b NRLM Profile Creation: final date to complete NRLM Profile creation was fixed as 30th June. But till date districts could complete only 49%. Best performers are Wayanad, Palakkad & Ernakulam. Alappuzha & Kollam districts are the worst performers.
  c Audit: It was targeted to complete financial audit of CBOs for the year 2015-16 before July 14. But there is hardly any improvement. Wayanad, Kollam and Malappuram districts said that data entered in the website is wrong, audit of very few NHGs need to be completed in those districts. Trivandrum has completed only 61% NHG Audit. DMC, Trivandrum said that district has already chalked out a plan to complete the data. 
  d Bank Linkage: 100% linkage of Unlinked NHG is core focus of Microfinance this year. Total fresh linkage across the state is 5981. Malappuram and Kozhikode have not linked even single NHGs during this quarter. 
  e Collection of claims for RF & VRF: Districts have collected 1236 & 556 applications for RF and VRF respectively.
2 Issues Raised by districts
  a Palakkad: Some of the claims of Credit Linked Insurance are pending. That needed to be cleared soon
    Action: All district mission to send the no. of CLI pending claim so that state mission can take up this issue with Insurance Agency.
3 Target to complete before next PRM
  Sl.No Programs Action to be Taken
  1 Kudumbashree MIS Last date to complete is 30th July
  2 NHG Profile Creation Last date to complete is 30th July.  Earlier NHG profile creation was done by CDS accountants. But as it was too slow, state mission had already suggested district team to adopt alternate system. Hence time constraints of CDS Accountant cannot be an excuse hereafter.
  3 TBSDAS Each district to select 12 CDS (preferably well performing) and RPS to roll out the project .
      Purchase of laptop & Netsetter  in all rural CDS
  4 CBO Audit Complete CBO financial audit for the year 2015-16
  5 Collection of  Interest Subsidy claim 13617 NHGs are linked in this financial year so far. Claim for interest subsidy  to be collected from these NHGs.
      Matching Grant applications from fresh linked 5981 applications to be collected
      2nd instalment (NHGs linked during 2016-17) of Interest Subsidy claim to be collected after verifying their loan repayment status
      Interest subsidy claim for revamped scheme also to be collected
      Details of Fund required to disburse Interest subsidy & Matching Grant of previous year to be given on or before 18th July 2017. (Though it is collected many times  data inconsistency still prevails)
  6 Collection of application for  RF & VRF RF  & VRF to  be  given to 10000 & 2500  NHGs  respectively during the year 207-18.  Districts to collect & process the applications within this month.
      Districts may  prioritise elderly and other special NHGs to provide  RF & VRF
  7 Collection of Postal Address of NHGs It was directed to provide either president’s or secretary’s postal address of NHGs to send Magazines, But it was noted that the said data is incomplete. Hence districts should give special attention to furnish correct data.
  8 Insurance Suggestions from districts are invited to start a new health insurance scheme for NHG members
      Scholarship  applications of KSSBY 2015-16 to be completed
      New enrolment for KSSBY to be started. Districts may organise campaigns as well.


Micro Finance

1. Interest subvention - present actual expenditure (expecting 7 crore? Discuss)

2. Completely book RF and VRF (15 crore and 3.75 crore, at state level)

3. Complete profile creation, Purchase laptops and select RPs (3 crore in total at state level)

4. Give arrear of CDS accountant and book expenditure

Financial Summary

3.0 crore expenditure in TBMIS before August PRM

7.0 crore interest subvention, or actual (NRLM expenditure + state plan expenditure) before August PRM (need discussion on this)

15 crore expenditure book in RF before August PRM

3.75 crore expenditure in VRF before August PRM


Click here to download new Minutes - PMAY


Minutes  of  State PRM held on 15-07-2017
1 Identification of beneficiaries under BLC (N)
    Identification of beneficiaries under BLC (N) was reviewed against the target till July, 15th.It was observed that Malappuram and Palakkad have met the target. District Mission co-ordinators have reported that lack of proper land documents is the major issue faced 
  Action point
    DMCs to identify the beneficiaries through Kudumbashree network. The District team to point out the issues case by case and report to SLNA.SLNA to give direction/take policy decision in this regard.  Target till August 15th was given.
2 Grounding/Implementation of projects
    The pace of implementation of approved projects to be expedited.
  Action point
    DMCs to monitor the progress in urban PRM.
3 Identification of beneficiaries under CLSS
    The progress under the vertical component is nominal.
  Action point
    DMCs to focus on conversion of existing loans taken during the admissible period. DMCs to present the matter in the DLBC.


