PMAY (Urban) National Award: Recognition for Mukkam Municipality Updated On 2021-01-04

Mukkam Municipality of Kozhikode district of Kerala has bagged the National Award  for the ‘Best Municipal Council ’constituted by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India. This category of award is given to five best municipalities in the country. Mr. P.T Babu, Chairman, Mukkam Municipality, Adv. Chandni, Deputy Chairperson, Mukkam Municipality, Mr. N.K Hareesh, Secretary, Mukkam Municipality, Mr. Kunjan Master, Former Chairman,  Mukkam Municipality received the award on behalf of Mukkam Municipality from Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India during the function  held online on 1 January 2021. 

In the first phase of PMAY (U) Programme approval was obtained for construction of 349 houses in Mukkam Municipality. Out of this, construction of 338 houses has been completed. In the second phase, approval was received for 152 houses. Out of this, construction of 137 houses has been completed. Mukkam Municipality has become the first ULB in Kerala by completing 95 % of the project in the shortest possible time.

The PMAY(Urban) Programme implemented in Mukkam Municipality stands out as it is formulated and implemented as a comprehensive programme other than considering it only as a housing programme. Also it was implemented in mission mode prefixing the dates in various phases. Various other programmes were converged for the PMAY beneficiaries and this made the housing project  attractive and comprehensive. Cement building blocks were made available at Rs 10 per cement block by including in the Ayyankali Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme. Also wells were constructed for the needy beneficiaries in their house premises. Eligible houses were included in the Swachh Bharath Programme and were provided with Biogas Plants at subsidized rates (biogas plants worth Rs 15000 were given at Rs 1500). Those interested in skill training (from the PMAY U beneficiary family) were provided with skill training by including in the National Urban Livelihood Mission.

In addition, when approval was received from Kudumbashree, the meeting of the beneficiaries were conducted during the succeeding week itself and were given awareness. The dates for distribution of the installments and the completion of the houses are prefixed and are implemented in mission mode. Mukkam Municipality had taken special attention to credit the upcoming installment to the bank account of the beneficiary, once each construction phase was completed. Whenever the receipt of central/ state funds were slightly delayed, necessary actions were taken to arrange the needed amount for the beneficiaries temporarily from the own fund of the municipality. When the construction of the houses were completed, Completion Camp was organized for the beneficiaries as well. Through the camp, under the supervision of the engineering, revenue sections of the municipality, house number was allotted for the completed houses without any delay. All these had helped Mukkam Municipality in making this meritorious achievement.

Kudumbashree is the State Level Nodal Agency of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY-Urban), the centrally sponsored programme which gives houses to the urban homeless in Kerala. In Kerala, the PMAY - U programme is being implemented converging with LIFE Mission. Till date, approval has been received for construction of 1,02,229 houses. Out of this, construction of 63,449 houses have been completed. The excellence in project execution is continuing.

Utsav online sales campaign is Superhit Updated On 2020-12-31

Utsav, Kudumbashree's online marketing campaign, which was envisaged to boost sales through, the online marketing portal of Kudumbashree became a great success.Through this trade fair held from 4-30 November,  sales of Rs. 12,45,033 was recorded. It was for the first time, Kudumbashree organised such an online trade fair and the first season of 'Utsav' was a great success. Through this activity, Kudumbashree was able to make the best online marketing possible. 

A total of 142 units from 14 districts across the state registered in Utsav by offering discounts for their products. Out of these units, 133 entrepreneurs had received orders during the campaign. 834 products uploaded by 142 enterprises were floated for sale through the online portal with many discounts. These products received 7492 orders. Through this, income of Rs. 12,45,033  was also recorded. Through this online marketing campaign, kudumbashree products were introduced to many new customers. And, some of the customers had approached Kudumbashree to buy these products in bulk quantities and that itself reflects the success of 'Utsav'.

Kannur district team showcased best performance in 'Utsav' Campaign. Kannur district ensured registration of maximum enterprises (36) in the campaign; also they ranked high when considering the number of products (122) uploaded. Kannur earned maximum number of orders (1538) and registered maximum sales (Rs 2,46,742) as well. Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kozhikode and Kottayam districts also did well to coordinate. 1148 orders were received for enterprises from Ernakulam district. 1146 orders were received from Thrissur. Also, 688 orders were received from Kozhikode district and 313 orders were received from Kottayam district.

