First phase of Vulnerability Mapping Success Updated On 2017-09-16

The first phase of Vulnerability mapping success. Based on these Local self government departments new projects worth 20 crore budget was submitted for the financial and social upliftment of Women and children. This has been approved by the District planning committe also. The first phase of Vulnerability Mapping being success, it is planned to conduct Vulnerability Mapping in 140 panchayaths in the state.

The projects are aiming at the social and financial upliftment of women and children. Other than Self employment, apparel unit, women medical lab, plastic shredding units, Daycare homes for geriatrics, widow livelihood, tricycle for physically handicapped, continuing projects of nirbhaya, women friendly toilets, betterment of the facilities at buds schools are the few projects submitted by panchayaths.

It was based on the vulnerability Mapping conducted in 28 different panchayaths, livelihood programmes for women in agro-micro enterprise sectors were formulated.

Vulnerability Mapping was conducted in last November. Specially trained CDS chairpersons and Gender Resource persons collected the details for the survey. Surveys were conducted visiting houses, Schools and other institutions. The report on Vulnerability mapping was submitted to the concerned panchayaths. Its on the basis of this report that new projects were framed by the panchayath.

Kudumbashree to go International Updated On 2017-09-15

Kudumbashree received an invitation from Azarbaijan, the former republic of soviet for helping them to launch a Programme like Kudumbashree. The preliminary talks regarding this association has been started.

A team from Kudumbashree will visit Azarbaijan to study the present scenario prevailing there. A detailed report will be prepared after the visit. Government of Azarbaijan had shown interest in Kudumbashree's organizational structure as well in Micro Enterprises and Vulnerability studies.

Acting as a National  Resource Organization, Kudumbashree presently works in 16 states.

State Resource Centre for Women Inagurated Updated On 2017-09-14

State Resource Centre for Women was inaugurated at Kudumbashree State Mission by Smt. K. K Shailaja Teacher, Minister for Health and Social Justice Department on 13 September 2017. The district level report on Vulnerability Mapping was released by Dr. K.T Jaleel, Minister for Local Self Government Department during the programme.

It was through the association with Social Justice Department that Kudumbashree became the State Resource Centre for Women. National Mission for Empowerment of Women under the Ministry of Women and Child Development gives the financial assistance for State Resource Centre for Women.The work of Resource Centres are in progress in District and Panchayath levels. Its Snehitha Help Desk and the Gender Resource Centre working under the Local Self Government Department in Panchayath level that co ordinates the work of these centres. The centre mainly focuses in ensuring the representation of women in governance as well as in planning.

Kudumbashree's float during Onam celebrations stood out reflecting compassion Updated On 2017-09-13

The float presented by Kudumbashree Mission during the procession marking the end of Onam Celebrations 2017 stood out by reflecting Kudumbashree's compassion and committment towards the society.It was first time in the history that an All Women Metro was started. The float's theme was based on World's First All women Metro. Kudumbashree is the facility managing partner for all the services under Kochi Metro Rail Limited.

The association had wrote a new history by extending employment opportunities to transgender community thereby bringing them to the mainstream. 23 of them were appointed. They are given job in housekeeping, crowd management and customer relations. 780 Kudumbasree women were also employed in Kochi Metro Rail Limited on different jobs like ticketing, house-keeping, parking, gardening and customer care. The appointments are part of Kudumbashree's efforts at eradicating poverty and empowering women. Therefore, Kudumbashree created two records by being part of the first organisational tie up to give job opportunities for transgender community in a governmental organisation and for powering the first women run metro in the world.

Kudumbasree had taken care to include those who had become socially-backward due to several reasons. Those include the ones who were evicted for the Metro, those with dependent families without a regular income, victims of domestic torture and widows. Kudumbasree Mission is proud that these people have been assured of a regular income now.

Kudumbashree Super Women of Kochi Metro Updated On 2017-09-13

Every week, Kochi Metro selects Best Performer from the Facility Management Crew and recognize their efforts.

Mrs Silvi Jose of Edapally station was selected as the employee of the Month July for her dedicated work in keeping the station clean even at the time of perpetual construction works.

