Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission organized various programmes for Balasabha Members Updated On 2022-03-30

Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission has organized various programmes for Balasabha Members including Soccer, Volley Ball, Karate and Startup for the past three months. The Balasabha Members from the district were super active in those programmes. They took up the training and competitions in Volley Ball, Foot Ball and Karate with enthusiasm. 

The three month training was given to 300 Balasabha members from 9 Local Bodies viz. Kankole, Anthoor, Mayyil, Chembilode, Mattannur, Eranjoli, Kelakam,  Kuthuparamba, Narath. Anthoor Municipality came first in the District Tournament organized for them. The final tournament was held at Mini Stadium, Kuthuparamba, where the team from Anthoor defeated the Eranjoli team (2-0). Two Hundred Children from Azhikode, Kadirur, Iritty, Aralam, Chittariparamba had got training in Volley Ball. Aralam Farm team had won in the District Tournament organized for them. Aralam team had defeated the Iritty team at the tournament held at Mini Stadium, Chavassery.

Kudumbashree Kannur team had equipped 60 girls who are the Balasabha members from Cherukunnu, Panniyannur CDSs through  'Defense 2021' in Karate to defend atrocities against them. They had completed the First Phase Training of 60 hour duration and their performance was also showcased.  Belt and Certificate was distributed to the 60 children who had successfully completed the training. It is in addition to that, the Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission team implemented 'Student Startup' special activity to identify and nurture the innovative ideas of children. Shri. Sukesh, Assistant Professor, Electrical Department, Engineering College Kannur had analyzed 45 different ideas of the children and selected 12 out of them. These ideas include Mini Cooler, Modern Knife, Pandemic Prevention Robot etc. They will come before the panel with the models of these ideas to check the working condition by mid of April.

Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission had organized these activities to make the children more active after Covid-19 lockdown. The Kannur team have also decided to extend Bala Volley, Bala Soccer and Karate Training to all CDSs in the district in the upcoming year.

National Urban Livelihood Mission - Kerala comes first in SPARK Ranking Updated On 2022-03-26

Kerala came first in the implementation of the National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) Programme in the country. Kudumbashree, the nodal agency for implementing the programme in Kerala came first in the SPARK (Systematic Progressive Analytical Real Time Ranking) Ranking for the year 2020-21. Kudumbashree will get Rs 20 crores for coming first in the ranking of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India. The Award is for making the social inclusion possible, improving the lives of the urban poor and thereby bringing them to the mainstream of the society.


Kudumbashree had been in the third place in the ranking twice, during 2018 and 2020. Whereas, in 2019, Kudumbashree had been in the second place. It is after bagging those awards, Kudumbashree came in the first place, now.


Kudumbashree had started implementing this programme in the state associating with the Urban Local Bodies, for improving the lives of the urban poor from 2015 onwards. Kudumbashree has now bagged the award for the excellence in implementation of the programme after overcoming the challenges caused due to the crisis of covid-19 pandemic.


New NHGs are formed in the urban areas as part of NULM and Rs 10,000 each is being given as Revolving Fund. ADSs are being given Rs 50,000 as Revolving Fund. The other activities of the programme include starting Urban Livelihood Centres, ensure livelihood by extending skill training, extend financial support for starting individual-group enterprises and extend Linkage Loan & Interest Subsidy to NHGs.


Until now, 27 Shelter Homes were also completed as part of the programme. The Urban Street Vendors who were identified through the survey were given loan through PM SVANidhi (PM Street Vendor's AtmaNirbhar Nidhi) Programme and had been given identity cards as well.

'Sargam 2022' Three Day Literary Workshop starts at Thrissur Updated On 2022-03-24

'Sargam 2022' Three Day Literary Workshop organized jointly by Kudumbashree Mission along with Kerala Sahithya Academy and Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) for Kudumbashree members has been started at Kerala Institute of Local Administration, Thrissur. Prof. K.Sachidanandan, President, Kerala Sahithya Academy inaugurated the Workshop at the function held at  KILA, Thrissur on 23 March 2022. "Women empowerment starts from the point where it is realised that women are not weak and the efforts to maintain the creative skills are part of it", said Prof.K. Sachidanandan.