The Postal Department extended the services of delivering the products to the customers. In addition to sales, Kudumbashree was able to give training/ information about online marketing to our entrepreneurs. Also, by doing various activities related to online marketing, Kudumbashree team was able to gain insights about various aspects of the online market. 

Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Team ensures excellent participation in the election process Updated On 2020-12-29

Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Team had ensured excellent participation in the election process.  Dr. D Sajith Babu IAS, District Collector, Kasaragod had given approval for Kudumbashree to sell cooked food for the officials at the 9 distribution centres set up as part of the Local Body Elections at Kasaragod district. As per this, 86 Kudumbashree members have cooked and distributed food and had secured Rs 4,99,997 as income. The District Administration had entrusted Kudumbashree not only to serve food at distribution centres, but they were also provided with opportunities at polling booths. Kudumbashree entrepreneurs were entrusted for giving breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/coffee, snacks etc as packed food to the officials at 1,409 polling booths. Under their leadership, food was distributed in all polling booths. 2,721 NHG members have secured a turnover of Rs 24,67,290 (altogether) through this activity. By adding sales through both activities i.e., serving food at distribution centres and providing packed food at  the polling booths, Kudumbashree members of Kasaragod district have recorded a turnover of Rs 29,67,287.  This was the highlight of the opportunity received by Kudumbashree Kasaragod team. 

In addition to these, Kudumbashree members were entrusted to clean the distribution centres and to disinfect the polling booths. 2,339 NHG members took charge of these activities. It is a great achievement that the participation of 5,146 NHG members was ensured at distribution centres and polling booths as part of this democratic process. Other than earning profit through food distribution, these women became close with the democratic process and were able to assist those who came to serve during the election process.  Along with helping the Kudumbashree NHG members come forward to the mainstream of the society as elected representatives, the Kudumbashree system had always tried to partner in the election process by making use of various opportunities. In short, active participation of Kudumbashree entrepreneurs was recorded during the Local Body Elections at Kasaragod. 

Along with becoming part of strengthening the democratic process by maintaining a peaceful atmosphere for the officials who came for the election, this was an activity that helped the women empowerment process. Even during the Lok Sabha Elections 2019, Kudumbashree members across the state were active at distribution centres, training centres and counting stations engaged in various activities such as food distribution, data entry works, printing, maintaining green protocol etc.

7071 people’s representatives to local bodies from Kudumbashree! Updated On 2020-12-22

When the local body election procedures came to an end, Kudumbashree has secured the greatest success. Out of the 16,965 Kudumbashree members contested in the local body elections, 7071 of them were selected as people's representatives. It is a great achievement for Kudumbashree that, out of the entire set of people's representatives, about 1/3rd are Kudumbashree members! This could be considered as the epitome of Women Empowerment.


The experience attained by working along with the public for longer periods, the skill to identify and resolve the issues of the public (especially that of women), the experience earned by providing leadership to the various programmes of Kudumbashree (implemented in convergence with the LSGIs), the trainings received in connection with the same and the experience thus gained about working with the Government etc. would have contributed to the participation of Kudumbashree members in local body elections. This resulted in huge opportunities for them as well. The public support, leadership, experience, practical knowledge, confidence gained through social activities and willingness for selfless service they have attained through Kudumbashree will help them in their activities as elected representatives.


The details of those competed in the local body elections with the number of winners are given below (In the order of the District, number of Kudumbashree members who competed and number of members who won elections)


1. Thiruvananthapuram- 1415- 547

2. Kollam-1607- 551

3. Pathanamthitta- 889- 333

4. Alappuzha-1668- 609

5. Kottayam-1279- 457

6. Idukki- 733- 381

7. Ernakulam-1918- 656

8. Thrissur-815- 537

9. Palakkad-1617- 654

10. Malappuram- 1429- 678

11. Kozhikode-1676- 694

12. Wayanad-382- 228

13. Kannur- 1266- 602

14. Kasaragod- 171- 144

Total- 16,865- 7071



All the 21,865* elected members have sworn in as members/ counsellors of the local bodies in the state. It is expected that these elected representatives will be able to ensure local economic development in the best possible manner by making use of the experience attained by working along with the public.

*As per

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