It was indeed a herculean task for housekeeping staffs to maintain the Edapally station premises up to the standards initially due to the perpetual construction work. The tug of war between the constructed area and the area under construction within the station with a considerably vast area of 8357 sq m left the house keeping staffs in vain. The situation demanded much more frequent and relentless execution to equate the quality standards with the other stations. The efforts Ms. Silvi Jose has taken to implement her responsibilities as a staff, is commendable and truly appreciable. About 20% of the construction work was yet to be completed when the first 2 sets of housekeeping staffs were deployed. The limited facilities and the challenges could not stop the very zeal in her. It rendered her heart and soul into the tasks and accomplished things with utmost perfection. Undoubtedly she has played a key role in bringing things to a balanced state. The sparkling floor of Edapally Station is a fable Silvi has carved with her effort which is truly remarkable.

Mrs Vinitha U.A. of House Keeping department was selected as the Best Performer for her timely action and dedication towards her work. She removed a honey comb which had an unpleasant rotten smell. Since it was in the platform area it was an obstacle for the passengers. This act of her was much appreciated and it really motivated the staff.

Ms.Sajini O S Customer facilitation Staff Pathadipalam Station also received the best performance award for the month of July 2017 for her vigilant action during an emergency situation. She is one of the most enthusiastic person in our team. Last month, in Pathadipalam station one of the passenger is about to fall from the escalator, Sajini immediately ran to the escalator and stopped it by pressing the emergency button. Her vigilant action and presence of mind was excellent. Moreover she has the calibre to handle the crowd with a pleasant smile.

Kudumbashree is feeling blissful in helping these super women in unleashing their real strengths.

Kudumbashree joins hands with Indian Oil Corporation Updated On 2017-09-13

Kudumbashree joins hands with Indian Oil Corporation Limited to undertake for the upkeep of the Public Convenience Facilities provided by IOCL at its Outlets. The agreement regarding this tie up was signed between Shri. S. Harikishore, Executive Director, Kudumbashree Mission and Shri. P.S.Mony, Chief General Manager, Indian Oil Corporation Limited on 1 August 2017.

As a part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the Kerala Government intends to declare Kerala as the first Open Defecation Free (ODF) State in the Country. And in order to achieve this, objectives,Indian Oil Corporation Limited in partnership with the State Government is providing clean and well maintained Public convenience Facilities in its Outlets across the State.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited is engaged in the business of refining and marketing of various petroleum products through its Retail Outlets. In compliance with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan move of Government of India and for better standard of service to its customers, toilets/Washrooms are provided by them at the Outlets across the State. Kudumbashree Mission, a congiomeration of Self Help Groups (SHG's) engaged in various activities including House Keeping at Office premises, Railway Stations etc will therefore undertake the upkeep of the Public Convenience provided by Indian Oil Corporation Limited at its Outlets.

Kudumbashree Mission is already engaged in the housekeeping activities including upkeep of restrooms in Railways etc.


'India Food Court' made Saras Mela a tastier one Updated On 2017-09-11

By offering a chance to taste the different ethnic cuisines across the country, 'India Food Court' set up at the Saras Mela 2017 made a huge sales. A total sales of Rs. 35,01,225 was recorded where Rs. 4,49,036 was put aside as 20% commission from daily sales of 7 Kerala stalls.

After considering the overall performance of the partner state Food stalls, there was a joint decision from the part of Malapuram District Mission team and NRO Team to recognise the efforts of the entrepreneurs from Tripura and award them as the best performing stall among the partner states.

16 food stalls were opened at 'The India Gate' food court to taste the wide range of different cuisines from different parts of the country. 7 stalls of 'Cafe Kudumbashree was also opened alongwith.

Lakshadweep, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Bihar made noteworthy participation in the mela even though they were the first time participants in such a big event.

It can better be defined that 'India Food Court' was hosting a mega culinary festival at Saras Mela 2017.

The mela was conducted at Safari Maidan, Edappal, Malappuram from 25 August 2017 to 3 September 2017. The foodfall which happened at the saras mela during the festive season was indeed a commendable one.

Balasabha Students to explore and research through Nadariyan Campaign Updated On 2017-09-11

Balasabha, the collective attempt to ensure children's participation in the democratic space at the local Government level and in their community sets a unique model by coming up with a brand new campaign to explore, research and study about the rich tradition and culture that our land posses.

Apart from other activities framed and run by Balasabha, this time a new campaign is launched. It is 'Nadariyan' Campaign, the programme designed for the Balasabha members to explore, research and study and thereby understand more about their own places. Through Nadariyan Campaign, this time the Balasabha members will research about the weather, farming techniques, soil, Man, Art, Literature and culture of the olden times and will makes note out of that.

