'Sthreesakthi' Cultural Procession starts Updated On 2022-03-09

'Sthreesakthi' Cultural Procession has been started. Shri. M.V Govindan Master, Minister, Local Self Government Department and Excise Department, Government of Kerala officially inaugurated the 'Sthreesakthi' Cultural Procession at Tagore Hall, Kozhikode on 8 March 2022. He also inaugurated the International Women's Day Celebrations organized jointly by Kudumbashree and Kozhikode Corporation.


The 'Sthreesakthi' Cultural Procession is organized as part of the 'Sthreepaksha Navakeralam' Programme being held against dowry system and atrocities against women. Dr. Beena Philip, Mayor, Kozhikode Corporation presided over the function.


The Sthreepaksha Navakeralam Theme Song was launched by Shri. Ahammed Devar Kovil, Minister, Ports, Museum, Archeology and Archives, Government of Kerala. The Survey Report in connection with the dowry system and the report of the discussions in the Auxiliary Groups was also launched at the function. 


The Sthreesakthi Cultural Procession includes three plays of 25 minutes duration and two music programmes of 10 minutes duration. The plays and music programmes were performed at the function. The performance will be held in all districts at 5 locations each (around 70 locations).


The Sthreesakthi Cultural Procession aims at strengthening the publicity against the dowry system and to take the messages regarding this to every individual. The specially trained Rangashree members of Kudumbashree would perform the play and the music programmes in all districts from 9-18 March 2022. The performances will be made in every district at important 5 locations including Schools and Colleges.


Shri. Karivellur Murali, eminent personality from theatre is the State Level Coordinator of the Sthreesakthi Cultural Procession. In addition to that, Captains and Managers were selected at the district level to give leadership to the Cultural Procession in the districts. Also, the time schedule, venues and route map for presenting the Cultural Procession.


Through Sthreepaksha Navakeralam,  Kudumbashree has been making efforts to eradicate dowry system and violence against women and to lead women towards social literacy. As a fight against the dowry system, Kudumbashree had made several preparations for the Sthreesakthi Cultural Procession. Drama Groups have been formed in all districts by including 12 Kudumbashree women each.


Following that Script Workshop was also conducted. A six day training was given in the first phase to the selected 42 women at Agricultural Co-operative Staff Training Institute, Manvila, Thiruvananthapuram during January 2022. In addition, a four day training was given in the second phase at KILA, Thrissur during February 2022. A special performance was arranged for media persons. Following that sector level training was also given by dividing into four sectors viz., Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Kozhikode and Kasaragod. 168 women from the drama groups of all districts have participated in this training programme. Shri. Karivellur Murali, Shri. Rafeeq Managalassery, Smt. Sreeja Aringottukara, Smt. Shailaja Ambu, Smt. Sudhi Devayani and Smt. Rajarajeshwari, eminent theatre personalities have given the leadership to the training.


The publicity video for giving awareness against intoxication was also launched by the LSGD Minister. Shri. N.Thej Lohit Reddy, District Collector, Kozhikode,  Smt. K.K Lathika, Member, Kudumbashree Governing Body also attended the function. Smt.P.I Sreevidya IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree welcomed the gathering and Shri. P.M Gireesan, District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Kozhikode District Mission extended Vote of Thanks.

15 DDU-GKY students secure job placements at Chennai Airport Updated On 2022-03-05

15 DDU-GKY students have secured job placements at Chennai Airport after availing free skill training through Deen Dayal Upadhyay Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY), the skill training programme being implemented through Kudumbashree in Kerala. The students have secured placement as the Guest Service Executive at the Chennai Airport. Rs.15000 is their monthly income and they will get incentive as well.


The students who had completed the 6 month Airline Ticketing Course which includes Cabin Crew, Ground Handling has now secured the placements. The training was completed through 'Ceemed', the empaneled training agency under the DDU-GKY skill training programme.


A total of 45,555 students have secured placements in various sectors after successfully completing the skill training. In addition, 475 students have secured placements abroad. Training is being extended in more than 120 innovative courses which has job opportunities. The course fees, study materials, uniform and accommodation is absolutely free for the beneficiaries of the programme who are studying various courses.

Kudumbashree arranges Kerala Cuisine at the Aajeevika Food Court at the Saras Mela being held at Noida Updated On 2022-03-05

Kudumbashree arranges indigenous Kerala cuisine at the Aajeevika Food Court, set up as part of the Saras Mela being held at Noida Haat, Sector 3A, Noida City Centre from 25 February 2022-13 March 2022. Cuisine from 17 states across the state including Kerala is arranged at the Aajeevika Food Court. Kudumbashree has literally implemented the concept of 'India on your Plate', through this food court.


The food court serves various indigenous Kerala cuisine such as tapioca, fish curry, thattilkutty dosa, biriyani, mutta surka, chatti pathiri etc prepared by the Kudumbashree unit members from Kozhikode, Thrissur and Ernakulam districts and indigenous cuisine from other states such as golgappa, chat kebabs, momos, kheer, jilebi etc. The mela would come to an end on 13 March 2022.


