Vidyashree Laptop Distribution starts Updated On 2021-02-23

The process of distributing Laptops as part of Vidyashree Laptop Scheme has been started at Thiruvananthapuram on 19 February 2021. Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister, Government of Kerala officially inaugurated the process of distributing laptops as online to 200 students across the state, through Vidyashree, the convergence programme of KSFE and Kudumbashree. 15 students were given laptops in Thiruvananthapuram district as per the programme. Dr T.M Thomas Issac, Minister of Finance, Government of Kerala presided over the function.

The Government launched the Vidyashree programme in order to help the students secure laptops at affordable rates when the education system was shifted to online mode in the background of covid-19 pandemic outbreak. The laptops are made available for the NHG members at reasonable rates and those who paid Rs 1500 in the chitty were given laptops. It is the first of its kind programme in the world, where maximum discount is given and the laptops are given for the education of the children at Rs 7000. A total of 1,44,028 people have joined the chitty and 1,23,005 people have expressed their interest to buy the laptops in the requisition portal prepared for the programme. 17,343 of them have selected the laptop models as well. 

5 % interest would be borne by the Government and KSFE would bear 4% interest. Ashraya families would get the laptops at Rs 7000. SC, ST and coastal families would additionally get the subsidy fixed by the respective departments. The backward-forward communities corporations may also give subsidy to the deserving from their funds. The opportunity was given for the students to select laptops by empanelling all the laptop companies who took part in the tender and kept the technical standards. Thus Kudumbashree and KSFE became part of a socially responsible programme by giving leadership for the same. As the tender procedures are completed, more Kudumbashree members are coming forward to buy the laptops. Vidyashree Laptop Scheme had become a model programme during the crisis of covid-19 pandemic. The Chief Minister has also interacted with the students as well. 

Ministers Dr. T.M Thomas Issac and Shri. A.C Moideen and Shri. V. K Prasanth, MLA has also distributed the laptops. After the State Level Inauguration, various Ministers took part in the functions organized at various Districts and distributed the laptops. The specifications of the laptops were issued by Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITES) under the leadership of the Education Department. The tender processes were completed under the leadership of the IT Mission. 
Smt. Sarada Muraleedharan IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala welcomed the gathering. Shri. S. Harikishore IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree explained the scheme in detail.  Shri. V . P Subramanian, Managing Director, KSFE extended vote of thanks.

Kudumbashree to implement new training programme in 4 states as part of National Rural Economic Transformation Project of NRLM Updated On 2021-02-02

Kudumbashree is all set to implement new training programme in 4 states as part of the National Rural Economic Transformation Project (NRETP) of National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM). NRETP is being implemented in many states under the leadership of the Ministry of Rural Development with the support of the World Bank. The aim of the project is to elevate the enterprise model to higher level (scalable enterprises). As a part of this project, NRLM had sought Kudumbashree's support to extend training to the Business Development Support Providers (BDSP), who would be appointed for increasing the business of the enterprises. Assam, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have already requested Kudumbashree's support for providing training to the BDSPs as part of NRETP. Kudumbashree had signed an MoU with National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), based on this requirement.


The aim was to develop a module for the training and thereby improve their skillsets. Kudumbashree had extended training to the Community Resource Persons (CRP-EP) of various states as part of Startup Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP). NRLM sought Kudumbashree's expertise to extend training to the BDSPs, as Kudumbashree has previous experience in extending training to the Community Resource Persons (CRP-EP), and the NRETP Project is in the model of the SVEP Project. The activities of the BDSPs of NRETP is more challenging than that of the Community Resource Persons of SVEP. Therefore, they require more training to impart the required skill set. So Kudumbashree is planning to make the training module for the Community Resource Persons as the Basic Module for the training for BDSPs.


Kudumbashree also plans to formulate a new training module, as a Growth Module (as an additional component) to help them improve their skill sets and extend the training. In short, as per the requirement of NRLM, Kudumbashree would prepare a training programme that would consist of the Basic Module and Growth Module for the BDSPs.The training would be done completely in online mode, in the background of Covid-19 pandemic. It is a great challenge for Kudumbashree to turn the training programme for moulding the best community cadres for supporting the enterprises, completely into online mode.


Kudumbashree have also decided to prepare a Learning Management System to extend the needed training and skill development in online mode to the trainees. Various study materials such as videos on different topics, case studies, special training modules etc are included in addition to the online classes. Kudumbashree aims at making this training the best by providing this study material along with the online classes. Kudumbashree aims at starting the training in the concerned states immediately on getting final approval for these training modules.

