Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission lends the arms of mercy through 'Kaithangu' Updated On 2023-11-10

Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission is extending its hands of mercy to the helpless and needy in the society through 'Kaithangu', not limited only to NHG members. The scheme was launched in 90 CDSs out of total 111 CDSs in Malappuram district on 1 November 2023, Kerala Piravi Day. Within a week, the scheme will be launched on the remaining CDSs as well. The district level inauguration of 'Kaithangu', a unique project of the District Mission to meet urgent needs and carry out emergency charity work, was performed by Ms. C.P. Naseera, President, District Panchayath during the function held at at Tavanur Panchayat on 16 October 2023. The inauguration was done by giving a laptop to provide training to overcome the visual impairment as part of the treatment of a visually impaired student in the panchayath. 

Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission aims to implement the project by initially mobilizing a fund of Rs. 1.11 crores by pooling at least Rs. 1 lakh each from all CDSs. After giving assistance to the needy, it is sufficient to obtain approval in the CDS meeting. Every year Kudumbashree conducts many social interactions, voluntary and charitable activities at the NHG level, ADS level and CDS levels. Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission aims to unify and systematize these activities under the leadership of Kudumbashree CDSs through 'Kaithangu'.

Chalanam Mentoring Camp started in Thrissur Updated On 2023-11-10

'Chalanam 2023', a four-day training programme was launched in Thrissur district to strengthen the Kudumbashree organizational system in urban CDSs and to introduce various projects to the office bearers of the Kudumbashree organizational system. 'Chalanam 2023' is a hands-on learning activity that brings together Chairpersons, Vice-Chairpersons and Sub-Committee Conveners of urban CDSs and trains them to transform urban CDSs and CDS conglomerates into self-sustaining and sustainable models of excellence to fuel future work.

Dr. Kavitha A, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission inaugurated the Thrissur District Level Camp of  'Chalanam 2023' at Vikas Training Centre, Kottapuram, Kodungallur. Shri. Radhakrishnan. K, Assistant District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission presided over the function. Ms. Salini Devi, Chairperson, Kodungallur CDS 2, Shri. Nirmal, Assistant District Mission Coordinator, Shri. Nishanth, State Programme Manager, Kudumbashree, Ms. Sreedevi Thilakan, Chairperson, Kodungallur CDS 1 also attended the function. The camp will come to an end on 10 November 2023.

Keraleeyam 2023 - Chief Minister visits Kudumbashree Food Court at Kanakakunnu Updated On 2023-11-07

Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister, Government of Kerala visited the Kudumbashree Food Court opened at Kanakakunnu in connection with Keraleeyam 2023 on 7 November 2023. The Kudumbashree Food Court set up at Kanakakunnu offers unique dishes from all 14 districts of Kerala. Also, among the food stalls there are stalls that sell branded dishes, viz., Vanasundari Chicken prepared by Kudumbashree units from Attappady and Mulayari Payasam from Wayanad.


The food items range from different types of dosas, different types of fish and chicken dishes, meat rice, dishes prepared with millets, different types of juices, stews, unnakaya, kaipola, pazham nirachathu, kilikoodu, pathiri etc. Coupons of a fixed amount should be taken and those coupons should be exchanged at the Kudumbashree food stall to purchase food items. The Food Court strictly followed Green Protocol.

Jal Diwali -"Women for Water, Water for Women" Campaign to be held from 7 to 9 November 2023 Updated On 2023-11-07

Jal Diwali -"Women for Water, Water for Women" Campaign to be held from 7 to 9 November 2023. This programme is organized under the joint auspices of National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) implemented in the state through Kudumbashree and AMRUT Mission. A total of 938 people from 18 ULBs of the state will visit 36 Water Treatment Plants across the state.

The campaign aims to create awareness among the Kudumbashree NHG members in the Urban Local Bodies about the AMRUT Project and the water purification activities of the Water Treatment Plants by arranging visits for the Kudumbashree NHG members to the Water Treatment Plants in the state. These visits will elucidate the vital procedures involved in delivering clean and safe drinking water to households. Additionally, women will gain insight into water quality testing protocols which ensure that citizens get water of the required quality. The overarching goal of the campaign is to instill a sense of ownership and belonging among women towards water infrastructure.