Agriculture and Animal Husbandry - PRM Minutes
JEVA Evaluation
  Target: JEVA - Complete the evaluation of the JLG by June 21
  Most of the districts completed the 50% of JLG evaluation.  Kottayam and Thrissur districts completed the evaluation.
  Decision: It is decided to complete the evaluation before this month. 
Bank Linkage Campaign
  A target was fixed in the last PRM. Most of the districts achieved 50 % of the target.
  Kannur and Kasargod districts achieved below 10% of the target fixed.
Area under cultivation
  The average area under cultivation per block is very nominal except Kollam, Kozhikode and Wayanad. It is the duty of the MKSP block coordinator to enhance the area under production. Minimum 25 hr. is needed in each block. The district mission team will give prior importance to enhance the area.  
Expenditure in MKSP
  MKSP expenditure in many district are very less. So need special attention for spending money in MKSP activities.  
  Districts suggestions: The honorarium to JEVA and amount for Bank linkage is not spent.  
  Decision: Decided to spend the amount within the month. 
Incentives and Interest subsidy
  Mission will provide the incentives and interest subsidies according to the fund sanctioned by the government. All the districts are supposed to complete the process of incentives and interest subsidies.
Animal husbandry units
  Plan to establish 652 animal husbandry units in the state. Rupees 5 crore is allotted for the animal husbandry initiatives.
  Decisions: The state mission team will fix the targets in animal husbandry activities.  
New Initiatives
Infrastructure funds for weekly markets
  Will provide rupees 75000 per CDS to establish permanent marketing facilities and a total of three cds may select in a block.  
  Marketing wing also has rupees 75000 for the infrastructure facilities of permanent markets.  
  Decision: can use both funds of MKSP and Marketing for establish the marketing facilities.  The profit will equally divided and deposit in the accounts of FFC and CDS.  
Pre Onam Market
  12 pre onam vegetable markets in a block will conduct.  Will provide rupees 20000 as revolving fund to JEVA team to organize pre onam vegetable markets.  The circular regarding pre onam market is issued.  The honorarium to JEVA to conduct the vegetable market is also allotted. The details will issued at the earliest. 
Polivu 2nd Phase
  A three tire approach is planned to celebrate the Polivu 2nd phase.  Government of Kerala needed 2 crore fruit bearing plants to the next world environment day observance.  Kudumbashree is the one of the stakeholders of the programme to nurture the trees. Kudumbashree plans to nurture 50 lakhs trees through the neighborhood groups.  25 lakhs trees will nurture by the joint liability groups and other 25 lakhs trees through the nursery units.  MGNREGA will provide financial support to the NHG members, those who have job card to start nurseries and also they will buy back the saplings.  
  Decision: convergence with MGNREGA is possible. Three units will identify in a block.  District will give directions to NHGs to start the collection of seeds and nurturing.   The District teams will 2 JEVA members for nursery management training. The District teams also meet the JPC for convergence with MGNREGA. The districts will take necessary steps to provide training to the nursery groups in KVK. 
Common interest Groups 
  Plans to provide credit support for NHG members undertaking dairy husbandry activity. 100 cds will select in the first phase and provide rupees 300000 per cds. Three groups will identify in a cds.  The cds can provide rupees 1,00,000 per groups at 4% of interest rate.
  Decision: the selection of 100 CDS will be according the number of rural cds in a district.
Value addition
  Rupees 1 crore is allotted to start 10 agriculture value addition units/ common facility centers. 
  Decision: Districts will submit the proposals. 
Ethnic Food Festival
  Plan to conduct an ethnic food festival in selected districts.
Ernakulam, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Palakkad, Thrissur, Wayanad districts are willing to organize the food festival at district level within the next month.
Permanent Market
  Rupees 150000 is allotted for permanent market. The districts may submit proposals. 
Decisions: the proposals will get approval only after the verification of the success of pre onam market.
Targets - July - August
  Pre onam market 12/ Block
  10 Value added groups
  Ethnic food festival- Ernakulam, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Palakkad, Thrissur, Wayanad 
  300 CIG Groups
  Infrastructure facilities for pre onam markets (3CDS/ Block)
  500 Nursery units (3units/ Block)- Beneficiary selection
  Beneficiary selection for Poultry individual units (5/ CDS)