'Kalimuttam' of Kannur for the mental health of children Updated On 2021-01-30

Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission has come up with 'Kalimuttam', an innovative programme for ensuring the mental health of children.'Kalimuttam' is the programme being implemented through Kudumbashree Balasabhas by the Kannur District Administration, in the realization that their mental health needs to be improved. The District Level Inauguration of the Programme was held at English Medium School, Anjarakandy, Kannur on 28 January 2021.


The lockdown which was notified in the state due to covid-19 and the other restrictions had affected children adversely. This Comprehensive Development Programme is being implemented by bringing together all the Departments working in connection with Child Development under one roof. The programme would be implemented through Kudumbashree Balasabhas in convergence with National Health Mission, Library Council, Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan and ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services). The 'Kalimuttam' Programme aims at the physical, social and mental health development of children and is implemented in four levels such as NHG level (Balasabha level), ADS level, panchayath level and State level.


The locally selected Resource Persons would communicate with the children at Balasabhas, on various topics. They would identify those children who are suffering from mental stress and ensure them the needed help under the leadership of the District Mental Health experts. Curriculum related activities, co-curricular activities, personality development classes, activities to nurture social service attitude, art-sports and cultural activities, farming activities, gender sensitization classes etc will also be implemented through this coordination programme. The programme also aims at developing a referral system for the social-mental support of the children along with organising productive and creative activities for children with their peers. The important activities being implemented through 'Kalimuttam' Programme are as follows.

1.Curricular Activities- These are activities based on the online classes attended by the students. Seeking the local history (Social Studies), arranging vegetable gardens, gardening (Botany), discussion on books, recitation (linguistic studies), bird watching and environment observation (Zoology, Botany).
2.Co-curricular Activities- Related to art (books, poems, music, handicraft making, origami), sports- related to physical fitness (cycling groups,marathon, walking).
3. Personality Development Classes, Gender Sensitization Activities (Doctor Kid- for covid response and awareness, cookery programmes and household chores-without any gender differences, cleaning house and surroundings).
4. Activities to nurture Social Service attitude- Interviews of Palliative Care workers and activities with them, cleaning public spaces and paths with social workers.


By launching such a programme associating with Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission, the Kannur District Administration had taken the upper hand in the development of the upcoming generation and for improving their mental health. The Kudumbashree Kannur District team is actively making effective interventions for implementing such an activity, converging with other governmental departments. All these activities of this programme are being implemented following the covid-19 protocol.

Kudumbashree receives order for 1 crore cloth bags from Supplyco Updated On 2021-01-29

Kudumbashree has received an order for 1 crore cloth bags from Supplyco, which is one of the highest order quantities in recent times. The order is received for supplying 1 crore cloth bags for packing the food kits. 524 Kudumbashree tailoring units from 14 districts across the state have come forward to stitch and provide these cloth bags.


It is expected that, through this order, Kudumbashree would be able to supply about 30% of the cloth bags needed for Supplyco for the next four months. As per the available details, it's assumed that these tailoring units would be able to stitch 1,18,000 cloth bags a day altogether. If so, Kudumbashree could supply about 25 lakh cloth bags a month for Supplyco. Therefore, Kudumbashree would be able to supply 1 crore cloth bags within four months as the order is received for supplying 1 crore cloth bags in the next 4 months.


Kudumbashree would be able to complete this order before the stipulated time, if more kudumbashree units will come forward to stitch the cloth bags for Supplyco and so the interested kudumbashree units were requested to inform their willingness to the respective District Mission Coordinators. By giving such orders, Supplyco is helping Kudumbashree tailoring units save themselves from the crisis caused due to the covid-19 pandemic, and gave them a great opportunity through this order for such a higher quantity of cloth bags.

E-rickshaws on roads through Kudumbashree members Updated On 2021-01-28

E-rickshaws are on roads through Kudumbashree members as part of Thiruvananthapuram Smart City Project. E-rickshaws have been given to 6 beneficiaries (Kudumbashree members) through this special project. Through this, Smart City has aimed at developing a culture of buying vehicles that use eco-friendly fuel and creating livelihood opportunities for the deserving beneficiaries. Various activities for arranging livelihood opportunities for women are progressing as part of Thiruvananthapuram Smart City Project. Smart City had planned to arrange e-rickshaws for the deserving beneficiaries for encouraging e-mobility.