More than 20 lakh NHG Members attended Kudumbashree's Back to School Campaign Updated On 2023-11-07

Kudumbashree's Back to School Campaign, the largest training programme for women ever held in the country which aims to bring 4.6 million women to school on holidays, is progressing in full swing across the state making steady growth in the participation of NHG members. More than 20 lakh NHG members attended the campaign. Till date, a total of 20,11,465  NHG members from 1,92,862 NHGs have attended the 'Back to School' Campaign. Malappuram, Palakkad and Thrissur districts came in first, second and third places with participation of 230133, 228562, 194525 NHG members respectively. Wayanad district with only 27 CDSs has 83.94 % participation. Out of total 1,24,647 NHG members 72,224 participated in the campaign.

The campaign was launched with the aim of strengthening the  three-tier structure of Kudumbashree and for equipping the NHG women to take up novel ventures in tune with the changing times. The district wise data as per 5 November 2023 are as follows: (In the order of district, no. of CDS, no. of NHG members, no. of NHG members attended till now)

Thiruvananthapuram-  83-  460169- 217281
Kollam- 74- 348807- 136745 
Pathanamthitta- 58- 150949- 74485 
Alappuzha- 80- 320681- 134791 
Kottayam-  78- 233141- 114169 
Idukki- 55- 154160- 51428
Ernakulam- 102- 373645-193387 
Thrissur- 100- 395509- 194525
Palakkad-  97- 394697- 228562
Malappuram- 111- 509698- 230133
Kozhikode -82- 427743- 144253
Wayanad-  27-124647- 72224
Kannur-  81- 302794- 121079
Kasaragod-  42- 180789- 98404

The aim is to provide training to 46 lakh women in the NHG network by involving the remaining 26 lakh members by 10 December 2023. As a part of this, the activities to get a maximum of four lakh people to participate each day in the next seven holidays have been intensified under the leadership of Kudumbashree State Mission. The 1070 CDS, 19,470 ADS, State District Missions and People's Representatives at Block Panchayat level are active in the campaign activities. Each day's activities and NHG participation progress will be evaluated under the leadership of the Executive Director of Kudumbashree. The campaign has been able to create massive revival at the NHG level. There are as many sights of the elderly and disabled coming to school with school bags, notebooks, umbrellas and lunch packets with the energy of youth.

The campaign was started when Shri. M.B. Rajesh, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala performed the State Level Inauguration of the Campaign at K.B. Menon Memorial Higher Secondary School, Thrithala, Palakkad on 1 October 2023. As part of the Campaign being conducted in collaboration with the General Education Department, the NHG members are coming to the schools under the respective CDSs during available holidays from 1 October-10 December 2023 to gain knowledge on various subjects. More than 2000 schools in the state have been sanctioned for the campaign. The Lesson topics include Organizational Strength Experience Lessons, Vibrancy of NHG is in Mathematics, Community-Life Security Our Happiness, Livelihood-Ideas Projects and Digital Age. Notable personalities including ministers and others from social-political-cultural sectors have visited the 'Back to School' Campaign.

Sales of Kudumbashree Food Court set up at Kanakakunnu crosses half a crore rupees in 5 days Updated On 2023-11-06

The sales of Kudumbashree Food Court set up at Kanakakunnu as a part of Keraleeyam crossed half a crore rupees in five days. After 5 November 2023, Sunday, a public holiday when people flocked to Keraleeyam a turnover of Rs. 52.5 lakhs was achieved through the food court.

The food court named 'Malayali Kitchen' offers an opportunity to experience the local flavors of all 14 districts of Kerala. The Kudumbashree food court set up opposite the 'Suryakanthi' venue has a wide range of dishes like Kadamb and Chicken, Chicken Rice, Chakkothi Chicken, Chicken Kondattam, Kilikood, Chicken Pathiri, Kallummekkaya Nirachathu and Muttamala. Also, Vanasundari, Solai Milan and Mulayari Payasam prepared by Kudumbashree members are also available at the Branded Dish Stalls set up at Kanakakunnu.

Kudumbashree Food Court is set up in such a way that you can buy the food of your choice from the stalls using the coupons after paying the required amount. The programme strictly follows green protocol. The chicken required at the food court is sourced from Kudumbashree's Kerala Chicken outlets.

