Asraya is a destitute rehabilitation program designed by Kudumbashree. The program is targeted at the poorest of the poor population. While implementing the poverty alleviation programmes, it was observed that the programmes implemented by the Government and other agencies never reach this population. These people, who live in utter distress and despair, constitute a very small number in the society, approximately the bottom two per cent of the total population. Kudumbashree designed a project called Asraya - Destitute Identification Rehabilitation and Monitoring Project for the rehabilitation of destitute families. Destitute families are identified using a transparent risk index framed by the Mission. Individual needs of the family are identified through a participatory need assessment. The project envisaged to address lack of food, health problems including chronic illness, pension, educational facilities to children, land for home, shelter, drinking water, safe sanitation facilities, skill development, employment opportunities, etc.
Kudumbashree as the poverty eradication mission has been actively involved in the process of empowering women by making them aware of their rights and entitlements. In the mission of eradicating the poverty a need assessment was performed using the deprivation criteria. It was a unique survey compared to the conventional BPL survey performed. In the identification of poverty through the deprivation criteria the families shared their real life situations and problems which gave hither to unknown picture of poverty. It was revealed that destitution and disability are the major challenges encountered by the community. Kudumbashree thus initiated two major projects which are: Destitute identification and rehabilitation program named Asraya and Disability mainstreaming program namely BUDs.
A knowledge base is often eclipsed due to the conventional roles a person adheres in the society. An imperative attempt to retain the knowledge base through self evaluation, participation and inquiry can be considered as the newest form of empowerment process. Along with about 2,00,000 Neighborhood groups all over the state, a similar yet distinctive methods have been used to mobilize and nurture childrens collective-Balasabha. The Sabhas are structured neighbourhood network of children. Each Sabha consist of 15 – 30 children in the age group of 6 – 18 years. The prime objective of constituting Balasabhas is to prevent inter-generational transmission of poverty through capability enhancement of children. Small Learning Groups for experimental and systematic learning, opportunities for understanding democratic process, participation in conserving environment, enabling children to unfold the intricacies of collectivisation are the basic focal points of Balasabha. At present, 32878 Balasabhas, covering 430908 children, creating glorious dimensions to the endeavour.
Asraya 2017-18
Asraya is the destitute identification and rehabilitation program implemented through LSGIs and facilitated by Kudumbashree