6 NHG members with poor economic backgrounds, but who knew driving beforehand are selected as the beneficiaries of this project. Beneficiaries were selected by the District Mission Coordinator, Thiruvananthapuram. The beneficiaries have given a small deposit and this would be returned to them, after the use of the vehicle for six months. In addition, the vehicle would be registered in the name of the respective beneficiaries, after they complete service for one to one and a half years. The selected beneficiaries were extended the training for driving e-rickshaws.

With a single charge, these e vehicles will get a mileage of 80 km. 80 paisa is the expense per kilometer. The battery would get fully charged within two to three hours. The arrangements for charging the vehicle is set up at the Gandhi Park located at East Fort and there, three vehicles could be charged at a time. The vehicles could also be charged using the power plugs at the houses of the beneficiaries. These e-rickshaws are equipped with automatic gear systems and women could easily drive the same. They are completely eco-friendly as well.

‘Coir and Craft’ Stores started functioning at Alappuzha and Kasaragod districts Updated On 2021-01-28

'Coir and Craft’ Stores, which was announced in the Chief Minister's 100 Day Programme, had started functioning at Alappuzha and Kasaragod districts. Shri. A.C Moideen, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala officially inaugurated the stores in online mode on 25 January 2021. Dr. T.M Thomas Issac, Minister, Finance Department, Government of Kerala presided over the function. The stores are set up at Kaikkadav near Trikaripur of Kasaragod district, Alappuzha Municipal Bus Stand and Mararikulam of Alappuzha district.


The ‘Coir and Craft’ Stores are formed under the leadership of Kudumbashree, aiming at finding a market for coir and handicraft products. The project is implemented converging with the Coir Department, Government of Kerala. The main Coir and Craft Stores envisages to find a market for coir products, handicrafts produced by Kudumbashree entrepreneurs and other products of Kudumbashree entrepreneurs. The detailed guidelines of the project were given to the districts and were directed to identify better spaces and launch stores based on those guidelines. The inaugurated stores are set up in the space given by the respective LSGIs and are arranged with the best interiors. The coir products needed for the stores were given by the Kerala State Coir Corporation (KSCC). The handicrafts were collected from various entrepreneurs in the district. The shelves for other Kudumbashree products are also arranged.


In the first phase, other districts have also come forward with interest to start 45 stores by identifying spaces. Through these Coir and Craft Stores, Kudumbashree members would be able to find a better market for coir products and products of Kudumbashree entrepreneurs and hope that they would be able to find better income through these stores which function in the enterprise model.

CDS Chairpersons share Nava Kerala ideas with Chief Minister Updated On 2021-01-18

As part of collecting suggestions from the public in connection with the Nava Kerala, Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Hon. Chief Minister, Government of Kerala had interacted with Kudumbashree members on 17 January 2021. CDS Chairpersons, representing 14 districts had interacted with the Chief Minister. When the note regarding such a meeting was received, ideas were sought from all the CDS Chairpersons from the 14 districts. One CDS Chairperson each from every district was entrusted for representing their districts. Those chairpersons interacted with the Chief Minister, representing all the Kudumbashree members in their districts. The interactive meeting, which was started at 3.45 PM lasted till 6 PM.


Ms Prasanna Kumari (Kottukal-Thiruvananthapuram), Ms Rajani Manoj (Kalluvathukal-Kollam), Ms Sreeja Aji (Vallikkode-Pathanamthitta), Ms Reena Santhosh (Ambalapuzha-Alappuzha), Ms Sreeja Santhosh (Kidangoor-Kottayam), Ms Asha Santhosh (Manakkad-Idukki), Ms Vishalam Babu (Vadavukode Puthencruz- Ernakulam), MsRamla Anwar (Puthenchira-Thrissur), Ms K. Ushakumari (Polpully-Palakkad) Ms Bindu Babu (Poothadi-Wayanad), Ms Krishna Jyothi (Poroor-Malappuram), Ms Sajina (Maniyoor-Kozhikode), Ms Rekha. P (Mattannur-Kannur) and Ms Mumtaz (Chambanad-Kasaragod) are the NHG members who intereacted with the Chief Minister and shared their suggestions and ideas.


The needs and ideas shared by the Chairpersons from the 14 districts are given below.