"Women are loosing their creative skills after marriage because of the family and the responsibilities put by the society on women. Every girl is trained by the older women to meet the responsibilities of the family from their younger age itself. Those women who wish to enter into the literary field should have observation, skill, motivation and effort. Good literature would be formed when these come together. The conscious efforts to identify creative skills and maintain it is the way to empowerment. That's why Workshops like Sargam opens new avenues to Women Empowerment". He added. He also appreciated Kudumbashree for starting such a venture for Kudumbashree women.


Smt.Asha Varghese, Director, Kudumbashree Mission presided over the function. Prof. C.P Aboobacker, Secretary, Kerala Sahithya Academy delivered the Keynote Address. Dr. Rajesh K, Urban Senior Faculty, KILA and Ms. Sruthi A.S, District Assistant Information Officer, Thrissur delivered the felicitations. Shri. B.S Manoj, Programme Officer, Kudumbashree welcomed the gathering. Shri. Radhakrishnan K, District Mission Coordinator (in-charge), Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission delivered vote of thanks.


Shri. Shihabudheen Poithumkadav, Ms.Deepa Nishanth, Shri. Majid Syed, Ms. Ashwini R Jeevan, Ms. Lizy, Shri. Abin Joseph, Ms. E.Sandhya, Ms. N.G Nayanathara, writers talked on various topics. The Workshop will come to an end on 25 March 2022.

BUDS District Level Youth Festival Starts Updated On 2022-03-22

BUDS District Level Youth Festivals in various districts are being held as the covid restrictions have been eased in the state. The students of BUDS Institutions across the state are making a coming back through the BUDS Festival. The first District Level BUDS Fest was held at Wayanad district of Kerala during 17to19 March 2022. The BUDS Fest of Wayanad was named as 'Mizhi 2022' and 249 BUDS students from 11 institutions in the district has took part in the fest.


The non-stage competition such as Painting, Emboss Painting, Pencil Drawing etc were held on 17 March 2022, whereas the Stage Competitions such as Light Music, Folk Song, Fancy Dress, Folk Dance etc were held on 19 March 2022. BUDS School, Thirunelly bagged the Overall Award by securing 83 points. Kalpetta School came in the second place with 29 points and Noolpuzha BRC came in the Third place.


The District Level BUDS Festivals will be completed by the month of April and following that the State Level BUDS Festival will be conducted. As of now, 342 BUDS Institutions are functioning across the state under Kudumbashree for differently abled children, which function associating with Local Self Government Institutions.

International Women's Day Week Observed and Sthreepaksha Navakeralam Cultural Procession organized at Attappady Updated On 2022-03-22

International Women's Day Week was observed and Sthreepaksha Navakeralam Cultural Procession was organized at Attappady as part of Attappady Comprehensive Tribal Development and Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group Development Project. The Celebrations were held at EMS Hall, Agali on 18 March 2022.


Sthreepaksha Navakeralam Cultural Procession was held from KILA, Agali to EMS Hall, Agali. Following that, the inauguration programme was held at EMS Hall, Agali. The programme was inaugurated by Smt. Maruti Murugan, Member, Kudumbashree Governing Body and President, Attappady Block Panchayath. Shri. P. Saithalavi, District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Palakkad District Mission presided over the function.


Former office bearers of Panchayath Committee, Senior NHG members of the NHGs under Attappady Comprehensive Tribal Development and Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group Development Project, senior most farmer, senior most entrepreneur and proven personalities from various sectors were felicitated in the function. The Signature Campaign was also organized as part of the Sthree Paksha Navakeralam Programme. Various cultural programmes were also held as part of the function.

Organizing Committee Office of Saras Mela inaugurated Updated On 2022-03-21

The Organizing Committee Office of the National Saras Mela which is proposed to be held from 30 March 2022 to 10 April 2022 was inaugurated. The Organizing Committee Office was inaugurated by Ms. Arya Rajendran, Mayor, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation on 19 March 2022. The Saras Mela 2022 is being organized at Kanakakunnu Palace Ground, Thiruvananthapuram.


