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Kudumbashree website is a full-fledged web portal with all the information on the public domain. Details of innovative projects, best practices followed by Kudumbashree, study reports and field visit reports, presentations and graphical representations - any information is available in the website in respective pages. This KNOWLEDGE PORTAL page is the base page where details of available information / knowledge are mapped and grouped together for ease of navigation.


History of Kudumbashree

In 2024, Kudumbashree is entering 26 years of its journey. The growth and progress of the mission is captured and documented in detail in the page History of Kudumbashree

Detailed information on Kudumbashree

Kudumbashree is the State Poverty Eradication Mission of Government of Kerala. Started in 1998, Kudumbashree envisaged local economic development, social development and women empowerment through its network of neighbourhood groups and the system of federations of ADS and CDS. Details about Kudumbashree are available in the page About Kudumbashree

Programs and Activities

Various activities/ programs implemented by Kudumbashree mission include micro finance activities, formation of micro enterprises and marketing of its products, upgradation of micro enterprises to collectives and producer companies, activities in social development and balasabha, gender initiatives, livelihood activities in agriculture and animal husbandry, to name a few. More over, Kudumbashree is implementing Government of India’s flagship programs like PMAY, NULM, DDUGKY, NRLM, SVEP, MKSP etc. Details about Kudumbashree s programs and activities are available in the page Programs

300+ articles on Kudumbashree

Click the page on Articles on Kudumbashree for reading more than 300 scholarly articles and research papers on Kudumbashree, written by eminent researchers, scholars and community workers.

Best of Kudumbashree

Best of Kudumbashree is a page where best practices from the field are documented and uploaded. These are the best practices or best projects undertaken (and implemented) by district missions of Kudumbashree


Kudumbashree is always known for its social innovations. Over the years, Kudumbashree Mission has conceived many innovative social projects which transformed the community and helped them to embrace the path of development. Innovations ranges from Asraya project, that won Prime Ministers Award for Public Administration, to Kudumbashree School Project, where community education process was initiated for 43 lakh members for the first time. The link on various Innovations of Kudumbashree will take you to details


This knowledge portal not only provide pathway to the world of articles and write ups, but also has a detailed list of Power Point Presentations on various topics related to Kudumbashree. The page of Presentations contains all the presentations made by Executive Director and hence the link will introduce the readers towards latest developments in Kudumbashree through contemporary medium of communication.

Insights on Implementations

70+ articles written by Kudumbashree state mission program managers are available in the link Insights on implementation. These are the articles written by the team who implemented various programs, and the articles are documentaries of how the team was able to ensure proper implementation of the schemes/ program for the community. This page can be viewed as the link to practical wisdom in implementation for development practitioners.

Saaraamsh: we @ Kudumbashree

Kudumbashree, undoubted one of the largest women empowerment and poverty eradication in the world has been a work in progress for the last twenty years. The numerous success and failures that Kudumbashree have achieved over the years reflects the myriad approaches Kudumbashree has undertaken to tackle poverty the policy level mediation through the state mission office has been one of the crucial factors that has enabled the creation of the ecosystem supporting the community structures. More details are available in the page Saaraamsh

Success Stories

Success is always a catalyst for inspiration. Success of Kudumbashree community members will always provide motivation and encouragement. Successful stories of various activities are available in the website in the following links

Success Stories of Start Up Village Enterprises

Success Stories of Women Leaders

Success Stories of Urban Livelihood programs

Success Stories of Skill Training Programs

Success Stories of Agriculture Groups

Audio Visuals, Latest Initiatives, Publications

The page is an excellent repository of information where the life @ Kudumbashree is captured in multiple forms of presentation. There are audios, videos and photos that will create long lasting impressions. There are regular publications, newsletters, magazines and books, soft copies of which are available online in this page. Further, there are news and features uploaded daily, and updated on regular interval which will update the reader with latest developments and initiatives. All the above mentioned information/ audiovisuals/ books and publications are available in the following links

Data and Details

Frequently Asked Questions on Kudumbashree are available in the link FAQ on programs

Graphs and charts on various programs are available for a quick reference for those interested

Data and Statistics on Kudumbashree s projects are given in the link Data and Statistics

Web monitoring (Updated data on all programs)

Detailed data of progress of all ongoing projects/ programs are available in Web Monitoring. Those interested to know about the progress of implementation of various schemes and the data related to the targets envisaged in each sector (or for each project) are given in that link. District Mission will enter relevant data once in month and the progress is captured in the web monitoring section of the Kudumbashree website


Field Visit Study Reports submitted by experts on Kudumbashree system is available at Visit Reports

Study Reports submitted by interns & experts on Kudumbashree system is available at Study Reports

Audit Reports of Kudumbashree are available at Audit Reports

Annual Reports of Kudumbashree are available at Annual Reports

Reports written by interns are available in the public domain at Intern Reports