Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission's 'Kuttykkoottam' organizes cultural procession against drug addiction Updated On 2023-01-17

Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission's 'Kuttykkoottam' organized cultural procession against drug addiction. The members of Balasabha in Kannur have indeed won the applause of their peers through the cultural procession organized to convey the awareness message that they should not perish under the influence of alcohol and should not become a victim of the terrible calamity that destroys the future of a nation by eating up generations. 

The theme of the cultural procession was 'No to drugs, Life is more important'.  The cultural procession mainly focused on the human relations spoiled by alcohol and drugs, isolation, and the dangers that alcohol and drugs create in the society. The cultural procession, which was able to make the audience take a firm decision not to use intoxicating substances, was also able to inspire people to make efforts to free themselves from it.

21 Balasabha members selected from various Kudumbashree CDSs of the district had lined up in the procession. The Cultural Procession which started from LP School, Naduvanad, Iritty on 29 December 2022 was concluded at the New Bus Stand, Thalassery on 15 January 2022. Within 7 days ( 29, 30, 31 December 2022 and 7, 8, 14, 15 January 2023), they performed at 19 different locations in the district such as Aralam, Kolayad, Koothuparamba Municipality, Mathil GHSS, Kannadiparamba Deshaseva UP School. Art programs were presented in 19 centers of the district such as schools.

Shri. Binoy Kurian, Vice President, District Panchayath inaugurated the Cultural Procession. The valedictory function in Thalassery was inaugurated by Ms. K.M. Jamunarani, Chairperson, Thalassery Municipality. Shri. Vazhayil Sasi, Vice Chairman presided over the function. Dr. M. Surjith, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission, P.V. Pranav, Leader of the Cultural Procession also spoke at the function. Children who participated in the procession were given certificates and gifts.

The main programmes of the cultural procession include music programme by Dr. Prashanth Krishnan, drama by Surendran Aduthila and presentation song composed by Balasabha children. The presentation song was sung by Ms. Sajini, Chairperson, Padyam CDS. Shri. V.K. Kunjikrishnan Master and Shri. Ravi Ezhome, Theatre workers jointly put together the cultural procession and brought it to the stage. Kudumbashree Kannur district team have indeed taken up the great task of creating awareness against drug addiction.

Kudumbashree Pathanamthitta District Mission organizes torch relay as part of 'Nayi Chethana' Gender Campaign Updated On 2023-01-17

Kudumbashree Pathanamthitta District Mission organized torch relay as part of 'Nayi Chethana' Gender Campaign during 21 to 23 December 2022. The 'Nayi Chethana' Gender Campaign was conducted under the auspices of the National Rural Livelihood Mission. NHG members, general public and Balasabha members  took part in the procession. The torch relay was organized associating with the District Sports Council. 

Shri. Chittayam Gopakumar, Deputy Speaker, Kerala Legislative Assembly inaugurated the torch relay during the function held at SNDP Hall, Adoor on 21 December 2022.  Ms. Divya Reji, Vice Chairperson, Adoor Municipality presided over the function. The torch relay passed through the main 34 areas of the district namely Adoor, Pandalam, Aranmula, Malayalapuzha, Konni, Kodumon, Kozhanchery, Thiruvalla, Mallapally, Ranni Pazhavangadi, Chittar and Vadasserikkara and ended at Pathanamthitta on 23 December 2022. All participants were given certificates and plaques for the march which was concluded with a night walk and pledge.

In the opening ceremony, Shri. K. Anil Kumar, President, District Sports Council delivered the keynote address. Ms. Been Babu, Chairperson, Municipal Welfare Standing Committee, Ms. M.V. Valsala Kumari, Chairperson, Adoor CDS, Ms. Geetha P. K, Chairperson, Pallikal CDS, Ms. Ajitha Kumari, Chairperson, Erath CDS, Ms. Geetha, Assistant Secretary, Ms. Tulasi Suresh, Convener, Social Development Sub-Committee, Ms. Anupa P. R,  Shri. Shahjahan T. K, Ms. Sunitha V, Shri. Jason K Baby, Ms. Treesa S James, Ms. Gayathri Devi, Ms. Fauzia, Ms. Vidya, Kudumbashree officials, Shri. Ajiraj, Ms. Kitty, Shri Jefin, Shri. Vijay, Shri. Sebin, Shri. Bibin, Ms. Tinu, Sports Council Members, CDS and ADS Members took part in the function. 'Nayi Chethana' Jerseys were also distributed on the occasion of the inauguration.

Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission launches 'Yogya' Literacy Programme to make the NHG members pass 10th & 12th classes Updated On 2023-01-16

Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission is extending a golden ray of hope to the NHG members who were unable to complete their education due to various reasons, through 'Yogya', the literacy programme. A total of 1065 NHG members have registered to appear for the 10th and 12th exams during March 2023. Out of these, the examination fee for 731 candidates was found by Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission through CDS own funds and sponsorship. This amount of Rs. 13,05,650  was handed over to Kerala State Literacy Mission by Prof. R Bindu, Minister of Higher Education, Government of Kerala at the function held at Municipal Bus Stand Hall, Malappuram on 26 December 2022. 

Shri.P. Ubaidullah, MLA, Malappuram presided over the function and Shri. Haskar, District Programme Manager welcomed the gathering. Shri. Jafar. K. Kakkooth, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission explained the project and Shri. Muhammad Basheer M, Assistant Co-ordinator, District Literacy Mission delivered the introductory lecture. Shri. Mujeeb Kaderi, Chairman, Malappuram Municipality and Shri. N.M. Mehrali, Additional District Magistrate conveyed their greetings. Ms. Rubiraj, District Programme Manager, Kudumbashree proposed vote of thanks.

Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission has also submitted a 'Yogya' proposal to the Kerala State Literacy Mission to provide non-formal education to all NHG members below the age of 35 years to write the 10th and 12th Equivalency Examinations.

Exhibition & Marketing Fair of Agricultural Value Added Products of Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission attracts many Updated On 2023-01-11

The Exhibition & Marketing Fair of Agricultural Value Added Products of Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission attracted many. The Exhibition and Marketing Fair of Agricultural Value Added Products was held at Parappukkara Grama Panchayath from 23-30 December 2023 under the leadership of Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission in connection with the Silver Jubilee Year Celebrations of Kudumbashree. The fair was inaugurated by Shri. K.K. Ramachandran, MLA. 45 value added units of the district and one producer company participated in the fair organized from 3 pm to 10 pm near Nandikkara bypass road.

Students from US visit Kudumbashree Updated On 2023-01-10

A group of students visited Kudumbashree to learn about the poverty eradication activities being implemented by Kudumbashree in Kerala. A group of 22 students and 3 teachers studying in various universities in US arrived at the Kudumbashree State Mission Office, Thiruvananthapuram on 4 January 2023 for a study visit.

The officials of State Mission explained about the working methods of Kudumbashree. The team also visited the Nutrimix unit operating at Kalluvettamkuzhi under Thiruvananthapuram Corporation CDS 4. The students came to India for a three-week study visit as part of the India Wintering Program conducted under the auspices of the Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Studies (LBC).

Haritha Karma Sena makes notable accomplishment by removing 4836 tons of plastic waste in one year Updated On 2023-01-09

Haritha Karma Sena has made notable accomplishment by removing 4836 tons of plastic waste in one year. Haritha Karma Sena Unit comprises of a group of women who relentlessly work like a well-oiled machine in the nooks and corners of Kerala. Harithakarmasena, a group spearheading sustainable waste management activities under the leadership of Suchithwa  Mission, Haritha Keralam Mission and Kudumbashree, is providing invaluable services.

They have removed 4836.262 tons of plastic waste from our Kerala during the last one year itself and that itself shows the magnitude of the silent revolution of Haritha Karma Sena. This achievement was achieved by 28,235 green workers working in various local self-government bodies in Kerala. The Haritha Karma Sena members who have taken up this effort to save nature from the menace of waste are not the paid employees of the government.  Haritha Karma Sena members survive only on a meager user fee, which takes care of the garbage that the public disposes of.

