Kudumbashree Alappuzha District team forms 'Ekam' Sexual Minority Forum Updated On 2023-01-05

Kudumbashree Alappuzha District team formed 'Ekam' Sexual Minority Forum to reach out to the sexual minorities, who are always marginalized in the society. The aim of this district level forum called 'Ekam' is to provide them with the necessary support systems, services and opportunities to get opportunities and equal rights regardless of gender in all sectors of the society. The forum was formed under the leadership of the 'Pratheeksha' and 'Nanma' Transgender NHGs operating in Alappuzha district.

Ms. K.G. Rajeshwari, President, District Panchayath inaugurated the forum. Shri. Prasanth Babu J, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Alappuzha District Mission presided over the function. Adv. Riyas, Member, District Panchayath, Shri. Abin, Officer, District Social Justice Department, Shri. James, Member, Youth Welfare Board, Shri. V.G. Vishnu, President, District Olympic Association, Shri. Xavier K.V, Shri. Suresh M.G, Assistant District Mission Co-ordinators, Kudumbashree Alappuzha District Mission extended their greetings. Hima and Gangadharan spoke on behalf of the NHGs Pratheeksha and Nanma. Ms. Sunitha, District Programme Manager delivered the vote of thanks.

Apart from Alappuzha, district level Sexual Minority Forum has been formed in Thiruvananthapuram, Pathanamthitta, Ernakulam, Thrissur and Kozhikode districts in the state so far. It is aimed to complete the formation of Sexual Minority Forums in all districts, this year itself.

Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission launches 'Kudumbashree Health Brigade' Updated On 2023-01-05

'Had first aid been given on time, that life could have been saved. Everyone should learn first aid. First aid studies should be included in the curriculum itself. All of us must have heard about first aid and its importance at least once'. Realizing the importance of first aid, Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission has come forward with revolutionary work after realizing the importance of first aid and has launched 'Kudumbashree Health Brigade'. 

The district team has started the activities of forming 'Kudumbashree Health Brigade' with the aim of equipping at least one member of a family in the district with knowledge of first aid and preparing them to work in emergency situations. In the first phase, 300 master trainees will be selected and will be trained in five batches. In the second phase, 30,000 volunteers are trained with the help of master trainees. Trained volunteers work as a team called 'Kudumbashree Health Brigade'. The health brigade will also be given periodic training to improve their skills to handle any emergency situation. So far, out of the total 15 blocks, the master trainees in nine blocks have completed their training. The training of the remaining six blocks will be completed in January.

Malappuram District team is conducting this activity in association with Department of Community Medicine, MES Medical College as part of FNHW (Food, Nutrition, Health, Wash - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programme. The third batch of Basic Life Support training programme was held at Municipal Town Hall, Manjeri on 18 December 2022. Ms. Hasina, CDS Chairperson, Manjeri welcomed the gathering and Ms. Rubiraj, District Programme Manager, Kudumbashree explained the project.

Shri. Jafar Kakkooth, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission, Dr. Ashwin Raj and Dr. Fatima spoke at the programme. Kudumbashree Block Co-ordinators, Office Staff and health workers of MES Medical College Community Medicine Department  participated. Dr. Fatima Taslima gave a class on first aid to the trainees. Later, groups were formed under the leadership of  Dr. Ashwin Raj, Dr. Fatima Taslima, Dr. Athul Suresh, Dr. Ajith V, Dr. Nimshid, Dr. Shanub, Shri. Satish Kumar, Health Inspector and Shri. Robin, Medical Social Worker and the training was conducted.

'Sargam 2023'- State Level Story Writing Competition for Kudumbashree NHG - Auxiliary Group Members Updated On 2023-01-04

Kudumbashree is organizing 'Sargam 2023'- State Level Story Writing Competition (Malayalam) to develop the creative potential of Kudumbashree Women and to raise them to the art and literary sectors. Cash prizes of Rs. 15,000, Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 5000 will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners respectively. In addition, five winners of the consolation prize will be given Rs. 1500 each. Winners will be given a memento and certificate along with cash award. Last date for receipt of entries is 25 January 2023.