Through the Saras Fair (Sale of Articles of Rural Artisans Society), which are organized under the leadership of Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Government of India, the products of the entrepreneurs across the country are promoted and are brought together for marketing and enable them to earn more income and livelihood. In addition to that 'India Food Court' would also be arranged as part of the Fair, where the cuisines from various states would be available.

Gender Integration- Three day National Workshop held Updated On 2022-03-18

The Three Day National Workshop organized under the leadership of Kudumbashree, on 'Strengthening Institutional Mechanisms and Development of Immersion Sites and Strengthening Institutional Mechanisms for Gender Integration’ was held at Thrissur district of Kerala from 15-17 March 2022. The Workshop was conducted as part of the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) for the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Government of India. The Workshop aimed at making cross learning possible among the states who are making notable interventions in the Gender sector as part of the NRLM and form a common procedure for the same.


On the first day of the workshop, Ms. Nita Kejrewal, Joint Secretary, MoRD, made a presentation on 'Gender Integration in DAY-NRLM -National Perspective'. Shri. S.M Vijayanand, Former Chief Secretary of the Government of Kerala made a presentation on 'Women Empowerment through PRI-CBO Convergence- Kerala's Experiences'. Smt. P.I Sreevidya, Executive Director, Kudumbashree welcomed the gathering. The Handbook prepared by NRLM on Gender Integration was also launched at the function.


Around 70 delegates from 19 states such as Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Bihar, Gujarat and three Union Territories such as Lakshadweep, Puducherry are taking part in the workshop. On the first day of the Workshop, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Odisha made presentations on the special interventions on the gender sector. On the second day of the Workshop, the delegates were divided into three groups and made field visits to at Nadathara, Pananchery and Athirappally panchayaths to know more about the various Gender Activities being implemented under the leadership of Kudumbashree.


The delegates from Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh visited Nadathara Panchayath, whereas the delegates from Assam, Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Lakshadweep, Bihar visited Athirappally Panchayath. The delegates from Arunachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Mizoram, Tripura, Andhra Pradesh, Manipur had made visits to Pananchery Panchayath. Each group made presentations on the information they got from the field visits, clarified their doubts and shared the best practices that can be replicated at their respective states. Also, detailed discussion on the formation of the model spaces where gender integration activities could be carried out was also held as part of the workshop.


The delegates studied the activities of Snehitha Gender Help Desk, Gender Resource Centres, Vigilant Groups etc in detail. They had also made interactions with the members of the Panchayath and the office bearers of the CDS Governing Committee. They had also witnessed the performance of the Sthreesakthi Cultural Procession organized as part of 'Sthreepaksha Navakeralam' Programme Thekkinkadu Ground, Thrissur. Representatives of various NGOs, National Officials of NRLM and representatives of Kudumbashree were present in the group. The Workshop came to an end on 17 March 2022.

'Sthreesakthi' Cultural Procession starts Updated On 2022-03-09

'Sthreesakthi' Cultural Procession has been started. Shri. M.V Govindan Master, Minister, Local Self Government Department and Excise Department, Government of Kerala officially inaugurated the 'Sthreesakthi' Cultural Procession at Tagore Hall, Kozhikode on 8 March 2022. He also inaugurated the International Women's Day Celebrations organized jointly by Kudumbashree and Kozhikode Corporation.


The 'Sthreesakthi' Cultural Procession is organized as part of the 'Sthreepaksha Navakeralam' Programme being held against dowry system and atrocities against women. Dr. Beena Philip, Mayor, Kozhikode Corporation presided over the function.


The Sthreepaksha Navakeralam Theme Song was launched by Shri. Ahammed Devar Kovil, Minister, Ports, Museum, Archeology and Archives, Government of Kerala. The Survey Report in connection with the dowry system and the report of the discussions in the Auxiliary Groups was also launched at the function. 


The Sthreesakthi Cultural Procession includes three plays of 25 minutes duration and two music programmes of 10 minutes duration. The plays and music programmes were performed at the function. The performance will be held in all districts at 5 locations each (around 70 locations).