The Saras Fair (Sale of Articles of Rural Artisans Society), being organized under the leadership of Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) aim at promoting the products of the rural entrepreneurs in the state and help them secure livelihood and income of their own. Six Kudumbashree enterprise units have set up stalls that sell curry powders, honey, coconut oil, dishes made from jackfruit and banana at the Saras Mela.

Delhi Commission to study about Kudumbashree Updated On 2022-03-05

Delhi Women Commission members have visited Kerala for a detailed study as part of the efforts to replicate Kudumbashree model. The six member team for the detailed study includes Ms. Swati Maliwal, Chairperson, Delhi Commission for Women, Ms. Firdos, Member, Delhi Commission for Women, Ms. Vandana Singh, Member, Delhi Commission for Women, Ms. Sakshi Saurabh, Research Associate, Ms. Deepika Singh, Program Coordinator and Mr. Saurabh Singh, Research Officer.


The team has interacted with Smt. Sarada Muraleedharan IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala and Smt. P.I Sreevidya IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree. They had visited and witnessed various activities of Kudumbashree in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Ernakulam districts from 2-4 March 2022. The team had visited NHG, Gender Resource Centre, Pink Cafe, Apparel Park, She Lodge, RO Plant at Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam districts and Transgender NHG, Kochi Metro, Samrudhi Janakeeya Hotel at Ernakulam district.

Representatives of the Rural Development Department of Maharashtra Government visit Kudumbashree Updated On 2022-03-02

Representatives of the Rural Development Department of Maharashtra Government visited Kudumbashree to learn about the various activities of Kudumbashree. The delegation from the Government of Maharashtra include Mr. Sachin Shivaji Ghadge, Mr. Pravin Rushi Korgantiwar, Mr. Pradeep Ramachandra Mane, Mr. Vijaysing Gokuldas Nalawade, Mr. Sharadchandra Yeshwant Mali, Mr. Dhananjay Balkirshana Khatavkar and Mr. Santosh Laxman Shinde.


The delegation had discussions with Smt. P.I Sreevidya IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree, Shri. Sajith Sukumaran, Chief Operating Officer, Kudumbashree NRO (National Resource Organization) and Shri. Anish Kumar M.S, State Programme Manager, Kudumbashree and Chief Operating Officer (in-charge), National Rural Livelihoods Mission.

Kudumbashree members present dramas & music programmes before the invited audience at the Drama Workshop Updated On 2022-03-02

A team of 42 Kudumbashree members had presented dramas & music programmes before the invited audience on the last day of the Drama Workshop held at Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), Mulagunnathukavu Thrissur on 26 February 2022. They came up to the stage with the lessons they learnt during the four day long Drama Workshop and the won the heart of the audience.


The dramas and music programmes were arranged as part of the 'Sthreesakthi Cultural Procession', which is formulated aiming at spreading awareness messages against dowry system and atrocities against women and to nurture a favorable attitude towards women empowerment. The dramas and music programmes were presented on the last day of the Drama Workshop held from 23-26 February 2022.


'Sthreesakthi Cultural Procession' would be held in 14 districts across the state as part of the Sthreepaksha Navakeralam State Level Awareness Programme being organized under the leadership of Kudumbashree from 18 December 2021 onwards, against the dowry system and atrocities against women. The Second Phase Training at KILA was organized for the selected 42 women from all districts, following the first phase training held at Thiruvananthapuram.


One group each is formed in every district in connection with the 'Sthreesakthi Cultural Procession. They will extend training to the members of the groups which are formed in the districts. A total of 168 women will get trained through this. The 'Sthreesakthi Cultural Procession' is proposed to be inaugurated on 8 March 2022 during the occasion of the International Women's Day at Kozhikode district. Following that the Cultural Procession will be organized in the upcoming 10 days at various venues in the districts.


The dramas include 'Penkaalam', 'Athu njan thanneyanu' and 'Sadassil ninnum arangilek'. 'Penkaalam' was written by Shri. Karivellur Murali and Shri. Rafeeq Mangalasserry and is directed by Shri. Rafeeq Mangalasserry himself. 'Athu njan thanneyanu' is written by Smt. Sreeja Arangottukara and is directed by Smt. Sudhi Devayani. Whereas 'Sadassil ninnum arangilek' is written and directed by Smt. Sreeja Arangottukara. 'Paduka Jeevithagadhakal' and 'Penvimochana kanavulsavam' are the two music programmes arranged and the same was written and directed by Shri. Karivellur Murali. These dramas and music programmes would take the awareness message of 'Sthreepaksha Navakeralam' to the common public in the upcoming days through Kudumbashree women. Smt. Shylaja P. Ambu and Smt. Raja Rajeshwari are the Assistant Directors. The songs were sung by Smt. Bhairavi, Smt. Arya and Smt. Greeshma.


Shri. B.S Manoj, Programme Officer, Kudumbashree, Dr. Myna Umaiban, Public Relations Officer, Kudumbashree and Shri. K. V Jyothish Kumar, District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission had also attended the programme held at KILA, Thrissur.