General Suggestions


1. Ensure permanent income of Harithakarmasena members by including their work in MGNREGS Programme.
2. Need permanent programmes in Scheduled Tribes Sector for rehabilitating the nomadic communities.
3. Start Art Training Centres in every panchayath under the leadership of CDSs by making use of the artists who have received Golden Jubilee Fellowship.
4. Ensure regular wages without any gender discrimination in the livelihood sector.
5. Include Gender Sensitisation classes and sex education in School Education Syllabus.
6. Make Vanitha Gramasabha, Bala Gramasabha and Elderly Gramasabha mandatory.
7. For ensuring food security, turn the fallow lands into cultivable lands. For the same, the programmes should be formulated and be implemented by MGNREGS, LSGIs, Agriculture Department and Kudumbashree.
8. The bus stops should be equipped with toilets.
9. Job Portals should be started in Panchayath level to find jobs for those who lost their jobs.
10. The ration card categorization should be reanalyzed.
11. Plastic should be removed from the water bodies to increase the fish abundance.
12. The Pakalveed for the elderly should be ensured in all LSGIs.
13. Drainage System should be ensured in the coastal areas.
14. Start 'Shelter Homes' for ensuring the protection of differently abled children.
15. Make arrangements for emergency help in the tribal sector and take necessary actions to resolve the issue of havocs in farming sector.
16. Special Health checkup centres for women and children in blocks. Block level Gender Parks.
17. Government Order be issued that only if the LSGIs earmark funds for ABC, GRC and Harithakarmasena, the DPC Programme will be approved.
18 The LSGIs should earmark funds for fulfilling the various needs of those who are included in the Destitute Free Kerala Programme. Timely changes should be brought to the criterion.
19. There should be centralised waste management plants in every district.
20. The BPL List should be restructured considering the year 2020 as the base.
21. Nutritious food should also be given to the elderly through the Anganawadis.
22. The women development programmes should be used for livelihood needs.
23. Yoga-Kalari Training centres for Women should be started in block level.
24. Ensure livelihood opportunities for tribal youth in their respective locations, afrer extending them skill training.
25. Special package for Sickle Cell Anemia patients.
26. Actions to get rid of the menace of wild animals.
27. More sources of livelihood should be identified in the tribal sector.
28. The eligible who are not included in the LIFE Programme should be included.
29. Hostel and toilet services for travellers.
30. Waste Management should be included in the syllabus of primary classes.
31. Children should be given training in hand craft from school level.
32. Arrange public grounds, swimming pools and fitness centres in all panchayths that could be used by men and women. Encourage fraternities.
33. Make arrangements for transport under the leadership of the Goverment, where there are transport difficulties.
34. Conserve conventional drinking water resources.
35. Produce Kuttanad branded duck meat.

Suggestions Regarding Kudumbashree


1. Change Anganawadis into the working centre of ADSs. Through this, improve the activities by converging with the Social Justice Department.
2. Launch vegetable procuring, sales outlets under the leadership of CDSs in Horticorp model. Three or four centres in the state should function as procurement-distributing centres.
3. Form Kudumbashree Vanitha Bank.
4. Loans upto Rs 3 lakhs is given interest subsidy. The loan is issued at 4% interest. Increase the limit of this loan to Rs 10 lakhs.
5.Give a small subsidy from the state share in Jeevandeepam Insurance Programme.
6. Make better office system for CDSs.
7. Ensure insurance for Kudumbashree micro enterprises.
8. Start Kudumbashree-Homestay, Tour Guide programmes in the tourism sector.
9. Make interventions for catering the needs of Snehitha Calling Bell Programme beneficiaries excluding the mental support.
10. Special Financial Package for Kudumbashree Micro Enterprises.
11. Permanent buildings for Snehitha Centres.
12. LSGIs should give more importance for Kudumbashree.
13. Marketing opportunities should be arranged for Kudumbashree enterprises in all LSGIs.
14. The functioning of Vigilant Groups should be made more active. Meetups at regular intervals.
15. The buildings under the ownership of the LSGIs and the Government should be given to Kudumbashree units to turn it into marketing outlets for free.
16. Kudumbashree should be given more importance in the implementation of Women Component Plan.
17. Coastal Projects should be implemented through Kudumbashree.
18. Kudumbashree should be given more importance and opportunity for more participation along with other Departments for the development in coastal- tribal sectors.
19. The works of LIFE Programmes should be given to Kudumbashree Construction Groups. Also the printing works of the Government should be given to Kudumbashree printing press units.
20. Ensure Kudumbashree's participation in Palliative Care Sector.
21. Make two members from a house part of an NHG.
21. Give the charge of running the canteens in Governement- Public Sector institutions, comfort stations at LSGIs etc to Kudumbashree units.
22. Include the products of Kudumbashree enterprises in Government food kits.
23. Give the approval to buy the electronic products produced by Kudumbashree units like LED lights, without any tender processes.
24. Give approval for Kudumbashree outlets at Comsumerfed, Maveli Stores and Neethi Stores.
25. Restrict LSGIs from spending the fund for Kudumbashree for other matters.
26. The LSGIs should give Revolving Fund to ADSs and Micro Enterprises.
27. The direction that the appointment of part time sweeper/ temporary appointments at Governmental- Public Sector Institutions should be met from the Kudumbashree members.
28. Support price for Kudumbashree Agricultural products.
29. For taking the Kudumbashree activities to the public, organise 1 hour long programmes in the news channels.
30. Representation of CDS Chairpersons in Kudumbashree Governing Body. Two wheeler arrangement and driving classes for CDS Chairpersons.
31.Market the products of Kudumbashree entrepreneurs at the procurement- marketing outlets of Forest Eco Development Committee. Permission to sell the non-timber forest products through Kudumbashree units.
32. Form a state level chain including Kudumbashree-KSRTC for extending courier services for parcel delivery as part of e-commerce services.
33. Allot space for retail outlets for marketing Kudumbashree products and for starting food cafe at the areas under Highway Authority.
34. Ensure maximum women representation in the Planning Commission of LSGIs. Make the inclusion of CDS Chairperson mandatory.
35. The arrangememt to distribute the welfare pensions through Kudumbashree system.
Appreciations to all CDS Chairpersons who came forward to interact with the Chief Minister. We are extending our gratitude to Hon Chief Minister who allotted his time for such am interactive session.