The award winners will be selected by a jury consisting of prominent literary figures. 40 people who send the best writings also have the opportunity to participate in the three-day literary camp 'Sargam-2023' organized by Kudumbashree. The stories along with the author's name, address, phone number and a certificate of CDS Chairperson proving membership of Kudumbashree should be made available by post or courier to the following address by 25 January 2023. Public Relations Officer, Kudumbashree State Poverty Eradication Mission, Trida Building-2nd Floor, Medical College P.O.,Thiruvananthapuram-695 011. The entries sent through e-mail and WhatsApp will not be considered for the competition. For more information about the competition, visit :

Saras Mela held at Kottayam makes sales of around Rs. 8.51 crores Updated On 2022-12-28

SARAS Mela held at Kottayam makes sales of around Rs. 8.51 crores. The fair was held in just nine days after the opening day. Meanwhile, there was only one public holiday. However, the huge crowd that flocked to the Nagampadam Maidanam made the National SARAS Mela organized by Kudumbashree resounding success and gave Kudumbashree a proud achievement.

A turnover of Rs. 8,51,14,327 was made through SARAS Mela, the product exhibition and marketing fair held from 15 to 24 December 2022. The turnover at the India Food Court alone, which was held along with the SARAS Mela where Kottayam experienced the flavors of various states, was Rs. 1,02,24,410. The National SARAS Mela was a great success with a wide variety of products from rural entrepreneurs in India.

SARAS Mela held at Kottayam concluded Updated On 2022-12-28

SARAS Mela held at Kottayam concluded on 24 December 2022. Shri. V.N. Vasavan, Minister for Cooperation and Culture, Government of Kerala inaugurated the valedictory function. The Minister said that Kudumbashree National Saras Mela, which is a success of women's determination and organization, has indeed created a history. He was inaugurating the concluding session of the Kudumbashree National Saras Mela held for 10 days at Nagampadam of Kottayam.

As a result of the collaboration, the Saras Mela has achieved a turnover of more than Rs. 7 crores. With public participation, display and marketing of various products, a variety of foods were brought to the masses and could compete with any other Saras Mela. It has become a fair that can be enjoyed by people from all sections of the district. The Minister also said that we have been able to provide quality products at the lowest prices. The Minister also appreciated Kudumbashree for making Saras Mela a success. The Minister also distributed Media Awards, Awards for the Best Stalls, plaques and letters of appreciation during the occasion.

Ms. Nirmala Jimmy, President, Kottayam District Panchayath presided over the function. Ms. Bincy Sebastian, Chairperson, Kottayam Municipality, Shri. Jafar Malik IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree, Ms. K.V Bindu, Member, Kottayam District Panchayath, Shri. Abhilash Divakar, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Kottayam District Mission, Ms. Sreeja Anil, Member, Kottayam Municipality, Ms. Ajitha Gopakumar, Chairperson, Kottayam North CDS, Ms. P.G. Jyothimol, Chairperson, Kottayam South CDS also participated in the function.

'Idukki Unique' was selected as the Best Food Stall from Kerala and 'Orchid' from Sikkim was selected as the Best Non-State Food Stall. Lakshya Juice Stall from Ernakulam, led by Ms. Amrita, transgender entrepreneur received a special mention. 'Krishnanjali Coconut Shell Craft' from Kollam was selected as the Best Marketing Stall from Kerala and Annapurani SHG Jute Bag Stall from Tamil Nadu was selected as the Best Non-State Marketing Stall. Shri. V.N. Vasavan, Minister, distributed the Awards for the stalls.

Panathady CDS receives APMAS Award Updated On 2022-12-23

Panathady CDS of Kasaragod district of Kerala has received the APMAS Award 2022 for the Best Self Help Group in South India. Shri. E. Dayakar Rao, Minister, Panchayathi Raj and Rural Development Department, Telangana State presented the award at the function held at Dr. MCR Human Resource Development Institute, Hyderabad on 17 December 2022. President, Panathady Gram Panchayath,  CDS Chairperson, Accountant, Kudumbashree  District Mission Coordinator, Kasaragod and Assistant District Mission Coordinator, Kasaragod jointly received the award.

APMAS (Andhra Pradesh Mahila Abhivriddhi Society) functioning  in Hyderabad, working with the help of NABARD, selected Panathady CDS for the award based on various criteria such as excellent service to NHG members, governance, animal welfare, agriculture, loan repayment, small scale industries and tribal interventions. Panathady CDS was selected for the award from a total of 320 nominations received.