'Millet Cafe' and 'Vaiga' arrange livelihood opportunities at Attappady Updated On 2022-03-02

Kudumbashree has launched 'Millet Cafe' and 'Vaiga', two agro-livelihood enterprises in Hill Value brand as part of the Attappady Comprehensive Tribal Development and Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group Development Project. Millet Cafe was started aiming at encouraging the usage and cultivation of millets and make good food available in the local level. The Millet Cafe located at Puthur is functioning under the leadership of Reshi, Lakshmi Vellinkiri and Lakshmi Balan of Chithrashalabham Farming Group. Food items such as Ragi Ada, Puttu, Chama Payasam, Chama Biriyani, Varagu Dosa etc is available here.


'Vaiga' Enterprise is launched under the leadership of Agali Panchayath Samithi. This enterprise produces Dosa batter and different Masala powders. This enterprise is run by the entrepreneurs named Chelli, Lakshmi Nanchan, Pappa Kakki, Asha and Radha. These two enterprises are started under the 'Hill Value', the agro product brand of Kudumbashree. Millet Cafe is the 13th enterprise started in Hill Value Brand in the agricultural sector.


4606 farmers are cultivating various crops through 1037 Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) as part of Kudumbashree in Attappady. They are cultivating various millets such as Ragi, Little Millet (Chama), Corn, Kodo Millet (Varagu), Foxtail Millet (Thina) and Barnyard Millet (Kuthira Vali) in 606.5 acres.

Kudumbashree's 'Rasoyi'- Local Food Shop starts functioning at NCC Group Headquarters in Kozhikode Updated On 2022-02-25

Kudumbashree's Local Food Shop has started functioning at the National Cadet Core (NCC) Group Headquarters in Kozhikode on 24 February 2022. Shri. E. Govind, Commander Brigadier, NCC Group Headquarters officially inaugurated the food shop. It is notable that Kudumbashree received such an opportunity in a Defensive Service Institution.


The Food Shop would be run by the five members of 'Rasoyi', the enterprise that function under Kozhikode Corporation North CDS. The entrepreneurs need not give rent for the building. Plates, utensils and stove etc were given to the entrepreneurs as free of cost. The groceries needed to the food shop could be brought from the NCC Canteen at lower rates. One month time is also given for paying the cost of the groceries bought. The Food Shop need not give the food to the staff at lower rates. They will also regularly receive big orders to prepare food for the children and others who come for attending NCC camps.


Shri. P. Divakaran, Welfare Committee Chairman, Kozhikode Corporation presided over the function. Shri. T. K Prakashan, Kudumbashree Project Officer, Smt. Yamuna, Vice Chairperson, Kudumbashree North CDS, Smt. Bincy E.K, Shri. Nikhil Chandran and Shri. Jaison T.J, City Mission Managers, NULM also took part in the function.

LSGD Minister interacts with the newly elected office bearers of Kudumbashree Updated On 2022-02-24

Shri. M.V Govindan Master, Minister, Local Self Government Department and Excise, Government of Kerala made an online interaction with the newly elected office bearers of Kudumbashree three tier system who have taken charge on 23 February 2022. He said that Kudumbashree should be able to become the centre of entrepreneurial activities, associating with Local Self Government Institutions. He also added that the newly elected office bearers holds the huge responsibility of making the programmes being implemented through Kudumbashree in the state for women empowerment and poverty eradication, a great success.


He added that during this time Kudumbashree election was organized ensuring a fixed percentage of reservation for the BPL, SC and ST communities for giving the deserving importance to the sidelined communities in the society and through this it was able to ensure a fixed representation from those section in the three tier system of Kudumbashree. He wished that the newly elected office bearers be able to make a great progress in front of the world by taking up various programmes, acquiring the knowledge on technology and turn it into huge success.


Smt. Sarada Muraleedharan IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala presided over the function. Smt. P. I Sreevidya IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree delivered the welcome speech and Smt. Anu R. S, Programme Officer, Kudumbashree extended vote of thanks.

Kudumbashree Election Completed; 16.55 lakh members to leadership-Taken Charge Updated On 2022-02-23

The elections to identify the office bearers of the three tier system of Kudumbashree in all districts has been completed. As the covid-19 cases had risen, the elections at Thiruvananthapuram, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Idukki, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Palakkad and Wayanad districts were postponed and the same were completed on 18 February 2022. These office bearers took charge on 21 February 2022.


The elections at Kollam, Kottayam, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasaragod districts were completed in January itself and the Governing Committee had taken the charge as well.  Out of the 1070 CDSs, elections were completed at 1069 CDSs. The election is yet to be completed at Edamalakudy CDS of Idukki district. The election at Edamalakudy is postponed due to the spread of covid-19 pandemic.


A total of 16,55,263 women including the elected members of the 733 NHGs, 133 Ooru Samithis and 4 Panchayath Samithis, which were formed as part of the Attappady Comprehensive Tribal Development and Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group Development Project, will become the office bearers of the three tier system of Kudumbashree.  


14,16,675 office bearers were identified in the NHG level and 2,14,005 office bearers were identified in the ADS level. Whereas in CDS level 19,453 office bearers were identified including 1069 Chairpersons and 1069 Vice Chairpersons. In the elections held at NHGs and Oorusamithis of Attappady, 5128 women have taken charge through the election.