The Sthreesakthi Cultural Procession aims at strengthening the publicity against the dowry system and to take the messages regarding this to every individual. The specially trained Rangashree members of Kudumbashree would perform the play and the music programmes in all districts from 9-18 March 2022. The performances will be made in every district at important 5 locations including Schools and Colleges.


Shri. Karivellur Murali, eminent personality from theatre is the State Level Coordinator of the Sthreesakthi Cultural Procession. In addition to that, Captains and Managers were selected at the district level to give leadership to the Cultural Procession in the districts. Also, the time schedule, venues and route map for presenting the Cultural Procession.


Through Sthreepaksha Navakeralam,  Kudumbashree has been making efforts to eradicate dowry system and violence against women and to lead women towards social literacy. As a fight against the dowry system, Kudumbashree had made several preparations for the Sthreesakthi Cultural Procession. Drama Groups have been formed in all districts by including 12 Kudumbashree women each.


Following that Script Workshop was also conducted. A six day training was given in the first phase to the selected 42 women at Agricultural Co-operative Staff Training Institute, Manvila, Thiruvananthapuram during January 2022. In addition, a four day training was given in the second phase at KILA, Thrissur during February 2022. A special performance was arranged for media persons. Following that sector level training was also given by dividing into four sectors viz., Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Kozhikode and Kasaragod. 168 women from the drama groups of all districts have participated in this training programme. Shri. Karivellur Murali, Shri. Rafeeq Managalassery, Smt. Sreeja Aringottukara, Smt. Shailaja Ambu, Smt. Sudhi Devayani and Smt. Rajarajeshwari, eminent theatre personalities have given the leadership to the training.


The publicity video for giving awareness against intoxication was also launched by the LSGD Minister. Shri. N.Thej Lohit Reddy, District Collector, Kozhikode,  Smt. K.K Lathika, Member, Kudumbashree Governing Body also attended the function. Smt.P.I Sreevidya IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree welcomed the gathering and Shri. P.M Gireesan, District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Kozhikode District Mission extended Vote of Thanks.

15 DDU-GKY students secure job placements at Chennai Airport Updated On 2022-03-05

15 DDU-GKY students have secured job placements at Chennai Airport after availing free skill training through Deen Dayal Upadhyay Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY), the skill training programme being implemented through Kudumbashree in Kerala. The students have secured placement as the Guest Service Executive at the Chennai Airport. Rs.15000 is their monthly income and they will get incentive as well.


The students who had completed the 6 month Airline Ticketing Course which includes Cabin Crew, Ground Handling has now secured the placements. The training was completed through 'Ceemed', the empaneled training agency under the DDU-GKY skill training programme.


A total of 45,555 students have secured placements in various sectors after successfully completing the skill training. In addition, 475 students have secured placements abroad. Training is being extended in more than 120 innovative courses which has job opportunities. The course fees, study materials, uniform and accommodation is absolutely free for the beneficiaries of the programme who are studying various courses.

Kudumbashree arranges Kerala Cuisine at the Aajeevika Food Court at the Saras Mela being held at Noida Updated On 2022-03-05

Kudumbashree arranges indigenous Kerala cuisine at the Aajeevika Food Court, set up as part of the Saras Mela being held at Noida Haat, Sector 3A, Noida City Centre from 25 February 2022-13 March 2022. Cuisine from 17 states across the state including Kerala is arranged at the Aajeevika Food Court. Kudumbashree has literally implemented the concept of 'India on your Plate', through this food court.


The food court serves various indigenous Kerala cuisine such as tapioca, fish curry, thattilkutty dosa, biriyani, mutta surka, chatti pathiri etc prepared by the Kudumbashree unit members from Kozhikode, Thrissur and Ernakulam districts and indigenous cuisine from other states such as golgappa, chat kebabs, momos, kheer, jilebi etc. The mela would come to an end on 13 March 2022.


The Saras Fair (Sale of Articles of Rural Artisans Society), being organized under the leadership of Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) aim at promoting the products of the rural entrepreneurs in the state and help them secure livelihood and income of their own. Six Kudumbashree enterprise units have set up stalls that sell curry powders, honey, coconut oil, dishes made from jackfruit and banana at the Saras Mela.