Unfortunately there has been a current widespread social media campaign that Haritha Karma Sena who work so effectively for us and future generations should not be paid a fixed user fee is completely baseless. The fact is that, in the Right To Information document circulated along with this news, there is no mention of any user fee being paid to Green Karma Sena.

The formation and functioning of Haritha Karma Sena is as per the Government Order G.O (RT) No. 1496/2020/LSGD dated 12/08/2020, which approved the Haritha Karma Sena operational guidelines. There will be two members per ward in the Haritha Karma Sena in the local body area. Households and establishments are obliged to pay the user fee fixed by the local self-government bodies to Haritha Karma Sena members for collecting plastic waste. This is as per the rules 4(3) and 15(f) of the Plastic Waste Management Rules issued by the Central Government in 2016.

The Haritha Karma Sena are doing activities such as visiting every house, collecting non-organic waste, sorting them and handing over the recyclables to the companies for that purpose, and handing over the non-organic waste for activities like road tarring. They also provide solutions and suggestions for household organic waste management.

It is expected that everyone will support Green Karma Sena, which is very helpful in fulfilling the duty of keeping one's own house and environment clean by following the general principle of 'My Garbage is My Responsibility' and will keep the morale of Green Karma Sena intact by not believing or sharing baseless information.

Kudumbashree Palakkad District Mission's 'Aaravam 2022' concluded Updated On 2023-01-06

Kudumbashree Palakkad District Mission's 'Aaravam 2022', the Christmas-New Year trade fair which was a huge hit was concluded. 'Aaravam 2022', the Christmas-New Year trade fair was held at the Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium, Palakkad under the leadership of Kudumbashree Palakkad District Mission. The trade fair which was started on 23 December 2022 in connection with the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Kudumbashree was inaugurated by Shri. M.B. Rajesh, Minister, Local Self Government Department and Excise Department, Government of Kerala. The trade fair was concluded on 30 December 2022 with the tribal art fair 'Thudi'.

Shri. V.K. Sreekandan, MP inaugurated 'Thudi' Tribal Art Fair. Traditional art forms of the tribal groups of Vandazhi, Ayiloor, Perumatty, Vadakarapathy, Kozhinjampara, Muthalamada and Attappady CDS such as Muramkottippaatu, Kathirukali, Vattakkali Kathiruthsavam, Kalyana dance, Kummippaatt, Kummiyadi, Aadi Malayar dance, Kadar dance, Gothra dance, Vaduka dance, Aattamppaatu, around 14 programs were staged on the stage.

In connection with the fair, a tribal nutritious food exhibition fair was also organized as part of the FNHW (Food, Nutrition, Health, Wash - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) project of the National Rural Livelihood Mission. District level tug-of-war competition for NHG members, Mehndi Fest for Auxiliary group members and film festival for Balasabha members boosted the excitement of the fair. Also, during every evening there were art performances and seminars on various topics including BUDS, Balasabha, Auxiliary group members and special neighborhood groups of the district.

Ms, K. Binu Mol, President, District Panchayath presided over the inauguration of 'Thudi' Tribal Art Fair. Shri. B.S. Manoj, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Palakkad District Mission welcomed the gathering. Ms. Baby Chandran, Chairperson, Palakkad Municipal Welfare Standing Committee,  Ms. Padmini Teacher, Member, District Panchayath Education Standing Committee and Ms. Reetha P.D, Chairperson, Palakkad South CDS extended their greetings. Shri. Jijin. G,  Kudumbashree District Programme Manager delivered vote of thanks.

Kudumbashree Alappuzha District team forms 'Ekam' Sexual Minority Forum Updated On 2023-01-05

Kudumbashree Alappuzha District team formed 'Ekam' Sexual Minority Forum to reach out to the sexual minorities, who are always marginalized in the society. The aim of this district level forum called 'Ekam' is to provide them with the necessary support systems, services and opportunities to get opportunities and equal rights regardless of gender in all sectors of the society. The forum was formed under the leadership of the 'Pratheeksha' and 'Nanma' Transgender NHGs operating in Alappuzha district.