Greater announcements for Kudumbashree in Kerala Government's Budget for the 2021-22 financial year Updated On 2021-01-18

Greater announcements have been made for Kudumbashree in Kerala Government's Budget for the 2021-22 financial year, presented by Dr.T.M Thomas Issac, Minister of Finance, Government of Kerala at Kerala Legislative Assembly on 15 January 2021. This budget could undoubtedly be called as 'Kudumbashree's Own Budget', as that many opportunities have been made available for Kudumbashree in this budget. Altogether, Kudumbashree has the Annual Budget of Rs. 1749 crores. This is indeed a record achievement.


Rs 260 crores is earmarked for Kudumbashree, including Rs 60 crores as Livelihood Package, as the state plan fund in the State Budget. In addition to this, Rs 125 crores is specially allotted for various projects such as Skill Training Programme, Vidyashree Laptop Scheme, Rebuild Kerala, Asraya, Snehitha etc. Rs 300 crores is also alloted as the interest subsidy for the Chief Minister's Helping Hand Loan Scheme and Vidyashree Laptop Scheme. Also, Rs 1064 crores is earmarked for various centrally sponsored programmes being implemented through Kudumbashree. During the budget speech, the Hon Finance Minister had mentioned about ‘Kudumbashree’ about 40 times. Also, Kudumbashree is included either as the Implementing Agency or as the Main Partner in many important projects of the Government of Kerala. This could be considered as the recognition for the project implementation through Kudumbashree..


The details of some key announcements include :

  1. Skill training (Rs 5 crores)
  2. Expansion of Vidhyashree Laptop Scheme
  3. Formation of one lakh farming groups, making agriculture loans available at lower interest rates
  4. Collateral free loans for Micro Enterprises under the guarantee of District Missions
  5. Support for clusters of enterprises
  6. Special scheme for the livelihood of those who get skill training through Kudumbashree and support for ARISE Multi Task teams
  7. Janakeeya Hotels, Vegetable Sales Outlets and Home Shops in all LSGIs
  8. Chain of Coir and Craft Stores
  9. Micro Plans through Kudumbashree to wipe off poverty
  10. Wayanad Coffee and Vending Machines and kiosks(Rs 20 crores)
  11. Insurance plans by including Kudumbashree
  12. Smart Kitchen programme to encourage introduction of needy machines in the household chores for minimizing the workload of women
  13. Mapping of Crimes against Women (Rs 20 crores)
  14. Rs 7 crores for Snehitha
  15. Auxiliary Units to give membership to young women
  16. Increase in the honorarium of CDS Chairpersons
  17. Travel Allowance for CDS Members
  18. BUDS Schools in 250 LSGIs
  19. Vayo Clubs (Clubs for elderly) in every ward
  20. Additional allotment of Rs 46.87 crores for the Rebuild Kerala Initiative.