National Saras Fair - Theme Song can be sent till 15 November 2023 Updated On 2023-11-03

Saras Theme Song compositions can be sent till 15 November 2023 for the National Saras Fair organized by Kudumbashree in Ernakulam during next month. Saras Fair is a fair organized for rural entrepreneurs from various states of India.


Entrepreneurship, markets, diversity, arts, culture, women empowerment and community should be reflected.

It should be singable by anyone, can be completed in 4 minutes and should be full of poetic and musical beauty.

Only compositions are required, no music needed to be performed.


District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Mission, Civil Station, 2nd Floor, Kakkanad, Ernakulam

The entries should be transcribed as 'Saras Theme Song'.

For more Details: 9987183338

Keraleeyam 2023- Kudumbashree Food Fair becomes Kerala's Storehouse of Flavors; Crowds flock to Kanakakunnu Updated On 2023-11-03

The Kudumbashree Food Court opened at Kanakakunnu in connection with Keraleeyam 2023 saw huge crowds on the first days. Savory flavors await food lovers at the food court, which offers unique dishes from all 14 districts of Kerala. Also, among the food stalls where one can get branded dishes, are Vanasundari prepared by Kudumbashree units from Attappady and Mulayari Payasam from Wayanad.


The food items range from different types of dosas, different types of fish and chicken dishes, meat rice, dishes prepared with millets, different types of juices, stews, unnakaya, kaipola, pazham nirachathu, kilikood, pathiri etc. Coupons of fixed amount should be taken and those coupons should be exchanged at the Kudumbashree food stall to purchase food items. The Food Court strictly follows Green Protocol.

Keraleeyam Food Fair is a Storehouse of Flavors: Minister M.B. Rajesh Updated On 2023-11-03

Shri. M.B. Rajesh, Minister of Local Self-Government and Excise Department, Government of Kerala said that the Keraleeyam Food Fair is the storehouse of flavors of Kerala. The Minister said that through Keraleeyam, we got the platform to present our rich food before the world. The minister was speaking after inaugurating Kudumbashree's Food Fair organized at Kanakakunnu premises in connection with Keraleeyam.


The Minister inaugurated the Food Fair by tasting the sumptuous food arranged in the shape of Kerala. The Minister tasted the local delicacies from fourteen districts and also participated in the preparation of Vanasundari Chicken, which is branded through Keraleeyam.


The minister also inaugurated Kudumbashree's Trade and Marketing Fair. Ms. Sarada Muraleedharan IAS, Additional Chief Secretary also visited the stalls along with the Minister. Ms. Bindu K.S, Director, Kudumbashree, Dr. B. Sreejith, District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Thiruvananthapuram District Mission, Shri. Sreekanth, Programme Officer and Shri. Nafih Muhammed, Public Relations Officer, Kudumbashree were also present at the function.


The Kudumbashree community prepares local dishes from fourteen districts in this spacious kitchen with an area of 14,000 square feet. Kasaragod's specialty 'Kadamb and Chicken' to Malappuram's special 'Chicken Pottitherichath', are available at the stalls. Kudumbashree has also arranged two branded food stalls.

Job Fair organized at Varkala Constituency Updated On 2023-11-03

A Job Fair was organized in Varkala Constituency, under the auspices of Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission, which aims to provide knowledge employment opportunities to educated job seekers at Government Model Higher Secondary School, Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram on 29 October 2023. A total of 281 job seekers and 27 employers participated in the job fair organized in collaboration with Kudumbashree, ICT Academy and Confederation of Indian Industries. Out of 528 interviews, 275 people were shortlisted. This job fair is part of a special project implemented by the Mission focusing on the candidates of Varkala, Taliparamba and Kalamassery constituencies.

Adv. V. Joy, MLA, Varkala Constituency, inaugurated the programme and Shri. K.M Laji, Chairman, Varkala Municipality presided over the function. Dr. P.S. Sreekala, Director, Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission delivered the keynote address. Shri. Sabu. B, State Programme Manager, State Programme Manager, Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission welcomed the gathering and Shri. Justin, District Programme Manager delivered the vote of thanks. People's representatives and officials also participated in the function .

The Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission launched by the Government of Kerala with the aim of creating employment opportunities for 20 lakh people by 2026 provides an opportunity for candidates to acquire employment according to their taste and interest.