Tribal Special Project 2024-25

Kudumbashree’s tribal interventions has been informed by the need to design and implement focused programmes for ensuring inclusion of tribal communities into its network of neighbourhood groups (NHGs) and their federations. Kudumbashree covered a 96.8 % inclusion of tribal members to its NHG’s folder. The community resource persons (tribal animators) in the field are rigorously working for the empowerment of tribal families through Kudumbashree. The main strategy used is continuous capacity buildingprogramme at the hamlet level. Every programme reaches in hamlets through the community resource persons with the support of Community Development society. Kudumbashree CDS and animators taken initiatives for strengthening of tribal NHGs. Tribal NHGs is preparing vulnerability poverty reduction plan and consolidated at hamlet level and submitted for tribal Oorukootam. These approved plans will integrate with LSGIs plans. The main activity focused on this year as follows: -Strengthening ofweak Tribal NHGs-The main objective of tribal intervention schemes undertaken by Kudumbashree is to set a stable platform for implementing development activities amidst tribes. This year Kudumbashree ensure strengthening of weaken tribal NHGsthrough concentrated action and providing fund to NHGs. It includes 100% grading and maximum linkage of NHGs through special campaigns. Micro Finance and Community Fund Management-Running thrift and credit programme among tribal communities has been faced with unique challenges. At the same time, it has been noticed that when systematically implemented, a thrift and credit programme has been benefitting most of the communities with the exemption of forest-dwellers such as Cholanaikan and Malaipandaram. In areas where tribal communities have got access to cultivable land, Kudumbashree has been able to organise them for better farming practices and marketing of produce. This component thus focuses on two aspects – providing corpus fund to newly formed NHGs, and supporting Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) among communities engaged in farming.Promotion of livelihood units and support for existing enterprises units-Promotion of traditional as well as modern livelihoods and enterprises are also envisaged for this year. It is also designed to conduct tribalArt/Craft/Ethnic food fest both at district and state level to motivate new entrepreneurs. The developments over the last five years have led Kudumbashree to adopt a four-pronged approach to livelihood promotion among tribal communities. The approach includes promotion of farm based livelihoods and animal rearing, non-farm livelihoods, value chain based interventions in non-timber forest produce (NTFP), and interventions in marketing of farm produce and NTFP.Animal Husbandry based livelihood - Support for income generation through Animalhusbandry for tribal vulnerable families will be given importance.Social Interventions-Bridge course-Another major area for intervention is the education sector. In order to support those who are weak in studies and shows inconsistency towards schooling will be addressed through educational assistance scheme named as Bridge Course. We plan to develop Bridge Course in selected tribal hamlets by keeping priority to backward areas. Continuing and sustained education process along with training on good health practices also will be ensured through this centre and special Gotra Balasabha formed for tribal children’s, Bridge Course get gather also planned for this year. And also address mental health issues problem and health related camp and awareness classes will be conducted under social intervention programme. District Initiative–Ensure support for area specific and creative idea as a model programme for districts. More focus on vulnerable area/community and mental health issues of the ooru. The district initiatives also implemented through a convergence action. Youth Intervention Programme- Focus on tribal youth club member’s livelihood activities, get together, socially demanded related activity. New Interventions in tribal areas Community Resource Persons (Tribal CRPs) capacity building- Ensure capacity building of CRPs for implementation of tribal programme and NHGs strengthening at grassroots level. Provide regular training and ensure exposure visits to the CRPs for increasing their confidence level. Business support CRPs– (CRP development)-Develop youth CRPs for Micro Enterprise plan and development.There will be a state level business consulting teamandtribal related enterprises promotion team. Premium product stall and premium unit - tribal products with other Kudumbashree products-Tribal traditional and non traditional product out let cover all district product under one roof.