There has been notable growth in the plan share of Kudumbashree during the last 5 years. During 2015-16, Rs 75 crores was received. Whereas, during 2016-17, it was Rs 130 crores and during 2017-18 financial year Rs 161 crores was received. During 2018-19 financial year Rs 188 crores was received as plan share. Rs 183.25 crores was given during 2019-20 and Rs 200 crores was given to Kudumbashree during 2020-21 as plan share. Likewise, the plan share for Kudumbashree has increased more than double within the last 6 years and this could be considered a great achievement. Also, the funds for the centrally sponsored programmes such as NULM (National Urban Livelihood Mission), NRLM (National Rural Livelihood Mission), PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana), DDU-GKY (Deen Dayal Upadhyay Grameen Kaushalya Yojana) and SVEP (Startup Village Entrepreneurship Programme), which are being implemented through Kudumbashree is also increasing every year.

This could also be considered as the recognition for the excellent project implementation by ‘team Kudumbashree’.

ISO Certification for Nutrimix Units Updated On 2021-01-13

Two of Kudumbashree's Nutrimix units have secured ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certification. Sanjeevani and JARMS Nutrimix units from Malappuram district are the two units that have secured ISO 22000:2018 certification of ISO in Food Safety Management.

The Sanjeevani unit was started jointly by 10 members under Thazhekode CDS during April 2006. In addition to Amrutham Nurimix powder, they are also producing flours in the name 'Jeevas', Nutrimix Biscuit Cake etc. For improving the sales and for improving quality and competence, the unit tried to get ISI 22000 certification during September 2020 and they got the same. Trade Mark was also registered. Rs 1.32 crores is the annual turnover of the unit. JARMS Group Nutrimix unit was the second Nutrimix unit which got ISO certification. This unit was started under Mancheri Municipality CDS 2 during July 2006. There are 6 members in the unit. They had secured all licenses needed for a production unit. Trade Mark registration has also been done. They aim at selling their products inside and outside India. They also produce products such as Pazhampori Mix, Baji Dhool, Palappam Mix, Matta Puttu Powder, Payasam Mix etc. Rs 1.13 crores is the annual sales of the unit. The members of both the units who took initiative and achieved ISO certification which could be a model for all Kudumbashree entrepreneurs. The Malappuram District team and CDS officials have extended the full support to these Nutrimix units.


Kudumbashree enterprises produce ‘Amrutham’ Nutrimix, the Take Home Ration provided through the Anganwadis in Kerala. As of now, 1569 NHG members are earning their livelihood through 241 Nutrimix units. An average of 23,000 metric tonnes of Nutrimix is being produced and distributed through these units (annually). Nutrimix units is one of the best government convergence programmes of Kudumbashree with an average yearly sales of Rs 169 crores. Grading of Nutrimix units was also introduced for ensuring the quality of the Nutrimix units. In addition to grading and system improvement done for fortification, Kudumbashree is implementing various activities for ensuring the quality of the Nutrimix units. Further, for increasing the income of the units, Kudumbashree is also formulating and introducing value addition to produce a variety of product

PMAY (Urban): National Awards for 3 Houses from Kerala Updated On 2021-01-05

Three beneficiaries of PMAY (U) scheme from Kerala had bagged National Awards for building good houses using the PMAY (U) funds. Ms. Lekshmi. G, Mudavanmugal, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, Ms. Babitha Asharaf, Palayamkottuparambil, Ward 37, Irinjalakuda and Ms. A. R Ragasree, Ward 29, Varkala Municipality are the award winning beneficiaries who achieved the awards by constructing the houses in the best ways possible. The award winning beneficiaries received the award from Mr. Durga Shanker Mishra IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India. 

Kudumbashree directed all the 14 district teams to select those beneficiaries under the award criteria ‘Best House Construction’ and had received a list of 825 beneficiaries from the districts. Later, a State Level Committee was formed and selected 10 beneficiaries from the list and handed over the same to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India. The Ministry selected three beneficiaries from this list for the Award. 

Kudumbashree had completed more than 64,000 houses till date. Kudumbashree had selected 'Harithabhavanam' (Green Houses) from among them and had given awards. Harithabhavanam award was given to those who maintained their premises in the best way. There were more criteria in the selection which includes energy conservation, sustainable use of water etc. Awards worth Rs 10,000 each were given by Kudumbashree to 124 beneficiaries. 

The officials of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, Irinjalakuda Municipality and Varkala Municipality had extended the award winning beneficiaries all the needed support. PMAY (U) had given awards to 88 beneficiaries from across the country altogether for building good houses using PMAY (U) funds.