Vocal Booth set up at Saras Mela Pavilion to record the views & thoughts about Kudumbashree stands out unique Updated On 2022-12-21

The Vocal Booth set up at SARAS Mela Pavilion to record the views & thoughts about Kudumbashree is standing out unique.  By setting up the vocal booth, an opportunity is set up for the public attending the National SARAS Mela in Kottayam to decide the future of Kudumbashree as it completes 25 golden years. The Vocal Boot space for commenting is set up in the Saras Mela Pavilion just before entering the product marketing stalls.

The soundproof room provides the facility to record comments about Kudumbashree in one's own voice. These comments are recorded on the hard disk. Many people including political and cultural leaders, high officials and general public have already shared their comments and suggestions about Kudumbashree through this space.

The SARAS Mela held at Nagampadam ground will come to an end on 24 December 2022.  The admission to SARAS Mela is absolutely free. SARAS Mela provides an opportunity to buy the products of the rural entrepreneurs of different states of India and enjoy different flavors. Also there are various artistic performances every day.

Kudumbashree 'Kerala Chicken' shines through Saras Mela's chicken dishes Updated On 2022-12-21

Kudumbashree 'Kerala Chicken' is shining through the chicken dishes at SARAS Mela. The Chicken produced as part of Kudumbashree's 'Kerala Chicken' project, which provides chicken to the beneficiaries at a fair price, is a star at the National SARAS Mela Food Court in Kottayam. All the dishes like chicken puttu, chicken dosa, chicken manavalan, chicken pottitherichath and chicken chakothi are prepared here with Kerala chicken.

Every day, 1000 kg of chicken is brought to the public as various dishes through the food court. Kudumbashree aims to provide at least half of the chicken required for domestic consumption by strengthening the chicken production and marketing chain through 'Kerala Chicken'.

Currently, the project is being implemented in the districts of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kozhikode and Palakkad. A total of 294 women farmers and 102 outlets are part of the 'Kerala Chicken' scheme. Now twenty-four tons of chicken are brought to the market daily through 'Kerala Chicken' Project.

Saras Mela progressing at Kottayam attracting masses Updated On 2022-12-21

The Kudumbashree National SARAS Mela, which was started on 15 December 2022 is witnessing an unprecedented influx of people. The entire Kottayam district is flocking to the Nagampadam ground to buy the products of rural entrepreneurs from different states of India, delight the taste buds with the variety of flavors and to enjoy the art performances. 

The SARAS Mela has around 250 stalls of entrepreneurs from states like Rajasthan, Goa, Lakshadweep, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, with handloom clothes, bags, bamboo products, textiles and food products. Also, there is a food court with 25 stalls serving exotic delicacies from different states. Another special feature is that this product marketing fair is organized in a pavilion with an area of 80,000 square feet.

Another attraction of the SARAS Mela is the entertainment and knowledge programmes which consist of various artistic programs performed by famous artists every day and seminars conducted by experts. The exhibition that explains the 25-year success story of Kudumbashree is another attractive feature of this Saras Mela.

Kudumbashree Quiz Zone set up at Saras Mela Kottayam attracts masses Updated On 2022-12-19

The Kudumbashree Quiz Zone set up at Saras Mela Kottayam is attracting masses. Three questions about Kudumbashree will appear on the interactive screen at the Quiz Zone.  Those who answer all three questions correctly can be part of the lucky draw and win prizes on daily basis. Kudumbashree products worth Rs. 5000 will be given as prizes.  

One can become part of the quiz by registering the mobile number and can participate in the competition during any time from 10 AM to 8 PM. The winner of the respective day will be selected through a lucky draw held at 9 PM on the respective day itself. The Quiz Zone was crowded with people trying to use their knowledge of Kudumbashree to win the prize from day one of the Saras Mela. 

Ms. Sunila, a native of Vettathakuvala, Puthupally of Kottayam district became the first winner of the quiz competition. She is also the President of Snehodayam NHG. Dr. Myna Umaiban, Public Relations Officer, Kudumbashree selected the winner through lucky draw. Shri. Abhilash Divakar, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Kottayam District Mission distributed the prizes.