A minimum of 5 students would be selected from each Balasabhas ofevery wards in panchayaths. Specially trained Balasabha Resource persons will lead the team. The Nadariyan campaign team will study about the history of the evolution of the name of the places, about monuments, mansions, farming techniques, seed types, old farming tools, traditional art forms, folk arts, rural libraries, rural celebrations, mountains, valleys, rivers, eco system, transportation system, health system, old health treatment methods, health habits, history of all social protests, saving systems etc. Through this campaign Kudumbashree envisages to make the students aware about the rich tradition and culture we possess and thereby making them able to retain those.

This study is inevitable to retain our bio diversity. Balasabha hopes to recreate a new Kerala out of this. The detailed reports of the Nadariyan Campaign will be submited in State Level before 30 September 2017.

Balasabha is a collective attempt to ensure the participation of children in the democratic space at the local Government level and in their community. Small Learning Groups for experimental and systematic learning, opportunities for understanding democratic process, participation in conserving environment, enabling children to unfold the intricacies of collectivization are the basic focal points of Balasabha. There are 43,000 Balsabhas in the state with 7 lakhs children as members.

Saras Mela 2017 ends with a mesmerising conclusion Updated On 2017-09-10

The national food and cultural expo, 'Saras Mela 2017' organised by Kudumbashree Mission, offering the best of traditional food and artistry, concluded carving out a new era in the history by drawing huge sales and massive crowds. A total sale of Rs. 6,54,29,650 was recorded from the stalls and food courts of the 10 day long mela conducted at Safari Maidan, Edappal, Malappuram from 25 August to 3 September 2017.

Kerala came first with sales of Rs. 1.4 crore. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar made sales of Rs. 55 Lakhs and Rs. 48 Lakhs respectively. Himachal Pradesh's stall was selected as the 'Best Stall at the mela.

Regarding the sales at the 'India Food Court', total sales recorded for Rs. 35,01,225 where Rs. 4,49,036 was put aside as 20% commission from daily sales of 7 Kerala stalls. With consideration to the overall performance of partner state Food stalls, there was a joint decision from the part of Malapuram District Mission team and NRO Team to recognise the efforts of the entrepreneurs from Tripura and award them as the best performing stall among the partner states.

Eventhough Lakshadweep, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Bihar, were the first time participants in such a big event, they made a noteworthy participation at the mela.

Around 240 stalls were opened and Micro entrepreneurs from 25 states across the country joined the programme. From the very beginning, the mela was a huge success by the active participation of the people. 16 food stalls opened at 'The India Gate' food court offered a chance to taste wide range of cuisines from different parts of the country. 7 stalls of 'Cafe Kudumbashree' was also set up at the venue.The cultural programmes arranged at the mela was indeed a visual treat . Artists and celebrities also took part in the programme.

Saras Mela attracted masses and added more colours to the festive days of Kerala. Saras Mela 2017 was kickstarted when Shri.P. Shriramakrishnan, Speaker, Kerala Legislative Assembly officially inaugurated the programme.

It is for the second time that Kudumbashree is conducting Saras Mela. Last year, Saras Mela was conducted at Ashramam Ground,Kollam which made a sale of Rs.4.6 Crore.

The Saras mela 2017 was wholeheartedly received by the neighbouring districts as well which resulted in the grand success of the programme. The Mela was indeed a celebration of food, art and culture in this festive season.

Hat trick of Onam Celebrations at Tribal Colonies Updated On 2017-09-08

District Mission of Ernakulam achieved a hat trick in organising onam celebrations in tribal colonies. They set a unique model by conducting Onam Celebrations at yet another tribal village. Ernakulam District Mission organised onam celebrations at Thera tribal village in Kuttampuzha Panchayath, Kothamangalam on 7 September 2017. Mrs Tani Thomas, District Mission Co-ordinator, Ernakulam District Mission, Vice president of Grama Panchayath, CDS Chairpersons and other officials joined the celebrations.

'Onakkodi' and 'Onaputhappu' were distributed among the 80 people from 25 adivasi families. 'Onasadya' prepared in the leadership of the animators was served and the tribals and officials had a tasty feast together. Instead of 'Thiruvathira',the tribals presented Kummiyadi, their tradtional art form during the celebrations. Other traditional games were also presented along with.

All Officials from Ernakulam District Mission joined the programme. Kudumbashree Members took awareness classes for the tribal people. During the last year and the year before, Ernakulam District Mission conducted onam celebrations at Uriyappetti Tribal Colony and Kunchippara Tribal Colony respectively. The onam celebrations organised at Thera tribal village was indeed a noteworthy gesture from the side of Ernakulam District Mission.