PRM Minutes - Balasabha
Actions to be taken before Next PRM
1 Complete Balasabha members data collection and upload in the given Google Form (before 20-July-2017)
2 Give Details of Amount and project allotted by LSGI (before 20-July-2017)
3 Balasabha RP training (3 from block) should complete immediately
4 Conduct Orientation training  for selected RPs & Bala RPs from CDS for campaign
5 Complete the  Data collection of trained Peer group leaders (Age 15-18)- Development of young mentors
6 Convene a meeting for Planning & Preparation for campaign
7 Plan and Conduct District specific programmes


Spend 1.1. crore + 0.15 crore by September PRM

Book expenditure for utilising 5 lakhs (district specific activity) 0.7 lakhs

State mission team to plan for the remaining funds



PRM Minutes - Kudumbashree Gender Programmes
  Programme   Actions to be taken before Next PRM
1 Vulnerability Mapping 1 Complete elected representatives Training
    2 Complete District Resource persons training
    3 Selection and training of CDS level Resource persons
    4 Project formation, implementation and monitoring of first phase
  State Level training of Vulnerability Mapping will be done from 24th July to 29th July at Thiruvananthapuram
2 Snehitha- Gender Help Desk 1 Identify building for snehitha within one week
    2 Arrange the infrastructural facilities to start the centre
    3 Complete District level selection of staff
    4 Arrange capacity building training for staff
3 Community Counselling 1 Provide capacity building training for existing counselors
    2 Prepare activity calender and distribute duties and responsibilities to counselors)
    3 Appoint new counselors if needed(1 counselor for 3 CDS)
    4 Conduct reviews and analyse the work progress and ensure support for their work
4 Migration Centre 1 Training for Migration centre /Gender corner Members
    2 Orientation training for Elected representatives and CDS members
    3 Prepare Action plan based on the guideline
5 Vigilant Group Formation 1 Complete 90% of vigilant Group formation
    2 Upload the details of vigilant group in the google drive format
    3 Conduct training for vigilant group members
6 Gender ResourceCentre/Block Level Community Counselling Centre 1 Complete the procedures to start Gender Resource centre and Community counselling centre at block level
    2 Activities should plannedand implemented on the basis of the discussions with elected representatives and guideline
    3 Resource person/community counselor/CDS member can be the responsible person of GRC and BLCCC
7 Gender Self Learning programme   As part of the GSLP activities a theme based discussion will start at the NHG level. On the basis of the theme they can arrange discussions, converations, skit, street play etc for awareness creation. Material and discussion points about the theme will be distributed through the website
8 Literature and Art Camp    State level Literature and art camp will be done by August second week. Select 4 Kudumbashree women who are interested /proficient in literature field and send them for the camp. Also please send the participants of Varayude Penma from each District


Book expenditure of 1.4 crore in the September PRM (district specific program)

