Sl. No Programme Programme Brief Status as on 07/09/2020 Status as on 14/09/2020 Status as on 21/09/2020 Action Plan
1 1000 'Janakeeya' Hotels Read / Download 626 hotels 643 hotels   Read / Download
2 300 Crore - Interest Subsidy Read / Download Directions given to districts to calculate the general Interest subsidy, RKLS and CMHHLS. Districts will be submitting the details as on 1st October. (Approximate demand for RKLS - Rs125 crore, CMHHLS - Rs.190 crore and General subsidy - Rs 60 crore.)   Read / Download
3 1000 green enterprises in association with 'Haritha Karma Sena' Read / Download 449 HKS Units formed and registration completed at CDS level 768 HKS units formed and registration completed at CDS level. Mentor selection on going.   Read / Download
4 Employment to 50,000 personnel through new non-farm Micro Enterprises Read / Download Conducted initial discussion or programme strategy with programme team. Programme Guide Circulated; Work order for software issued   Read / Download
5 Kerala Chicken - 50 more outlets Read / Download Started 34 Farms and 5 Outlets Signed MoU with 6 outlets   Read / Download
6 Provision of laptop to 5,00,000 students through 'Vidyashree', a joint initiative of Kudumbashree and KSFE Read / Download 5,07,708 members are interested to join the scheme and 4,86,056 members are interested to purchase the laptop as per the quick demand assessment done by Kudumbashree.31,992 members belonging to 8367 NHGs have submitted the applications for joining the chitty. 52930 members joined the Chitty scheme. Tender for laptop is floated by IT Mission.   Read / Download
7 Declaration of completion of PK Kalan Project, Alappuzha Read / Download Out of total 74 houses to be renovated, 74 have been completed. Out of 11 new houses to be constructed, 10 have been completed and construction of one is in progress. Total 22 new toilets have been completed and out of 26 toilets to be renovated, 16 have been completed and 10 is on progress. 5 houses surroundings out of 15 houses uplifted as per the landscape development activitie and 10 works are in progress. Provided motor pump sets to 14 houses to ensure drinking water connection. Overhead tanks have been provided to 14 houses where toilets have been constructed and ensure water availability.. 36 women are participating regularly in coir employment at Sarvodayapuram Coir Cluster and earning a minimum income of Rs. 300 per day. Preliminary works are in progress to form a men's wood cutter's society. Completed 50% of works of toilet.out of 10 toilets renewal work. Meeting of wood cutters conducted and information of leaders collected for registration procces. Finalise 12 ME project proposal and it is in final stage of implimetation.   Read / Download
8 25,000 houses as a part of LIFE Mission Read / Download Targeted to complete 15,000 additional houses as part of the 100 days programme. Construction of 76,932 (75.25%) house construction commenced and 48,445 (47.38%) houses have been made habitable. Expected to complete 63,445 houses. 725 out of 15,000 completed. 49,170 houses have been made habitable.   Read / Download



Kudumbashree 100 days GOALs / activities to be implemented in 100 days (Sept.Oct.Nov. 2020)
Sl No Programme Area Sl.No GOALS (Activities to be completed in 100 days) Status as on 10th Sept 2020 Cumulative Achievement as on 15th Sept.2020 Cumulative achievement as on 1st October 2020 Cumulative achievement as on 15th October 2020 Cumulative achievement as on 1st November 2020 Cumulative Achievement as on 15th November 2020 cumulative achievement as on November 30th 2020 Remarks
1 Agriculture 1 Setting up of 100 urban vegetable kiosks in all districts 66 locations identified.              
2 AH 2 CIG (Common Interest groups): formation of 250 new CIGs in dairy sector will be completed . 256 CIGs are already established. The idea is to form 250 new CIGs.              
3 MF 3 10,00000 Kudumbashree members will be enrolled in the new Insurance scheme Submitted the proposal for the approval of EC              



4 25000 ME units will be insured Identified Insurance broker. Draft MoU prepared for signing agreement with Insurance broker.              
5 Establishing 100 ESEVA kendras                
6 ITI Canteen-Canteen units will be identified-(100 canteens will be opened) Circular given to District Mission              



7 Outlet - Establish (100 Marketing Outlets) Design and plan developed. Instruction given to districts for DPR preparation              
8 Pink Cafe - will start 10 Pink Café Work in progress for pink cafe pilot project in Trivandrum              
9 Community Enterprises Fund - Disburse 6000 loans Software testing ongoing,              
6 Social Development 10 BUDS Livelihood: Will start livelihood programmes at 150 buds institutions. DPR received              
7 NULM 11 20000 street vendors will be supported with PMSVANIdhi credit scheme. (Rs,10000/- as loan for 20000 street vendors) Already 2000 street vendors have been supported under this scheme.              



12 Sanction of loan under Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) to 1000 beneficiaries CLSS loan has been sanctioned to 20323 beneficiaries till date.              
13 Issue Building Permits to all sanctioned (OLD) houses - Goal is to issue building permit to 13,000 beneficiaries before November 30th 2020 88,583 houses are sanctioned by the Ministry ,building permit has been issued to only 79,757 houses.