Ms. K.G. Rajeshwari, President, District Panchayath inaugurated the forum. Shri. Prasanth Babu J, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Alappuzha District Mission presided over the function. Adv. Riyas, Member, District Panchayath, Shri. Abin, Officer, District Social Justice Department, Shri. James, Member, Youth Welfare Board, Shri. V.G. Vishnu, President, District Olympic Association, Shri. Xavier K.V, Shri. Suresh M.G, Assistant District Mission Co-ordinators, Kudumbashree Alappuzha District Mission extended their greetings. Hima and Gangadharan spoke on behalf of the NHGs Pratheeksha and Nanma. Ms. Sunitha, District Programme Manager delivered the vote of thanks.

Apart from Alappuzha, district level Sexual Minority Forum has been formed in Thiruvananthapuram, Pathanamthitta, Ernakulam, Thrissur and Kozhikode districts in the state so far. It is aimed to complete the formation of Sexual Minority Forums in all districts, this year itself.

Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission launches 'Kudumbashree Health Brigade' Updated On 2023-01-05

'Had first aid been given on time, that life could have been saved. Everyone should learn first aid. First aid studies should be included in the curriculum itself. All of us must have heard about first aid and its importance at least once'. Realizing the importance of first aid, Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission has come forward with revolutionary work after realizing the importance of first aid and has launched 'Kudumbashree Health Brigade'. 

The district team has started the activities of forming 'Kudumbashree Health Brigade' with the aim of equipping at least one member of a family in the district with knowledge of first aid and preparing them to work in emergency situations. In the first phase, 300 master trainees will be selected and will be trained in five batches. In the second phase, 30,000 volunteers are trained with the help of master trainees. Trained volunteers work as a team called 'Kudumbashree Health Brigade'. The health brigade will also be given periodic training to improve their skills to handle any emergency situation. So far, out of the total 15 blocks, the master trainees in nine blocks have completed their training. The training of the remaining six blocks will be completed in January.

Malappuram District team is conducting this activity in association with Department of Community Medicine, MES Medical College as part of FNHW (Food, Nutrition, Health, Wash - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programme. The third batch of Basic Life Support training programme was held at Municipal Town Hall, Manjeri on 18 December 2022. Ms. Hasina, CDS Chairperson, Manjeri welcomed the gathering and Ms. Rubiraj, District Programme Manager, Kudumbashree explained the project.

Shri. Jafar Kakkooth, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission, Dr. Ashwin Raj and Dr. Fatima spoke at the programme. Kudumbashree Block Co-ordinators, Office Staff and health workers of MES Medical College Community Medicine Department  participated. Dr. Fatima Taslima gave a class on first aid to the trainees. Later, groups were formed under the leadership of  Dr. Ashwin Raj, Dr. Fatima Taslima, Dr. Athul Suresh, Dr. Ajith V, Dr. Nimshid, Dr. Shanub, Shri. Satish Kumar, Health Inspector and Shri. Robin, Medical Social Worker and the training was conducted.

'Sargam 2023'- State Level Story Writing Competition for Kudumbashree NHG - Auxiliary Group Members Updated On 2023-01-04

Kudumbashree is organizing 'Sargam 2023'- State Level Story Writing Competition (Malayalam) to develop the creative potential of Kudumbashree Women and to raise them to the art and literary sectors. Cash prizes of Rs. 15,000, Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 5000 will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners respectively. In addition, five winners of the consolation prize will be given Rs. 1500 each. Winners will be given a memento and certificate along with cash award. Last date for receipt of entries is 25 January 2023.


The award winners will be selected by a jury consisting of prominent literary figures. 40 people who send the best writings also have the opportunity to participate in the three-day literary camp 'Sargam-2023' organized by Kudumbashree. The stories along with the author's name, address, phone number and a certificate of CDS Chairperson proving membership of Kudumbashree should be made available by post or courier to the following address by 25 January 2023. Public Relations Officer, Kudumbashree State Poverty Eradication Mission, Trida Building-2nd Floor, Medical College P.O.,Thiruvananthapuram-695 011. The entries sent through e-mail and WhatsApp will not be considered for the competition. For more information about the competition, visit :