0.75 crore (Gender sensitisation program) before September PRM

2.237 crore (State level campaign) before October PRM

1.36 crore (vulnerability mapping) before October PRM



Decisions of the State Plan Review Meeting held on 15-07-2017 at Kudumbashree State Mission Office.
Review of previous month target
1 Some of the districts (7 districts) have good performance in implementing tribal project 
2 Web updating process by district is very poor
3 All the district requested to reduce number of programme for better performance 
1 Tribal programs divided by activity wise, (  Tribal, MKSP,MF, Organisation, Social  Development, DDUGKY, Balasabha and ME ) each team will be  monitor  the programme .eg:- Tribal MF activity will  monitor by MF team ,ME activity monitor by ME team  and so on .In district  convergence of district team is very important for tribal activity.
2 All the district to complete the incomplete data (web updation) within two days
3 Programme guide line and fund details will be send to next working day
Target to complete before PRM (District wise Target)
Tribal team
1 Oorumooppan Training (20 lakh  rupees Expenditure  before Aug)
2 Promoters Animators Training (955500 rupees expenditure before Aug)
3 Micro Plan updating process (2090400 lakh rupees expenditure before  Aug)
4 NHG Get-together (200000 lakh rupees expenditure before Aug)
5 Cultural Group formation-Kollam, Kottayam, Ernakulam(200000 lakh rupees expenditure before Aug)
6 Tribal Ashraya  formation –except (Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Kozhikode and Wayanad)( 1 lakh rupees expenditure before Aug)
7 Supplementary food support for needy person-(Food Support for tribal families identified as most vulnerable during the survey of ASHRAYA till the time of sanctioning of Tribal Ashraya project)
8 District Initiative Programme (District initiative   including Drop outs, Holistic health, Medical camps, Cancer awareness, training to ICDS, Health volunteers, PSC programmes, Market support for tribal product to fairs)  total amount -11610000 lakh
1 SAP (Sustainable Agriculture Practice )campaign and marketing - (Formation of  new 260 JLGs, Grow bag distribution, Training for new 260JLGs,Marketing Kiosk for 4 district-Idukki, Palakkad, Wayanad and Kasaragod)
  Target- formation of special 31 JLG-2500 rupees per JLG , total expenditure before Aug 77500 rupees + 1 lakh for 4 district =  total 555000 rupees -Action by District Mission
MF Team
1 SAAGA (Special Auditing And Grading Assessment )-Tribal Campaign( All the NHGs auditing by KAASS members, All the NHGs grading by CDS with the help of animators, Matching Grant distribution by District Mission, Financial management report of ST NHGs by KAASS team) – (completing campaign before September- Action by District Mission) total expenditure 1400000 lakh)
2 Distribution of NHG  Corpus Fund (Target -109,Expenditure before Aug -1090000 rupees)
3 Distribution of JLG corpus Fund (Target-146-, Expenditure before Aug-584000 rupees)
1 TRIKY campaign-Tribal Kaushal Yojana Campaign-(Skill Mapping ,  Identification of Drop out Student  etc – (discussion only,  activity will be  started next PRM) )
1 Special GOT for Promotion of viable enterprise-Target- 22 numbers (GOT training conducting by district ME team with the support of Animators and  expenditure booking under ME head) 
All the activity and target uploaded in Website within one week



Social Development - Minutes of PRM held on 14th and 15th of July, 2017
Districts have completed initial process for 61 BUDS Schools and 53 BRCs in Kerala. 
Responsibility of District Mission:   Instructed to identify 200 BUDS schools  after the meetings of LSGs  before 4th August 2017
Directed to take steps to improve the quality of existing BUDS schools
Responsibility of State Mission: Guideline – G.O to implement the establishment of 200 new BUDS/BRC across Kerala before July 24th.
BUDS Homes
All districts should identify possible spaces for BUDS Homes 1 home at district
Responsibility of State Mission: G.O based on the guideline should be prepared and circulate immediately.
Complete second phase Asraya projects. State mission should process the pending projects and disperse the amount
State mission should be finalized the Asraya guidelines/ plan for Destitute Free Kerala campaign and survey proposal before 24th August.



Public Relations - Minutes of PRM held on 14th and 15th of July, 2017
  It has been decided to send the magazines to NHG by post.
  All CDs Accountant have been advised to update NHG Presidents name and postal address with pin code on MIS.Concerned DMCs should monitor the same.
  Necessary arrangements may be done by the DMCs to hand over the magazine to the group members.
  DMCs should collect the subscription fee and, remit the same at the earliest.
  DMCs should  mail all the activities and programmes to the state mission regularly.






PRM Minutes dated 14 July 2017


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